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  1. Joe Cool


    You are right. The page is updated daily at GMT+0. India apparently had ~529 cases on April 4. Correct. Highest death count in a day: France - 1355, 1120, 1053 USA - 1049, 1045, 1331 Spain - 961 Italy - 919 100K on March 27. 200K on April 1. 300K on April 4. USA always number 1. 😎
  2. Worst part is you need to do ALL objectives in a single run to get gold medal unlike GTA where you didn't had to do in single run which was much comfy and welcoming.
  3. HAHAHA OMG Everyone watch this match. The effects. The music. The camera cuts.
  4. "bad guys" showing up and music changing
  5. Goldberg vs. Braun was GARBAGE TIER. But at least Goldberg is done I guess. Braun to quickly lose his title to Roman probably. _____ Taker entrance was badarse while AJ entrance was hilarious. The match itself was some B-grade movie fight with Taker shite talking.
  6. Gold Rush is same as GTA V trophy where you need to get 70 gold medals. The medal depends on how many of the optional objectives you managed to complete while doing the mission. There are a total of 104 story missions, so you can skip 34. Just pick easy chapters first. Around 55 of them are super easy. It is there to add some kind of replay value. Less than 2% have the platinum. Worth grinding if you are into trophy business.
  7. Joe Cool


    24 hours: France dumped 23K+ new cases yesterday making it 100K+ cases in 24 hours. France overtake China by 25K+. US number of cases continues to rise. Another day with 30K+ cases. Italy stable week of ~4K cases per day. 23 new cases in India.
  8. Becky Lynch (c) v Shayna Baszler was big meh. Her 1st WM and ended like this...
  9. Really sucks without any crowd. No entertainment. No entrances. No pyros. Nothing. Looks like training matches.
  10. Joe Cool


    It's more like CS 1.6 with abilities.
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