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  1. It's on GamePass and is nothing like Diablo. Total trash.
  2. Oh, okay. Am using default light theme since start. Don't like the dark themes.
  3. Mobile version seems to be broken. Couple of them reported on Discord that site is loading broken HTML page instead.
  4. ank has been around forever. He knows how to play this game without crossing the line too much.
  5. Pretty much. No one is banned over a single post here else majority of users will be banned long ago. Everyone has been watching/reading his posts but he kept going on and on. Once you pile up enough, you will get a warning which restricts you from posting for a week. Keep continuing and your ban length goes up before permanently banned.
  6. My bad. I got mixed up with other show. You are right. July 23 to August end/September.
  7. Very good match. Best one so far in the tournament.
  8. 12 episodes this time. Should run from Oct 8 till Dec 30.
  9. Nice to see everyone giving Ted Lasso a try. 😌 3 episodes day 1 and rest weekly episodes like season 1.
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