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  1. harjas

    WWE 2K22

    Typical DC hater
  2. harjas

    Elden Ring

    Keeping a Strength and dex build so far Battle hammer when sh*t gets serious, the iron claws to have fun and cause blood loss
  3. When your friend causes trouble in the class but you're the one who gets the scolding instead xD
  4. harjas

    Babylon's Fall

    some early review videos show this not a good one god damn it :/
  5. bhai Its always surprising to see what kind of shitty views people post here, "putin is right" yeah sure PHD from whatsapp and facebook university bhai aap nhi samjhoge
  6. Dafuk? +1 i mean you talk about us getting educated, then you post this matlab bhai dekho tho pehle kya post kar rahe ho xD
  7. I am not the educated guy posting facebook screenshots as evidence or getting my sources from WhatsApp university
  8. ah yes Facebook screenshot by an incredible expert that makes completely sense, perfect.
  9. oh and what do you think trump would have done? he called Putin's move as genius afaik
  10. Something Similar I saw related to data for PM Cares Fund, I tried raising a point in a group when PM cares news came out that its private fund so they won't show no transparency Some bhakt was like "PM cArEs WaS AlWayS a PrIvate, yOu HaVe To Be ReTarDed tO Think iT waSn'T"
  11. I know why it was removed and who was majorly responsible for posting BS there
  12. Didn't it go gold
  13. harjas

    WWE 2K22

    I think they'll work on the expressions That is #Sach4lyf man
  14. Anyone here got Sputnik? I was admitted again(not because of covid) before getting discharged my doc allowed me for vaccine, my friends and relatives told me 1st day of covishield was horrible(worse than when they got covid) so was thinking if sputnik would have less side effects
  15. Gigabyte has a good monitor but no onsite support Benq is decent but better choices are there now LG Ultragear GL850 or ASUS TUF GAMING VG27AQ1A(updated model of VG27aq) these 2 would be the best IMO
  16. not to derail the topic but I know a person who legits supports Trump as like conflicts and stuff was actually low than in current biden's time and that he only had shitty pr and spew sh*t publicly
  17. harjas

    Cricket 22

    So bought this on sale, but looking at the gameplay videos for the career mode I saw that you would get bat sponsorships and milestone prompts for your player (like this is highest score scored by your player) come on right corner but I don’t see anything like while playing, am I missing something or do we need to enable it in settings or something?
  18. They'll all have some bleed afaik (not just limited to acer) and its kind of a lottery, If its not bad then you can keep it or keep replacing till they allow. if you want something perfect then you'll have to pay extra $$$ and get something like a professional monitor
  19. Hmmm I actually have the LG GL850 + an Acer predator 120hz ultrawide Gsync monitor problem is the acer one does not have the amazing colors like the LG, I was thinking of selling both and getting a single ultrawide that has g-sync, high refresh rate, is 2k res and has colors like the LG one, if only LG had released the ultrawide 2k ultragear monitor here
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