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  1. It sucked. Most of it was generic with terrible voice acting and ended up worse than the previous 2 games. The idea was nice but was executed so poorly.
  2. ...and dead No more updates. Only AC keeps getting all the updates. Probably the end for Watch_Dogs. 😔
  3. WoW name will sell but I don't think anyone puts up enough these days to maintain MMOs. ESO/GW2/FFXIV are all close to a decade old. They had it rough time at launch too but never gave up. Except the majority of the MMOs just go nowhere. Even New World is bleeding out already and it absolutely sucks. Even current WoW. They will be better off releasing something live service type than make another MMO. Less work, less user investment, easy to flip, rehash every couple of years. MMOs are just too risky and take too long. If they can make a good RTS game then why not. W3 was amazing and so was the expansion. Even if they take 2-4 years to make one it should be enough than just making MMO content for sake of it (like current WoW expansions).
  4. Netflix lost $50 billion in value overnight Netflix’s stock price lost more than $100 overnight, going from $508 a share at the close of business on Thursday, to $400 per share when trading opened on Friday, where it fell below $400 to $397.50 by the end of the day (it’s continued to fall in after-hours trading). Netflix is providing lower guidance for the first quarter of 2022, forecasting 2.5 million new subscribers compared to 4 million in the same timeframe last year. That would be its worst first quarter in a decade. Netflix also came the closest its ever come to admitting that the increased competition from the likes of Disney and WarnerMedia could be having an impact on its growth.
  5. Mission: Impossible 7 is being delayed once again, moving from September 2022 to July 14, 2023. Mission: Impossible 8 is also being moved, from its original July 2023 date to June 28, 2024.
  6. Joe Cool


    Bethesda games without mods. Fun. 🤪 Though SKYRIM and Fallout got some mods on consoles. This should have too.
  7. I don't see another MMO happening. More chances to get a RTS than MMO. Very few MMOs are still holding up while majority are dying or dead. They also take so much time and massive effort to keep up for years. I don't think they will do that again and rather make RTS or something else with Warcraft characters. And am totally up for it.
  8. He actually won though? He going to leave on his own terms, sell the entire company before walking out and make a cool $400m+. Employees will never see that much in lifetime. People complaining on Twitter are living a different reality.
  9. Joe Cool

    Elden Ring

    Fierce beasts of the misty woods offer only one gesture of hospitality.
  10. Always enjoyed these LEGO games in co-op. So much fun. 😌
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