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  1. Joe Cool

    Destiny 2

    Got mine today.
  2. Joe Cool

    Destiny 2

    Vsauce level. Izanagi still better even with 50k less damage as it is very less punishing and that 50k extra means you need to land all perfect 23 shots from Whisper...yeah, not going to happen. Losing heavy slot ain't fun either. Am looking forward to next season to see what they add in place of Oppressive darkness and how Divinity comes in place.
  3. Joe Cool

    Destiny 2

    I don't mind RNG since it is completely random; though it sucks when you don't get simple stuff like bounty for weeks especially when it is blocking one of the best weapon. What I don't like is time gating some quests like Jötunn/Le Monarque where you literally can't do anything but wait for 5 weeks to finish it... Izanagi / Divinity - get one of those. It is pretty much staple for all 950-980 content/NFs/Hunts/Raids/Dungeons/speed runs etc.
  4. Pre-load live Size: 47.6 GB
  5. It is not 7 hours. From previews, it is pretty open hub world where you can explore and whatnot. It'll feature 'combat, exploration and puzzle-solving'. Reviews 10 hours before launch.
  6. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review embargo lifts on Thursday, Nov 14th at 9pm PST
  7. Joe Cool

    Destiny 2

    1000+2000+3000+2500+3500+6000+8000+2500+3500+6000+3000. Around 41000 imperials to get the catalyst. IB is a burst damage weapon. If you want something dead really quick in one shot, then Izanagi is your go-to. 20% from catalyst helps even more. It is worth the grind. Just keep doing the Ada daily bounties and turn in one go. Till then get some other sniper if you really want. Tranquility with firing line from Moon is good and pair it up with GL.
  8. No input so far but I'm guessing 2x size of Battlefront II campaign minimum as that was only 6-7 hours. No plans or talks about future DLCs at the moment.
  9. Pre-load starts today at 6:00 PM GMT Play from November 14th at 3:00 PM GMT
  10. Bravo, what you doing... Just give Walker the gloves already.
  11. They actually put $1 deal before every major game release. 😂
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