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  1. Bought Samus Returns through a friend, but will only be getting it in December (or later). Don't forget to buy this game, people! Every last copy counts.
  2. Shovel Knight Treasure Trove, Mighty Gunvolt, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Blaster Master Zero, Disgaea 5 to name some other options. So many games I would have bought if I could. Mario+Rabbids is also out soon.
  3. FIFA looks pretty bad. Also, yeah, I don't know how often people are going to be playing with detatched individual joycons once the novelty wears off. The Pokken demo is out on the Japanese eShop.
  4. Just for reference, the whole thing cost me Rs. 25,607 to get the Switch from Australia + BotW from eBay. And that's with a $40 markup over the US price.
  5. Got the chance to play The Lab on an HTC Vive today, and it completely changed my opinion on VR! For the first time ever my brain was able to suspend disbelief in a VR environment, it completely blew me away.
  6. Just got the Switch yesterday, and I couldn't play it much because I didn't have a compatible wall adapter. Honestly, I felt kind of disappointed by the screen (I had it on low brightness), to the point where I felt a bit underwhelmed with Zelda. I felt buyer's remorse about to kick in, and almost felt upset with myself for taking the plunge this early. Just charged it up today, and set the brightness to about 60%... and good god, did that change my outlook on the device. This has to be one of the best displays, hands down, that I have ever seen on a handheld device. The colors look amazing. Gave some demos a try, and then Zelda, and the view was downright breathtaking. Blaster Master looked crisp and bright, Rayman looked amazing and so did Puyo Puyo. What do I say about Breath of the Wild? I went in with low expectations, because my favorite games of the series are more story driven, such as Skyward Sword or Wind Waker... and I'm already blown away by just how impressive this game feels. I'm not even off the Great Plateau yet. (: Looking forward to the rest.
  7. That worked!1!1!! What's more, I actually genuinely have a new ebay account. Thanks a ton! I was trying SAVEMORE48, which a friend had received via e-mail.
  8. Sadly I don't have the 12% coupon else I would buy it in a heartbeat. lol
  9. Hello everyone, I was introduced to IVG waaay back by Kushal and Reetesh. I'm a Nintendo fanboy through and through, but have been mostly on the handheld side of things, with the exception of the Wii. I just got my Switch from Australia for $340. The prices of games looks intimidating (from the handheld perspective). Looking to buy a used copy of Breath of the Wild, but not having much luck yet... Ah, so you're Rishi! Never imagined I'd run into you. (:
  10. Huh, that article has some interesting details. Didn't know the Wii U/3DS had "official importers" in India. Of course, it makes sense in retrospect.
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