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  1. How is ebay shipping to india? Is that reliable?
  2. There will be a Bollywood film based on this
  3. I would also like to know. Interested in measuring power usage of PC and gaming consoles.
  4. I too want some older consoles. From where I can purchase one?
  5. I've checked online and found that there is a mathod called cd resurfacing for fixing scratched CDs. Have any one tried it? Is there any place in kerala/bangalore for doing that?
  6. Try "playstation repair shop neaby" in google map and look for number of reviews and rating. Thats how I found one in my place.
  7. I bought V2 switch from gamenation. It has many scratch in the back side and one at the corner of the screen. But it works without any issue. I think if you can purchase a pre-used one locally before inspecting for scratch etc then that will be a better option. But one positive side of such websites are the 1 week return and one month warranty.
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