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  1. If you are eager to start it, go for it now itself. But on the other hand, you lose nothing by waiting. Worst case scenario- you buy it later for the same or (more likely) reduced price, even if no other improvements.
  2. Randomly started watching Notting Hill tonight. Been grinning like a f**king moron for the last 1 hr.
  3. Sony provides 14 days trial on new account i think This. Just create a new psn account with a throwaway email, activate 14 days ps plus by adding your card, remove the card details, enjoy
  4. Motorola generally does a good job of not screwing with stock Android too much by adding random garbage. Would recommend them wholeheartedly.
  5. @Jigsaw knew what he was doing by turning off the vibrations. As fun as it is, screws up the controllers much faster.
  6. Paled in comparison to the deathmatch though. That was dope, we should do it again.
  7. You mean he will go to jail and die at 47?
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