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  1. dont you mean Panthetic captain.....?
  2. God of War was the pinnacle of gaming. Then Elden Ring came and sat beside it to rule together.
  3. is this like Dead Space in ........ space?
  4. awesome opening line up! at least for my back-logged a*s.
  5. Dammit. Was really looking forward to Starfield. Unacceptable on part of MS. And the thing is that doing all that controller color marketing is inconsequential as long as they keep pushing out games. The moment they lose track of that, all the other marketing stuff starts to look like a distraction.
  6. Thanks buddy. And the music? Even though, i understand its quite a personal preference.
  7. hows the experience? Especially the mic quality and in general pairing pains?
  8. *As opposed to a more appropriate thread Just for clarity and benefit of people who cant get their head of out console wars
  9. damn. Poor employees. These BoDs should then release the metrics they think will reflect the impact of the proposed steps. Cant just stop at saying the proposed report wont. Also, why is this posted in the VS thread? Only a sick person would want to use their plight as a way to one up others in console wars.
  10. WhatsInTheName


    Hmmmm. Interesting. They added a lower AND a higher difficulty. That should keep the gatekeepers satisfied.
  11. this guy is so good! Puts out only few videos, but each of them oozing with love for the game and extremely useful tips.
  12. ER must be the least stressful Souls game, I reckon. Heck, I play it to chill by just loitering around the landscapes busting everyone's balls with my OP character. However, must admit that if you do play like that and tell about it here, you'll face the wrath of the gatekeepers
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