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  1. Joe Cool

    FIFA 20

    Lewandowski won. 😍 But sadly the upgrade isn't good. Just +1... Is monthlies confirmed? I heard it is still a rumor. If they are bringing it back, I still hope weeklies are there. UTs will be useless but am expecting EA to add more SBCs monthly. First couple of weeks tradeable seems better choice or coins over UT.
  2. Gets better with each season. Such a good show. 😌
  3. Joe Cool

    Borderlands 3

    September 19,2019 - We are aware that the below list does not include issues that the community is immediately concerned with. We are hard at work evaluating performance problems and potential solutions for them. In the meantime, these are some balance updates that we can do quickly Bugs Yellow paint has been added to the Marsh Fields to mark a more obvious path to complete the Sabotage Crew Challenge. The New-U Station in front of the Halcyon Suborbital Spaceport (used during the “Space-Laser Tag” Mission) in the Meridian Metroplex now has a larger activation range. The New-U Station in front of Titian’s Gate (used during the “Atlas, At Last” Mission) in the Meridian Metroplex now has a larger activation range. The first Guardian a player runs into during the “Beneath the Meridian” mission is no longer over-leveled. The Eridian chest by the Grotto in the Jakob’s Estate is no longer invisible. Balance Eridium crystals in Voracious Canopy grow less frequently. Scaled down the amount of loot drops in Mayhem Mode. Torgue shotgun sticky damage has been reduced. Reduced E-Tech shotgun elemental damage from “flesh off your bones” to “a lot”. Chupacabratch dropped too much of his hard-earned loot. Adjusted spawn rate of Loot Tinks in Mansion. They’re special again. Removed pain-sounds from Troy for his boss fight. Loot nerfed. RIP loot rinks. Mayhem mode loot nerfed as well.
  4. Been saying that since start. PS4 is so loud. But yeah, you just get used to it. There is nothing else you can do.
  5. Joe Cool

    FIFA 20

    FIFA pretty much moved to online now. The non-SB AI is shite and they don't care. People who play against AI outside SB just use sliders or play on legendary/ultimate. Planning to get Delaney IF and maybe PL IF discard. Loving Sancho loan. So here's hoping his POTM isn't expensive. 🙏
  6. Yeah, it's up on PC too. Quite fast.
  7. Joe Cool

    Gears 5

    Escape mode is shite and pointless addition just so they can say they added something new. Tour of Duty is also trash. Worse than F2P games.
  8. 0 - Real Madrid have failed to register a single shot on target in a Champions League game for the first time since 2003/04. PSG 3-0 Madrid. Didn't even need to play front 3. Good start for Bayern. Cheeky goal from Müller and Lewandowski's 200th goal. 😌 Another good day.
  9. Joe Cool

    Planet Zoo

    Join the exclusive Beta from 24 September to 8 October 2019.
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