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  1. I was confused for a second there but now i get it. Probably because I'm all praises for this random product and the review is detailed it might be felt that I'm affiliated with the seller... Sorry about that, but no I'm just a CAT student and don't run any business. I had just shared a review here because I was grateful that people had filled up the survey and then stuck around long enough for me to be able to post the results. So I felt that I can give back somehow. And I'm bad at sales, I haven't even sold everything from my last FS thread I'd posted about 2 years back. [emoji29] Dont want to mislead anybody, my apologies for doing so. Mods can please close/lock this thread if you feel I've gone against any forums rules. Thanks for Reading [emoji846]
  2. My bad guys, forgot to post a few photos. The box before opening for the first time Thank You letter Small instruction kit
  3. Hi there! Thanks for reading my review, I am just trying to give back to IVG since people (including you too hopefully ) filled up my survey! About the seller/VISYN: So we too were a bit apprehensive about the glasses, since the seller (2K Sales) was newly launched. But then we reasoned that it would be a risk worth taking since we have spent a lot more on PS4 games Lol! So we went ahead and ordered. And our overall experience was amazing! Why? Because: After ordering, we got a message from the seller wherein they did a small explanation about what blue light is and how VISYN protects it. Simultaneously, they informed us that the glasses were being packaged. (See Below) Packaging was amazing! Proper bubble wrap outside, and inside the box was another layer of packaging in which the actual glasses were kept. Take a look: https://i.imgur.com/qfYZVhr.jpg The seller sent a small pamphlet type thing that was like a welcome/thank you letter on one side and had the same explanation (which they had sent earlier via amazon mail) printed on the other. This was a nice human touch! We texted the seller on WhatsApp, for the purposes of our survey and to understand the blue light issue, and they were very helpful. Shipping was via Amazon's EasyShip i.e. they handed over the package to Amazon Itself, who delivered it to us. 2K Sales' shipping policies confirm it: https://www.amazon.in/sp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B076CFLX6F&isAmazonFulfilled=0&isCBA=&marketplaceID=A21TJRUUN4KGV&orderID=&seller=A18AKB4BE9F871&tab=&vasStoreID= Shipping was free and easily trackable via the Amazon order page so no issues there. Overall I am very impressed by their attitude and overall experience from ordering to packaging to shipping etc. I would recommend that you go ahead and purchase. And anyway, there is always COD if you are unsure, although we paid via card and were satisfied. Hope this helps! (Do let me know if you want any other info ) PS: Here is the text of the first email they sent us: Hi <Name>! Thank you for your purchase of VISYN Gaming Glasses. We commend your decision to help reduce the eye fatigue we all experience after long hours on screens. Please note: We are preparing your order for dispatch & will update you once it's sent. We only use Amazon's Easy Ship method for all our shipments and provide free shipping. You may refer to our shipping policies here: https://www.amazon.in/sp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B076CFLX6F&isAmazonFulfilled=0&isCBA=&marketplaceID=A21TJRUUN4KGV&orderID=&seller=A18AKB4BE9F871&tab=&vasStoreID= Till such time you receive your order, please do refer to the attached mini guide for correct & proper usage of your pair of VISYN Gaming Glasses. We endeavour to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible, and we hope to convert every buyer to a repeat customer Best Regards VISYN & 2K Sales
  4. I just posted my short review if anyone is interested: Thanks!
  5. Hi, Some weeks back I had asked IVG members to help us with an Eye Fatigue while using screens (example: Gaming, phones, TV, etc) related research project (see here). Tl;dr- It was basically to see how much fatigue people experienced if at all & remedies followed for the same. As a part of that, we had bought a pair of gaming glasses and tested them as a layperson. (more info in that thread^). So, since I have these glasses, I felt I should post a small review for them. So here is my review from the POV of a layperson: VISYN Gaming Glasses (Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B076CFLX6F) In this review I will be focusing on some basic parameters: Build Quality, Cost, Solving the Problem. Price: In our research (see above) and by my own choice, I was only willing to pay around 2k (max) for a good pair of gaming glasses. So, the Gunnars, priced at 4K ish was out of the question. That left Visyn & another brand No Blu (2.3k ish). I decided to go with the Visyn ones since they did not hit the pocket too hard and the No Blu ones seemed to have a high degree of yellow tint (as per their pictures & Amazon reviews). Build Quality: The Visyn glasses are made of sturdy plastic frames and metal joints. They are not heavy, which is good since they go on my face, and they give the impression of toughness (although I wouldn’t suggest dropping them). The black colour is quite nice too (I prefer white glasses in general but white may get dirty). The lenses are hard and thick, i.e. they don’t give the impression of being thin and prone to breaking. They don't contain a high yellow tint and it is almost unnoticeable. This is good since other brands I saw show a high level of yellow tint, which quite frankly I find annoying. I mean, everything is yellow, and then playing CIV 6 is a headache. Note about the packaging: Good, no issues here. The case is sturdy, and lens cloth is provided. All in all, build is nice. Solving the Problem: The problem I faced when using a PC for an extended time (Epic Speed & King Difficulty on CIV 6) is that after a set time, my eyes would start to remind me to stop. And I want to play that one more turn ;). So, I started looking into ways to prevent this so-called ‘eye fatigue’ (more in this thread). Apart from the 20-20-20 rule, which I frankly forget to follow after the first 2/3 times, I was looking for a more permanent solution. So I read online about yellow tint glasses & how they help in combating this ‘eye fatigue’. And I don’t like the tint, therefore I took the one with lowest tint i.e. Visyn. After wearing them for almost a week, every time I used the PC, the head/eye aches seemed to lessen to a great extent. They’re not gone, which I feel is a ramification of my prolonged PC usage, but they are kept at bay and turn up near about the end of the long game (when I’m just about to Nuke the last capital remaining). So, in a nutshell, they do work. Your mileage may vary, but for me, I am happy. Plus the tint is barely noticeable after the initial settling in period has ended. % Tint: Colours through Camera: Colours through Lens of the Glasses: Conclusion: If you, like me, face issues of head/eye aches after long sessions on the PC, PS4 or Xbox, do try the Visyn Gaming Glasses. They’re working perfectly! Plus, the company even sent a manual type thing that detailed how to use them in unison with the 20-20-20 rule, which is a nice touch. Thanks for reading! Full Resolution album here.
  6. Hi, I will be using our pair of the gaming glasses we tested (see above post). If anyone is interested, I can post pics and give a (short) review. Let me know Thanks!
  7. Guys, sorry for the delay. Here is the link to view the summary: http://goo.gl/1hkwMA I am also adding here all the links that I have referred to in the summary since PDF clicking is annoying sometimes: FT.com Article on Screen Usage Milward Brown Survey on Screen Addictions Dry Eye on CBS News Lifehacker article on 20-20-20 Rule All About Vision Article on Blue Light VISYN Anti Blue Light Gaming Glasses that we bought and tested Thanks for your replies! PS: IVG is Forum 2 in the survey.
  8. Hi people. I'm sorry for the delay in sharing the responses, while they're complete and we did research some ways to alleviate fatigue, we don't want to share it until our project is submitted. I will definitely post it soon! Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, Thanks for all your responses. I have stopped accepting more for now. In some time I will share: The results for IVG's respondents The results for all my respondents Any solutions we research for this. Again, thanks all!
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