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  1. Dualsense - 1560 mAh Two Eneloops (not Pro) - 4000 mAh I get console wars, but maybe don't ignore basic math and science to that extent.
  2. No dualsense repair shop in my village 😢
  3. Which is especially sad now that all the molesters from Activision will run rampant in MS offices, harassing whoever they damn well please.
  4. Agreed. Software companies generally stop hiring people for any product that has already been released.
  5. You have to keep fighting it to point the camera in the direction you actually need to look at. The problem goes away and comes back randomly, usually when both left and right sticks are being used.
  6. Yes, right stick in my case. Camera starts rotating randomly.
  7. Ordered the black one which was surprisingly cheaper than others. I do want to make an attempt at repair, lets see.
  8. So.. my 1 year 2 months old Dualsense is now.. time to spend 5.5k
  9. The fact that this fiasco made you buy a Series X is a blessing in disguise. Get rid of the S asap.
  10. I'd say "made to think" is more appropriate? CDPR actively fueled the hype, they don't get to blame anybody else.
  11. If they are paying out 'settlement' money (which is what this is), they will also make sure to legally protect themselves from further lawsuits on this topic. I mean, it may not look pretty but is quite standard (and not unfair). Those who do not agree to those terms simply should not take such a settlement and go for a/the lawsuit.
  12. For a person without any stakes, you sure spend an inordinate amount of time arguing here.
  13. It's a G1 though. 1.4 (-cashbacks) is pretty damn good.
  14. I doubt @Mr. Comingle will have any serious objections toward her finding him.
  15. Might be worth it just to see people absolutely lose their sh*t online 😂
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