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  1. quixote_1989

    Movie Discussion Thread

    That's what I booked 😭 870, after amazon pay cashback.
  2. quixote_1989

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Which one?
  3. quixote_1989

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Costliest movie ticket till date. 😔
  4. quixote_1989

    The Watch Thread

    Tagging @Black_Hawk
  5. quixote_1989

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Our beloved sallu bhai.
  6. quixote_1989

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    You should get an email with the insurance docs within a few weeks. That's what I got when a friend purchased S9 from my account.
  7. quixote_1989

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Oops, right! Had forgotten about that.
  8. quixote_1989

    Movie Discussion Thread

    That's Alison Brie, not Brie Larson.
  9. quixote_1989


    As a Dragon Age(yes, even 2) and a Mass Effect(yes, even Andromeda) fan, that article was painful to read. I sincerely hope BioWare survives this.
  10. quixote_1989

    Protect PS4 from power cuts and surge.

    600VA APC UPS can't even handle the PS4 Pro alone. Personal experience.
  11. quixote_1989

    Movie Discussion Thread

    That wasn't for you, I'm sure you'll love it 😊
  12. quixote_1989

    Movie Discussion Thread

    If anybody is planning to watch Badla based on the reviews... Don't! Cringe level bad.
  13. quixote_1989

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Zodka be fishin 😂
  14. quixote_1989

    FIFA 19

    Really wanna try out Fifa 19, but, I've gotten so used to the Player cam in PES. AFAIK the FIFA equivalent of that is the Pro camera, and it sucks
  15. quixote_1989

    Cyberpunk 2077

    So.. he made a 9 min fanboy video out of a single reply tweet? I'm a CDP fan as well but this was kinda.. cringey?