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  1. If that has happened it truly is shameful. I can only speak for myself, I only come here for the banter Two out of those Three things happened.
  2. @radicaldude made out with the best ranking, damn!
  3. Tagging @WhatsInTheName for Hisense impressions.
  4. Yes you do. He's a massive HZD (and HFW) fan. Just saying.
  5. I have played/am playing God of War, Last of Us etc. And I have played Halo. Have enjoyed both to varying degrees, but don't need YouTube videos to explain which ones provide a better video gaming experience for me. It is absolutely fine to have personal opinions, and they are just that- personal opinions.
  6. You mean I'm not supposed to pronounce your name as Mister Comm-ingli? Call him Sir-Fingers-A-Lot
  7. quixote_1989

    Elden Ring

    @El Tigre Chino next playthrough idea.
  8. Means you are spending more time on Xbox. Fake pony alert!!
  9. I had the problem in two different games at least, didn't check others
  10. Ohh sh*t, so soon?? ☚ī¸ Mine started after a year, was trying to power through it but eventually it'll get annoying enough that you will want to change.
  11. Dude, the new black one I got has the 'good' fcc id 😁
  12. +1 1100 VA UPS will not support PS5 and big TV together. Either a 1500VA or two 1100/1000 VAs.
  13. As much as I acknowledge GP is a great deal with the scam, thanks to Sekiro (bought on PS) I haven't turned on the SeX at all in the last few weeks excluding scamgang sessions. 😓 Yeah, that is a personal problem, I know.
  14. Yes please! I still want to get it repaired and keep as backup. PM'ing.
  15. Give him a break. Apparently a lot of the mgtow subreddits are getting banned.
  16. Agreed, they are not mutually exclusive. Would be amazing to have something with the Dualsense features and the Xbox controller durability & battery life. But life isn't perfect and we have to choose one. So I will choose the one which costs me less money in the long run.
  17. I don't think it does. A video game is not just hardware. That is false equivalence and you should know it. Your argument was if Xbox Controller had the exact same current gen features as dualsense, even with literally more than double the battery capacity- "then the juice on that will run out even before the second pair has recharged completely." Hyperbole aside, that is still a nonsensical statement to make. So DS3 was power efficient, great! I doubt anybody said Sony is incapable of making a more power efficient or bigger capacity controller, they obviously can if they want to. But they simply have not chosen to do that with Dualsense (& DS4 as well). I was blown away by the Dualsense last year when I played Astro's Playroom. But now that it is borderline unusable due to stick drift, and having spent 5.5k on a new one, I don't feel like gushing over the innovations anymore. If I could trade off the gimmicks for longevity along with reliably 'standard' operations , at this point I would.
  18. That 2022 tech in Dualsense is so hardcore you will have to buy a new one before 2023.
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