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  1. SoundMagic E11BT. Supposed to have excellent battery life. Around 4.5k.
  2. Companies will always instruct their service centers to avoid replacement as far as possible. In your case, unfortunately, adity's suggestion seems to be the way to go. Clearly there's a problem here, and you will have to create enough noise till they accept it. It sucks and you shouldn't have to, but that's the way it is now.
  3. Is it, "dumbshit (pc vs console)"? Or, "(dumbshit pc) vs console"? Just checking.
  4. I love this game so much that I am scared of finishing it too quick. My ratio of time spent on main missions vs doing random sh*t is about 1:10 now.
  5. Troo, still have plenty left. Feels good to be rich. I spend a lot on dope a*s clothes though.
  6. Satisfactory performance for all the streaming platforms? I mean, primarily, Netflix/Prime/Hotstar
  7. I always stuff the box with old paper and fill it up as much as possible, no taping. With a filled box, the disc doesn't come off and it also reduces the chance of breakage during transit.
  8. Taking one for the team #respect
  9. Are you planning to watch? 😶
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