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  1. 15 hours ago, Sach4life said:


    It does matter, keeping other things constant. Other options available at 40k stack up differently against Pixel 6a compared to mid range Mi phone against an iPhone. Just compare Xiaomi 12s ultra against an iPhone if you want a real comparison between the two companies

     Don't h8 m8

  2. 4 hours ago, Nemo said:

    guys, how is Treasure Hunt Online seller on Flipkart ? 

    It's rating is 3.7


    reliable ? I ordered an MacBook Air M1 Abhi, but I am having doubts because:


    1. it is an M1 air 256gb, which are out of stock everywhere. Did I order a legit product ?

    2. price listed was 92.900



    they have shipped the order, yes. but should I cancel it and wait for someplace reliable like amazon to list M1 air ?

    WTF you back from the dead?

  3. On 7/9/2022 at 4:07 PM, CarbonCore said:

    I hope there's a sultry scene between Kratos and one of the Norse gods just to piss off the fking homophobes. If you know the Greek and Norse mythos you will know that these gods will f**k anyone with a hole. 


  4. 53 minutes ago, SaiKO said:

    I don't get the unwanted hatred towards anything related to Microsoft here. We are all gamers, aren't we? Just because M$ bought Bethesda and co. doesn't mean you gonna suddenly start hating their studios and question their games. 

    I'm sure if Sony would have bought BGS, suddenly people will sing song about Arkane, BGS, ID and all. I'm sure next time you guys gonna hate on ID as well....just because it's M$ studio now.

    You guys talk about game meta score and reviews, right? Then Arkane's last game "DeathLoop" was a PS5 and PC game and that got a great score. Infact all of the Arkane games scored great in it's time. Same goes for ID and Bethesda (except FO 76 which is MP and not the BGS SP RPG games they are known for). 

    You as a person may not like a certain game, but that doesn't nullify the credit and achievement for that game and studio. What's wrong in saying "it is not for me"!!? I don't like HALO, so that means HALO isn't great? Nor I am crazy for TLOU series, does that make the game any lesser? Absolutely not. 

    LMAO (not directed at you)

    I come to this thread from time to time and I feel like you guys the regulars here spend more time defending companies rather than playing them

    First of all liking a game or not liking a game is one's opinion but defending shitty practices or incompetency is another.

    Case in point (atleast for me) 

    Dishonored 1 and 2 are some of the most enjoyable games for me, I am looking forward to redfall and will be looking at reviews but does it do something crazy or new I don't think so 
    Starfield on the other hand looks like fallout in space and nothing more to me. Lets what comes up with Elder scrolls 6 whenever it comes up
    Prey is an amazing game, did not get the time to fully finish it. 

    and no this is not just with Bethesda or MS, Same goes for UBI (don't remember when I had a truly wow like experience with their games) or Rockstar(Lmao definitive edition) or EA (F**k them for ruining Bf 2042)

    TLDR: Chill, appreciate the good games, criticize the shitty ones, if you don't agree with something ignore what else.

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  5. 21 hours ago, WhiteWolf said:

    People who comparing with NMS they 100% clueless and don't know what they talking about. 


    You can easily tell who played Bethesda games before and who hasn't.

    Sherlock zodka

  6. 13 minutes ago, SaiKO said:

    I didn't mean in any condescending way.

    But you would start to question when there's comments about comparing it with No Man's Sky.

    because there are similarities in what was being shared, 1000 planets, Space exploration, the overall story and stuff shall be different of course but remove that and everything and it looks very similar to No mans Sky minus the art style and all.

  7. 1 hour ago, SaiKO said:

    I see lots of people here are new to Bethesda games and their style. 

    I will just add some pointers here.

    What they showed in Starfield, that is PURE Bethesda, looks stunning as BGS game. 

    Their world is very much open, and have lots of freedom that other open world RPGs lacks. 
    Their games has customization, choices and actual consequences, factions, open ended questlines with multiple outcomes (more than any other rpgs from different developers), resources gathering, base building (from F4), companions and different outcome, romances and alot of things. 

    There's not many games out there which are comparable to BGS style of games, which is more towards actual D&D style. Their games are alot less linear....so much so that the gameworld is your oyster. There's a reason that people spends hundreds to thousands of hrs for these SinglePlayer bethesda RPG games.

    Mass effect, Witcher, Dragon age, CP2077 ....all of these RPG games falls to Bioware style RPGs. Which has some linearity in it with some different nuances at the outcome.

    It feels like you are mansplaining it when that is not needed and I'll tell you why

    lot of people here have played fallout and Skyrim, they know what Bethesda games look like and I think they'll agree when I say that FO 4 was a downgrade when compared to the previous series

    also the BGS style of gameplay has also downgraded with recent titles, there was a wow factor I think in the past of BGS games but this one IMO does not carry it


    1 minute ago, Ne0 said:

    Saw the gameplay trailer, it does look like fallout set in space.  I'm still not blown away, it just looks like a pretty generic game.... or maybe I had too high an expectation :-/


    Also is it just me or the graphics look last gen ?

    bro pure Bethesda game bro :P

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  8. have 0 hopes for this one honestly even with the extended gameplay look

    looks like fallout with better GFX in space

    gun they showed looked like institutional rifle from FO4
    Walking animation kinda looks same as FO4

    as a Designer I only like the logo and font :P

  9. 17 hours ago, Right said:


    What crap!

    check 20 of my last posts in this thread and tell how many are "News"

    I posted my comment on Wednesday and now you're just trying to instigate (gaslighting may not be the correct term but instigating sure is) and derail the thread again, this is exactly what I was talking about and this just proves my point.

    @CarbonCore@Assassins Creed

    Could you guys please look into this, thank you!

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