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  1. SHUT. . UPPP left Positive feedback   

    excellent guy to deal with. 10/10.

    WhatsInTheName was The Seller

  2. chirag_gupta left Positive feedback   

    Quick and simple txn, would love to trade again.

    WhatsInTheName was The Seller

  3. Nemo left Positive feedback   

    very good guy to deal with. nice packing and good comunicator.

    WhatsInTheName was The Seller

  4. kishan left Positive feedback   

    great communication will love have to trade again

    WhatsInTheName was The Seller

  5. DevilsOwn left Positive feedback   

    Pleasant guy, very clear about the trade. Will trade again

    WhatsInTheName was The Seller

  6. RV1709 left Positive feedback   

    great seller. super quick delivery..im talking less than 3 hours.. 10/10

    WhatsInTheName was The Seller

  7. MAK left Positive feedback   

    Great Seller Will Buy again anytime A+

    WhatsInTheName was The Seller

  8. sup bro? left Positive feedback   

    Great guy. Awesome price, quick delivery and amazing packaging.

    WhatsInTheName was The Seller

  9. nameless left Positive feedback   

    Great Buyer. Paid quickly. No hassle at all, would recommend him to any Seller.

    WhatsInTheName was The Buyer

  10. saberwing left Positive feedback   

    Great seller, fast shipping, great packaging ! Would gladly do business again.

    WhatsInTheName was The Seller

  11. Akshay left Positive feedback   

    Highly recommended. Agreed the offered price. Dont Mind selling things to him again.

    WhatsInTheName was The Buyer

  12. lastAvenger left Positive feedback   

    Very smooth transaction.

    WhatsInTheName was The Buyer

  13. amul_capri left Positive feedback   

    Hassle free buyer! Highly Recomnded.

    WhatsInTheName was The Seller

  14. Chaztin left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer, very quicky payment!!

    WhatsInTheName was The Buyer

  15. playstation left Positive feedback   

    Gave me his full cooperation.Nice person

    WhatsInTheName was The Seller

  16. amul_capri left Positive feedback   

    Fastest intrabank online transfer I've seen. Highly Recmnded.

    WhatsInTheName was The Buyer

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