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  1. Joe Cool

    FIFA 21

    That would kill FUT.
  2. New Order and Old Blood are better than New Colossus... Just shows how game reviews are. Youngblood sucked but was a spin-off.
  3. One day they going to put GP on PlayStation and watch ponies change their tune.
  4. Additional work by Bethesda Game Studios Austin as well as ZeniMax Online Studios, Arkane Studios and id Software.
  5. Only Wolfenstein Young Blood is bad. That was spin-off. Shitty stuff. Main series is still just as good as DOOM.
  6. ESO is 4 year straight MMO of the year. It is actually fantastic and ZeniMax has kept it fresh and alive all these years. Rage 2 was bad. Dishonored both games are very very good. Just not mainstream for sales. Wolfenstein is fantastic. What mediocre????
  7. Nobody is defending FO76... One bad game also doesn't change what Fallout and TES have been either. Both are still massive IPs and millions of them are waiting for actual TES and Fallout game; not the online version.
  8. Have you ever played any TES or Fallout or any Bethesda game? Or just mad that MS bought something? 🤔
  9. GTX 1080 Ti still top tier and will beat consoles.
  10. Graphics ain't everything... Bethesda games are never about graphics. People play Fallout and TES for the world and freedom. Actual role-playing... Never ending adventure.
  11. Episode 9 - 25 Sep. 2020 Episode 10 finale - 2 Oct. 2020
  12. 5 of 8 studios have shipped "Game of the Year" titles #1 Ranked Publisher of the Year (2018) "Game of the Year" winner 5 years in a row The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - RPG of the Year from IGN and others The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Consensus Game of the Year across all outlets Fallout 3 - Consensus Game of the Year across all outlets The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Consensus Game of the Year ad Named Game of the Generation and #1 PC Game of All Time Fallout 4 - Over 50 Game of the Year Awards including DICE and BAFTA Dishonored - BAFTA Award for Best Game, Best Action Adventure Game at the VGAs Dishonored 2 - PC Gamer Game of the Year, Best Action Adventure Game at the VGAs and Winner of more than 100 Best of 2016 awards Wolfenstein: The New Colossus - Best Action Game, The Game Awards DOOM (2016) - Best Action Game, The Game Awards Fallout Shelter - Mobile Game of the Year, DICE Awards and Golden Joystick Awards Elder Scrolls Online - MMO of the Year four consecutive years
  13. PC initial cost is high, yes, but lasts so long. My rig is running 10th year now. Nobody upgrades CPU/Mobo/RAM every year or 2. The gain is 1-5 fps at best. Only upgrade GPU if you want every 5-7 years. Good thing about PC is you can juice out every last drop. Change settings as you like and play.
  14. Hilarious Hope thinks MS will drop GamePass. If anything GP is only going to get bigger and better.
  15. People underestimating Fallout and TES here. Not even counting DOOM and Wolfenstein. Bethesda got some of the best IPs of all time. If MS plays right, it will be amazing. TES and Fallout are still massive.
  16. Joe Cool

    FIFA 21

    Not really a bummer as not a single demo was anything like full game. If anything people only got mad with demo vs final version. Though with season started it would have been nice to play till launch.
  17. Joe Cool

    Quantum Error

    Quantum Error will be coming to the Xbox Series X.
  18. Quantum Error will be coming to the Xbox Series X.
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