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  1. harjas

    WWE 2K22

    today you'll have someone write and article saying why its cheating I personally liked Shut your mouth the best with the story mode, you could roam around and sh*t and the storyline was beaut *chefs kiss*
  2. O.o art thou ubisoft wala Animus which used to be active on the forum in the past?
  3. What's this scene with no trading by retail investors on 1st September?
  4. Started with 5K stipend PM at an internship, wanted to look after some of my personal expenses and lessen the burden over mom as she was taking care of my medical expenses and everything. So that and saved some money and also bought a gold ring for my sister for her birthday gift.
  5. I guess the only setting left is the stone age
  6. harjas

    Gaming PCs

    In general they are a bit better than before
  7. while watching batman ninja I was like am I watching the right movie? is this in collaboration with transformers?
  8. What has IVG come to, people speaking sh*t about Yakuza series, the times are nigh ;--;
  9. Steam changed my account region from Argentina to India automatically Goddammit :/
  10. The latest apu’s by AMD have been giving decent performance @dylanjosh check some videos out, I am sure you’ll be impressed! @Aloy you can wait for the new apu’s to arrive or get a decent build with a 4650G, the price hikes are there mostly for the GPU but you should be fine if you’re going with an APU Build tagging @Gtek
  11. Would you guys be interested in Chia mining SSDs?
  12. @Joe Cool I think joe plays so he should be able to tell
  13. Any designers here, graphic designer, visual designer or in a similar field that could help me with some guidance and all?
  14. Really sorry for your loss, my sincere condolences Sorry for your loss Zodak, my condolences 2021 is just extremely screwed up....
  15. Wishing her a speedy recovery, please take care of yourself as well!
  16. Any decent sources, YouTube channels to follow for research and news? checking ALT Daily as of now.
  17. Would be happy to guide as one if I ever can
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