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    It's not typical AAA type game. Falls into AA - mid range budget game. You won't find smooth combat or polished stuff. The voice/facial animation aren't top tier.
  2. Superman game can be made if they go Smallville route. Sadly will never happen. 🥺
  3. Hmm, I got mine right away from Square-Enix redeem page. https://avengers.square-enix-games.com/en-us/redeem/login
  4. Nope. That's the new price cut. 20% discount on V-Bucks. What EPIC did was they added direct payment option letting players to buy V-bucks for $8 from EPIC itself and cutting out middleman (and the fee that EPIC has to pay to Apple or Google). They don't want to pay 30% cut while cutting V-bucks price by 20%. Epic want's to use Apple and Google's storefront, but doesn't want to pay them for it. Instead, they want to sell their micro transactions at a discounted price, which actually equals 10% more profit for Epic. What EPIC did/doing is scumming as shite.
  5. Boyce Avenue holy shite. Haven't heard that name in years. 😌 His 3 Doors Down acoustic cover is still amazing.
  6. Super nervous about today's match. Still feel a team with Messi always has an upper edge. Barcelona and Bayern Munich have both reached the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League for the 18th time, more than any other team! A goal every 47 minutes - the stats Barcelona and Bayern Munich have both reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the 18th time (in 24 and 23 appearances respectively), more than any other team. Barcelona are in the quarter-finals for the 13th consecutive year - that is every season since 2007-08, a record in the history of the competition. Barcelona have lost more Champions League games against Bayern than any other club, losing five of their eight matches against them (W2 D1). Barcelona have lost just two of their last 31 Champions League matches (W19 D10) and are unbeaten in this season's competition (W5 D3); they are one of only three teams still yet to taste defeat this season, along with opponents Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Bayern striker Lewandowski has scored 13 goals in just seven Champions League appearances this season, averaging a goal every 47 minutes - in the history of the European Cup/Champions League, this is the best minutes per goal ratio in a single campaign of players to play at least 500 minutes that season. Can't wait 🙏😌
  7. Leipzig become the first Ronaldo-less team to knockout Simeone from the CL. Nagelsmann is amazing. Super happy RBL beat Atlético's shitehousery. Upamecano was fantastic. 😌
  8. Joe Cool

    Destiny 2

    Here's an optimal way to clear out objectives Renewed roughly takes 4 hours. But currently giving 3x progress. So you can rush it out in 1-1.5 hours. Majestic takes solid 8-12 hours. Once you finish Majestic you can do Magnificent -> account wide and get 2-3x progress on other 2 characters. Time taken for 2nd and 3rd character drastically goes down with bonus.
  9. Joe Cool

    Destiny 2

    You can get. Weekly Vanguard/Crucible/Gambit - 1200 Solstice weekly - 400 - currently bugged but was addressed in yesterday's TWAB. You can also get extra dust from daily/repeatable bounties. Event lasts 4 weeks. 1200x4 - 4800 + 400x4 - 1600 Total dust - 6400 - enough to buy 1 full set just by playing during the event. You can use 2nd and 3rd characters too to grind out dust. They are added to common pool. ~25600 dust earn-able just by doing weekly bounty on all 3 characters. Enough to buy 3 full sets + other cosmetics you like. The grind is very easy and you get 2-3x bonus as you finish up your first character. The event also speeds up with power leveling.
  10. Joe Cool

    FIFA 21

    Go in-depth on the new features with all the details directly from the FIFA 21 development team
  11. Joe Cool


    Getting hyped for Fable.
  12. Dwayne Johnson has been named the world's highest-paid actor for a second consecutive year. Dwayne Johnson - $87.5 million Ryan Reynolds - $71.5 million Mark Wahlberg - $58 million Ben Affleck - $55 million Vin Diesel - $54 million Akshay Kumar - $48.5 million Lin-Manuel Miranda - $45.5 million Will Smith - $44.5 million Adam Sandler - $41 million Jackie Chan - $40 million
  13. Joe Cool

    Destiny 2

    This year Solstice grind is fairly easy. The glow is also available as ornament and you can apply on armor you already have. Support throughout year 4 / till next Solstice. White glow should have been ornament upgrade instead of armor tied. Don't want to RNG roll while having god roll set already.. Pointless.
  14. Joe Cool

    Destiny 2

    Yes if you don't have deluxe edition. You can buy season pass for 1000 silver ~ $10 USD. Afraid no such thing here. At best you get some extra Bright Dust which you can spend to buy cosmetic. Yeah, they don't give silver. Only way to get silver is by paying for it. This won't include seasons but still a very nice deal. Covers Base game/DLCs/Forsaken/Shadowkeep/Beyond Light. You only need to buy seasons and I think you get discount too when you decide to by the deluxe version. Likely will stay on GP for years. Destiny 2 will be supported for 3 more years minimum.
  15. Joe Cool

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Game wasn't in development since 2012. They only started after W3 DLC (2016) with 50 people before bringing in full team. CDPR isn't exactly friendly chill place to work at. Overworked developers have plagued CD Projekt Red for years.
  16. Joe Cool

    FIFA 21

    Yeah lol. But I guess still a welcome change than boring FeWC stadium. Am so sick of playing in that generic stadium.
  17. That's the reason I watched and afraid it was nothing like those shows. Barely anything happened. Maybe next season with how it ended.
  18. Lucifer is very enjoyable to watch so far. 😌Though it feels like shot in early 2000. Drastic difference is visual quality for a show that is only 4 years old.
  19. Joe Cool

    FIFA 21

    Yes but will also affect requirement score threshold. With how bad rivals is, playing 30 is welcome change than forever grinding every week just because others did and set very high score for rank 1. Will also add a challenge and no longer feel like objective playground.
  20. Joe Cool

    Destiny 2

    F2P version keeps you busy for solid 300+ hours. I don't think it will be bundled with Beyond Light yet or at all. Shaowkeep and Forsaken goes on sale often and available for quite cheap for what it offers. You will get lots of new quests/exotics/raids/dungeons etc. It is worth buying if you are enjoying the F2P version. Season pass is free and paid. Free version is pretty standard and paid version unlocks the bottom row and seasonal quests/exotics. You also get bunch of materials/cosmetics/ornaments. It is worth it again if you play regularly and plan to hit rank 100 every season to get max value. For Beyond Light, you can pick Deluxe edition and it will cover expansion + 4 seasons. So no more purchase for entire year 4.
  21. We’re also debuting new unlockable gameplay modifiers, like One Shot or Touch of Death that enable one-hit kills or Infinite Ammo, Infinite Crafting, or Infinite Listen Mode Range to add a new twist to gameplay: Mirror World Mirror on Death Slow Motion Bullet Speed Mode Infinite Ammo Infinite Crafting Infinite Melee Durability Infinite Listen Mode Range One Shot Touch of Death 8-bit Audio 4-bit Audio Helium Audio Xenon Audio Saves now display playtime up to the second Film Grain Adjustment option Disable Listen Mode option Motion Sensor Function Aiming option Arc Throw HUD Display option Aiming Acceleration Scale option Aiming Ramp Power Scale option Accessibility improvements to Ground Zero encounter, collectible tracking, Enhanced Listen Mode for collectibles, and rope gameplay All of these modifiers can be accessed via the Extras menu and unlocked after completing the game.
  22. I Am Not Okay with This - garbage. Nothing like Stranger Things. Not even close. Severely lacks originality. Whole angsty teen thing is so overdone. Super predictable, cliché after cliché after cliché and nothing actually happens at all. Every episode looked like "this is it" but nope. Final episode...last 5 minutes something happens and season over. Of course. 🤦
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