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  1. Joe Cool

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Ray tracing now runs on older Nvidia GPUs - but how fast is it?
  2. Joe Cool

    Path of Exile

    It's nothing like Diablo 3. PoE has set a benchmark for ARPG dungeon crawler games that Blizzard will never match it. Only thing superior in D3 is polish with cakewalk gameplay which you can pick up any day or time and chill.
  3. Joe Cool

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Users: Got the game early. Krypt chests are filled with loads of different currencies and crafting materials. It's not great, really feels like mobile game type shenanigans. There's only one hidden character and they're unlocked via story mode. It's the costumes, intros, and other cosmetics that are unfortunately rng based this time around. It's really really bad. You buy a tower for a character for 25K the first time, 50K the second and so on. Beating it rewards you intros, fatalities, brutalities, classic outfits and voice lines. However, they say there are absurd difficulty spikes and it's a one attempt type of thing for the towers. Towers of Time review For the casuals, it is much, much worse 20% battles are easy to moderate and can be beat without konsumables 30% battles will be really hard but manageable with konsumables 50% of the battles will be downright impossible with or without konsumables, due to reduced player damage and increased enemy damage, and the reliance on big combos by the player to cope It's a 7/10 for the story and 5/10 on towers of time as they currently stand, for a 6/10 overall for the single player suite of the game. If you are in it for single player + online or just for online and the competition, then the game is easily a 9/10 or 10/10. But if you're someone who only wants to fight the AI, use the game to relieve stress, watch fatalities and unlock stuff, then I would recommend you wait till launch or a few weeks after to see if the final product is different. Or wait for a sale. To be honest, I'm down with the single player portion of the game now. Towers of Time stopped being fun for me about 6 hours ago, and I was only doing this for research and awareness. Krypt online only. So let me see if I'm understanding all of this correctly. To unlock a skin, you have to: Most likely going to have to beat a series of 5 or so towers. The first fights are going to be easy, but the later ones are ridiculous. Going to have to use konsumables pretty much guaranteed. Probably going to have to spend Koins and Souls. Have to meet some BS requirements like 50 Brutalities performed, or something similar. In the end, you get only 1 or 2 skins. Said skins might as well be random. Those rewards. Oh dear... What a mess. Link to thread
  4. Joe Cool

    The Football Thread

    After Walnutt's goal De Gea has been terrible lately. That performance drop.
  5. Joe Cool

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Yeah, seem to be worse than MKX. Am going to just do the story mode and play a few rounds with friends and then uninstall.
  6. Joe Cool

    STAR WARS: Jedi Fallen Order

    ^^Pre-order is already up... Stadard edition - $60 Deluxe edition - $70 which includes behind-the-scenes stuff and some cosmetic equipment There is no early access and none of the EA games has paid DLCs for a couple of years now. Plus, no plans for DLC for this game.
  7. Joe Cool

    Days Gone

    This .gif never gets old.
  8. Joe Cool

    RAGE 2

    id is involved. So obviously going to have that DOOM touch. __ Can't wait!
  9. Joe Cool

    RAGE 2

    They have made one bad game...in 30 years.
  10. Joe Cool


    That's a concern and not the opposite...
  11. Joe Cool

    Crackdown 3

  12. Joe Cool

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Yep. The demon was the hardest. The last boss shared similar mechanics like previous bosses, so it wasn't too hard.
  13. Joe Cool

    Death Stranding

    Just repost this whenever anything pops up