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  1. Got my Dbrand skins for the ipad mini 5, Oneplus 7t and the Galaxy Buds case Love it!
  2. Thanks. How much did you buy it for? Do you feel it is accurate?
  3. Hey, is anyone using a oximeter and a Blood Pressure machine? Amazon has lots of brands though most seem like private labels... Plus prices are inflated currently... Any recommendations? No price concerns but should be VFM..
  4. Yeah understood. I'm seeing that many models have 18W outputs. I think that would be fine by me.
  5. Both ports since I have an iPad and OP7T both. Fast charging preferred, and I'm seeking for a long lasting model.
  6. Any suggestions for a good power bank? Fast charging preferred, and a non MI device.
  7. Anything will do based on price. I'm looking for basic features at least but with 110 kg capacity or so. And if it has a stand of sorts to keep on, that'll be great.
  8. Yeah, that is the plan...
  9. Has anyone bought a treadmill for home use? Looking to buy one for parents.
  10. Based on recommendations I bought the Galaxy Buds Plus for net 7.3k after discounts from Samsung's own website. Pretty decent deal, and these buds are amazing!
  11. Got the Galaxy Buds + from Samsung's site. Got a discount due to the student offer and expecting a cashback due to their offers ending today. Net around 7.3K for the pair. Good deal IMO.
  12. Hi, I'm looking for true wireless earbuds to use for calling and Youtube (little music usage too, not much). Have to use it with an android phone and an iPad both. Budget is max 10K. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Cool I went and ordered it. Mahogany & Carbon fiber for the iPad, black and red for the phone. [emoji2]
  14. I was planning on buying skins for my ipad and phone anyways. Last ordered from them 3 years back... How long did the shipment take? And was it Aramex?
  15. I have a 4 month old iPad mini 5. Has the A12 chip too. Works like a charm including gaming like CODM. If you're fine with the screen size you can go for it
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