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  1. Nifty Options way too risky for moi ;--; I ma slowly just building capital with stocks
  2. Everyone here does Swing and Investment, no Intradays?
  3. I just wanna see how the GPU performs, even M1's GPU performance was pretty good. Not gonna buy it ofcourse, 2 lakhs for basic model
  4. yes, it does not have an aftermarket cooling like in asus, Galax and all so its fine
  5. harjas

    Far Cry 6

    Started this up the other day, liking it so far!
  6. Amazon is Team Titanfall instead of Team apex legends
  7. Friend is looking to procure a PS5 in Delhi, what would be the best bet to procure one on non scalped price?
  8. Why are people sharing Namokar Gaming Videos here :| Have we stooped down so low?
  9. I'll take it if its still there
  10. If you pass a mission you should see a respect + sign popping up along with some gangsta music in background
  11. You can use your PC as a bluetooth headset for Nintendo Switch : NintendoSwitch (reddit.com)
  12. How do you guys do Stock selection?(for intraday and swing both) Looking at ways to get better at this.
  13. I might upgrade from my X(front glass cracked) looking at 13 mini or 12 pro ..... or just might get my screen repaired and continue for 1 more year and get 14 confused af
  14. @Assassins Creed put one 3080 request at rp tech for me too since you seem to be getting buy links from them at a better rate
  15. Alright, thank you, I'll consult my doc asap on which one to take
  16. Just wanted to ask around if anyone with an autoimmune disorder got vaccinated? I haven't got a shot myself, have to ask my doctor but something or the other roadblock keeps coming up.
  17. Wireless headset market for gaming needs to evolve both in terms of good audio and in general, so far the best offering that seem to me is either cloud 2 wireless in markets or the corsair HS70(they used to go for 7K)
  18. Audeze penrose x are actually available here in India, around 28k tho None the less congratulations on your purchase, just be careful, SteelSeries had left India (but now seem to be back) Personally I feel SteelSeries has not come up with any new offering in the wireless department, hope they do soon though.
  19. Look at audeze, hyperx cloud wireless and astros. I'd personally suggest audeze if you're already planning around spending 20k
  20. Depends on your budget, I required a laptop mainly for work and I wanted portability and good build, gaming was secondary so had bought G14 Zephyrus qhd version with 3060 that laptop was a baller but sadly its display died right after 10 days and there wasn’t any stock India wide(really shitty scenes by asus laptop division) it had been 2 months now and just a few days back I recieved a refund and bought legion 5 pro, although a bit heavier and 15.6” as compared to zephyrus’s 14” its still an amazing laptop and works perfectly for me, can render and edit without and problems so its perfect for my work and can game pretty well as well. but for a 1440P 3070 laptop you’d be spending around 1.5+ For a 3060 with with 1440p screen around 1.4
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