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  1. I pay 750 for Unlimited download 50mps speed
  2. got the phone to work with Indian sim card after making a 5 min call from Saudi sim but samsung pay dose not seem to work on my s8 i keep on getting 'unable to connect to samsung pay temporarily. Try again later'
  3. will have to go my cousin's house and try
  4. I'm in India...will this work in India with Saudi sim
  5. I'm in India...will this work in India with Saudi sim
  6. need help guys it seems my s8 is sim locked!! how should I get it unlocked? googled and they say all Samsung phones in Saudi are sim locked and won't work with non Saudi sim cards please help
  7. What's the best email app on android..gmail app is too colourful for my liking. Looking for something like the IOS email app, and suggestions
  8. IOS feels really dull and outdated after using android
  9. Bought the s8+ love this display. Finding it a bit difficult to adjusting to android. Been using iPhone since iPhone 4s
  10. getting S8+ in saudi for 52k with free samsung wirless charger and samsung cover
  11. Barcelona are making the referee train hard for next weeks return leg
  12. which countries will it launch on 21st april?
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