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  1. August 7 - PlayStation preorder Beta access begins August 14 - Xbox and PC Preorder beta access begins, PlayStation open beta also begins August 21 - Open beta across all platforms begins
  2. With how USA/Brazil/India dumping 25-30k+ daily, give it 4-6 more months. India will cross 1m+ this week.
  3. So it was indeed you guys I ran into other day.
  4. Joe Cool

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Some more questions answered: Q: How is the performance on PS4 Pro? Resolution or performance mode recommended? A: Performance was excellent, only had a couple of FPS drops in my entire time. Playing in resolution mode. Q: How is the difficulty? Compared to the Souls series? A: Played on medium difficulty, it was fairly easy. I usually play my games on hard but since I was playing this for work I took it down a notch because you know, time constraints. If you're a Souls veteran, definitely play on hard. Q: What does the open(?) world offer? 55-60 hours looks quite big. A: So so so many different types of collectible. Countless side quests. A number of enemy camps to take over. Plus a few unmarked encounters like saving someone from a burning house, etc.
  5. Joe Cool

    Ghost of Tsushima

    OpenCritic: 85 Limited by a rote and rigid world, Sucker Punch's samurai homage pairs okay action with enjoyably committed, if awkwardly fawning melodrama. A competent but shallow and overfamiliar attempt to replicate Assassin's Creed style open world adventure in the world of 13th century samurai. Ghost of Tsushima is a worthy addition to the roster of must-play PS4 exclusives that have kept players loyal to the console. With Ghost of Tsushima under its belt, Sucker Punch deserves to be in the same conversation as Insomniac, Naughty Dog, and Sony Santa Monica. If this generation is to wrap up soon, it's fitting that it'll end with Tsushima: one of its most beautiful games thus far. Like the samurai, Ghost of Tsushima feels like a relic of a bygone era. If you need to get lost in over 30 hours of heroic gameplay right now, in a single-player adventure with no online connectivity gimmicks or content locked away as DLC, Sucker Punch has you covered with an instant contender for 2020's game of the year. Ghost of Tsushima is a masterclass on how to make a palatable and focused open world experience Ghost of Tsushima is easily the biggest and most ambitious game Sucker Punch has ever undertaken. It's also the best game they've ever made. Akira Kurosawa would be proud. Sucker Punch's PS4 tribute to Akira Kurosawa is gorgeous to behold but its sparse open-world and bloated mechanics has it falling short Ghost of Tsushima is a stunning mix of Assassin's Creed and The Witcher 3, based on samurai films and traditional Japanese contemplation of nature. At the same time, this is the best Assassin's Creed ever created. There are no emasculated positive heroes and unambiguous villains, the tasks are exciting and interesting. And this is currently the most fascinating and visually impressive game on the PlayStation 4. Ghost of Tsushima is a joy to play and a joy to behold. Sucker Punch has crafted one of the most memorable open world games of this generation, buoyed by an immensely satisfying combat system and an engaging, dramatic story. Ghost of Tsushima is greater than the sum of its parts: it does not reinvent the wheel in any of its aspects, but offers an experience that will thoroughly entertain lovers of open world and oriental settings. A melancholic tale of war and a fitting epilogue to a current-gen era, Sucker Punch's latest effort is a slick showcase for the PlayStation 4 that draws you into a world that never fails to impress. Ghost of Tsushima is a masterpiece of precise gameplay, emotional turmoil and powerful world design.
  6. Joe Cool

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Buy! One of the most enjoyable game this year.
  7. Joe Cool

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Gamespot 7/10 THE GOOD A stunning open-world environment with navigational mechanics that help to further absorb you into it Stylish combat successfully mimics the iconic samurai sword fights of cinema to great effect Keen cinematography heightens many moments Swift stealth mechanics and Ghost Tools make it fun to toy with enemies THE BAD Rote open-world quest structures often feel dull Cutscenes lack a degree of life that betrays the game's cinematic strengths Unfortunate camera positioning and environmental objects can regularly ruin you in combat Japanese-language performances don't line up with character mouth movements, creating a jarring disconnect You can't cut down bamboo trees, which is just an utter travesty
  8. Joe Cool

    Watch Dogs Legion

    Standard - $60 Gold - $100 Ultimate - $120 Four week VIP status that lets them earn currency and XP 30% faster, and the elite pass voucher which offers access to “exclusive” challenges and rewards.
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