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  1. This thread going And @Bird Bird Bird in between
  2. This is just the right amount of delusion needed to voluntarily choose SeS.
  3. Bought it early April. But don't recall the import date, and have thrown out the box ☹️
  4. Yep, the black one. Got it from Flipkart. Its the new version.
  5. I agree to all of it above, Series S is trash. My apologies to SeS owners, I hope Spender gives you a free upgrade to SeX.
  6. Even that xbot has made more meaningful contribution to Sony than you have lately.
  7. You mean Sony was always doing chindi chor stuff?
  8. This does sting a little bit, not gonna lie. Its no fun when others also get to play with 'our' precious toys.
  9. All those past comments about how an admin like yourself shouldn't be so partisan were totally uncalled for imo. A mod/admin has every right to have a preference and openly express that preference in the forum. Also, you would be an embarrassment even as a regular member.
  10. I suppose that implies all Microsoft employees are sexual harrassers.
  11. If it doesn't hurt, you are doing it wrong.
  12. I am aware the implication here is that of using an alt account, but the forum is readable without requiring login. I mean, if I get banned and can't be bothered to create an alt, I would still visit in public mode to peruse the gems you distribute here hourly.
  13. quixote_1989

    Elden Ring

    I hope you gave him a hand.
  14. You have not shared the biggest proof yet. Please, do the honors.
  15. I doubt the target audience for this bait is active in the forum anymore.
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