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  1. I know.. mechanicals are more 'respectable'.. but there are way too many Seiko reviews in Amazon mentioning they need to adjust time almost every other day. That is kinda putting me off the whole thing. I will be wearing the watch 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week. Meaning, I'll probably need to adjust time after every weekend at the very least. Kinetics are also Quartz right? Except the battery is 'fed' by motion? As for the Orient Mako, looking for sub 40 mm watches due to my bitch-size wrists. Cool tip, thanks. Will check it out.
  2. After some more research, came across this one-> Citizen BM8180-03E Stellar reviews all around, and won't have to worry about correcting the time every week, as it is with the mechanical watches. Only problem is availability. Doesn't seem to be available with any reputed seller in India, and import from Amazon is coming to about 18k after shipping & customs. Even creation watches doesn't have it.
  3. Peeps with 4K HDR TVs, do check out the new Lion King. Looks freaking insane in the C9. Managed to.. err.. 'get' the 4K Bluray version.
  4. Watching the new Lion King, and I really don't get the hate. Yes, the characters are not expressing cartoonishly, but it goes well enough with the CGI quality. On a side note, Managed to.. err.. 'get' the 4K Bluray version. And it looks insane in the C9.
  5. Me, for all the HBO stuff. I so wish they had chosen to tie up with Amazon at least, if not Netflix.
  6. Using the WebOS app for it, and it's absolute dogshit. Forget the streaming quality, even the user interface is retarded.
  7. The entire post is spongebob meme material.
  8. Unfortunately, same issue ☹️. 44 mm ones look huge on my wrist.
  9. They do look pretty good, but don't see them available online as such. I guess I'll have to import them from creation watches? Also, is Orient as good a brand as Seiko?
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