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  1. 40 seconds match... McGregor won. https://streamable.com/4df0c
  2. Currently available on UK Prime. Other regions should get later this year. No ETA. Expecting around blu-ray release (March-April).
  3. For sure. Easily the most adorable thing came out in recent years. 🥰 The puppet apparently cost around $5 million.
  4. Surprising as episode 4 is 2nd worst episode of the season followed by 5th episode. The whole Sanctuary was filler. Every scene with Omera was terrible. Cheesy lines. Bad acting. Baby Yoda and Cara to an extent saved that episode.
  5. Wow. What a debut for Håland. 3-1 down Håland comes in Scores hat-trick 3-5 final score
  6. Bloodborne still runs bad. It will be perfect game to release for PC. HZD...looks and plays well for most part. Nevermind the game. Pro turned not so pro for people who just want to play exclusives on PS4. Maybe okay for multi-plats to some extent but I didn't see any major difference in exclusives to justify the price or upgrade. The visual 4K bump brought down the framerate by half and it wasn't smooth. And if you went for performance boost, it is pretty on par with base/slim editions at 1080p.
  7. I know, right? Am so split 50-50 with this movie and comments made. Need 3rd person to chip in their views. Maybe afty since he is going to watch it tomorrow.
  8. Going to miss the shows. Both Schitt's Creek and The Good Place ending soon. 🥺
  9. Joe Cool

    New World

    Another flop MMO incoming. 🥺
  10. Joe Cool

    Destiny 2

    Congrats on Izanagi. Good session. 😌
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