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  1. Joe Cool

    Destiny 2

  2. Re-watched it so many times now. Still absolutely love it. First time was something else though. Weekly discussion and crazy theories everyone trying to figure out. 😌
  3. Waveking is quite active on Steam. He is restricted from posting on forum though. Someone should lift his ban. 👀
  4. There is nothing like SKYRIM. People still playing it...more than Witcher 3. The latter world is one time done and dusted but SKYRIM world adventure never ends. The immersion, world, mods, ways to play, etc is unmatchable. SKYRIM sold more than 30m+ copies. TES VI is going to break records as long it doesn't turn into FO76. 🙏 DOOM is still very good and has fan following. 5m+ copies between 2 games.
  5. Aired 16 years ago today. 🥺❤️
  6. If you are into a specific genre, why would you care about GamePass or what GP/MS offers? Just buy what you want... The games I want from MS (Gears/Forza/Halo/All Bethesda titles/Lots of indie games/3rd party titles which I don't want buy, etc) are on GamePass. So am going to keep using it as long it benefits me. Am interested in Watch_Dogs Legion but am not going to pay full price for it. I'll just sub for UPLAY+ for a month to play and finish it. Same for EA games with EA Play Pro.
  7. What a dumb logic. Are you playing 24/7? You are spending half of your life sleeping. 720 hours monthly while 360 hours spent sleeping. Other half spent working and stuff. The remaining time is what you have. MS is charging $10 for 720 hours of playtime in a month. How you use is up to you. Not MS problem. Also, imagine wanting to play for 200+ hours but don't want to pay $60 for it. Some people. 🤦
  8. Ni No Kuni isn't on GP. Dishonored takes 10-20 hours to beat. Are you saying someone doesn't have 10-20 hours a month to finish a game? Then buy the game. GTA V and RDR2 were on GP for 6 months each. More than enough to finish it if one is interested in first place. Or can just sub for another year for "other games" while also playing their beloved RPG/EPIC titles... No they didn't. PC version was in BETA for a year. Price was originally $10. As a bonus they added EA Play to it which costs $5 otherwise..
  9. Not at all. The games I have currently installed via GamePass 3 MS titles (Minecraft Dungeons / Wasteland 3 / New Super Lucky's Tale). Rest are all 3rd party titles. One is yet to release but already on GP - DRAGON QUEST XI S Definitive Edition. Buying all these games will cost me more than a year of subscription cost and I won't be replaying those after finishing. More and more 3rd party titles are being added. Xbox has even bigger library compared to PC.
  10. Future and analysts. Right. We will see when future arrives. Present day GamePass is fantastic and anyone says otherwise has never used it.
  11. Are you selling PS4 games that are huge/multiplayer focused titles? Majority are casual gamers... People buy longer subscription plan and forget about paying for a game for entire year. $120 a year full of games vs $120 for 2 games at launch...
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