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  1. Can any kind soul point me towards the posts detailing the 1 USD GP trick? 😶
  2. Zodka is ded. On a side note, this pretty much seals the XSX purchase for me. At least it actually looks like MS wants to sell their console in India. Serves Sony right for all the f**k-ups in the last one week.
  3. Looking for printers in sub-6k range. Any suggestions people?
  4. That was a genuinely nice response, even if only to win internet points.
  5. Bought this, was delivered today and assembled it. Pretty comfortable, some parts might not look worth 16k but, overall, happy with the purchase.
  6. I see neither Johnny nor his Grandma in here. Extremely one-sided view.
  7. Yeah, seen both of those and they have decent reviews. Slightly leaning towards the Kepler Brooks one, reviews are consistently good with several of them praising the customer service
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