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  1. It's a new virus, scientists are also learning about it as they go along. You can't expect all the confirmed info "day 1".
  2. +1 Was watching Hamilton the other day, and the quality is pretty good.
  3. Did a little rant at their Twitter account. Not that I expect it to solve anything.
  4. It's giving me 3.82 Mbps for 4k streaming
  5. The gaming community is the absolute worst
  6. Here you go - paying 1$ for high quality AAA is a bad thing. You know why? It's not because MS is doing it, but because it is not sustainable. And one has to be incredibly shallow minded not to see that. Imagine OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime were the only avenues left for movie makers. Do you think you would see them coming out with big budget mega blockbusters anymore? That one time money is no comparison to what a really successful game can make in it's lifetime. There won't be any motivation for R* to make a RDR2 or ND to make a TLOU2 if they all they had to count on was that GP money and/or, say, PS Now money. Yes, if Sony starts offering PS Now at super cheap throwaway prices I (and everyone else) will definitely go for it. Will it be a great deal- sure. But I wouldn't be silly enough to constantly brag about how amazing it is for gaming on a whole.
  7. You are not checking the right sections in Pornhub.
  8. Exactly what I thought in the beginning, and felt disappointed. Then googled the actual studio, and was even more disappointed.
  9. After checking the list of games developed by the publisher
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