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  1. Joe Cool

    The Football Thread

    Out of nowhere. 11 years, 360 games, 20 goals 4 Premier League titles 4 League Cups 2 FA Cups 2 Community Shields 3 PFA Team of the Year 1 PL Player of the Season City and PL legend. Amazing captain too!
  2. Joe Cool

    The Division 2

  3. Joe Cool

    The Division 2

    Yea, it's legit. DUK-Community live streamed it. You can watch it here: Just German efficiency.
  4. Joe Cool

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Because of the mess at Activision. Sledgehammer and Raven argued frequently over it and Treyarch became the lead. Now those 2 will serve as support. Black Ops IIIII will have a campaign.
  5. That was 8 years ago and wasn't good compared to its predecessor. Plus, it's not like they stopped making shitty-average games and taking losses.
  6. Kingdoms of Amular / Red Faction please. 🙏
  7. Joe Cool

    Wrestling fans

    ???????? So...Brock returning? If not, the title match is pointless. Making to job against Seth is a joke.
  8. Joe Cool

    The Football Thread

    Pep dominance City wins FA Cup The first team to win the English treble The first English top-flight side in history to win 50 matches in a single season in all competitions Liverpool and Manchester City will begin their 2019-20 campaigns against each other in the FA Community Shield
  9. Joe Cool

    The Football Thread

    Ribery—12 years, 423 games, 22 trophies Robben—10 years, 307 games, 18 trophies All gone. Lahm/Basti/Robben/Ribéry.
  10. Joe Cool

    What you bought this week

    Finally. Congrats and enjoy.
  11. Joe Cool

    The Football Thread

    Champions A perfect ending for Robbery. Will never replace them.
  12. Joe Cool

    The Football Thread

    Wow. ROBBEN SCORED! Fairytale ending
  13. Joe Cool

    The Football Thread

    Holy shite What a goal from Ribéry on his final league match. Link
  14. Joe Cool

    The Football Thread

    3-1 so far. It's coming home! Thanks for bottling again, BVB.
  15. Joe Cool

    Movie Discussion Thread

    TV show by the way. Available on Hulu. 6 episodes.