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  1. You are doing pretty well. Just add a little more spice to really hook the fishes in. "Ponies" has been known to work well in the past, unless you find something even better. May the force be with you.
  2. Reviews are polarizing indeed. However, "technically brilliant, but lacking in emotional pull" seems to be a recurring theme.
  3. The morons are, most don't care. Unfortunately, morons are always the loudest everywhere.
  4. Doesn't S9 have horrible battery backup?
  5. Movement is 7S26, the standard in the Seiko 5 cheap end. Cost was 69 USD. Wanted a sub-40 mm watch, preferably with numbers on the dial. This one grabbed my attention the most, particularly because of the the full size day window.
  6. Yep, India Post. 🙂 Is the pic visible now?
  7. I got too hasty. Received it today. And..... No customs duty @Aftrunner Registered airmail paid off 😁 I finally have a Seiko ♥️
  8. Don't lose hope yet. Maybe they are just slow in responding, which would be expected from them.
  9. @i_rock098 How are you faring with your customs trouble?
  10. Well, I may have spoken too soon. The last status update I got for this was 13th Dec, which said dispatched from Chennai towards Bangalore. Been 10 days since then, with zero updates. I was not expecting to have it in my hands by now, but I certainly hoped that it would reach BLR customs at least.
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