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  1. I'm not sure if the 5ghz wifi signal can reach corners of your house. I would suggest a repeater as well.


    My house is a duplex and currently the main router is a Netgear WNDR3400. I then use a TP link Archer C20 to repeat the signal on the other floor. However somehow I was not able to get both bands to get repeated. Not sure why.


    Anyway id suggest two Archer C20s. One as the main router, and one as the repeater. Each cost ₹2k. So works in your budget as well. If you're able to get the 5 ghz signal throughout the house with this setup, you won't need the 2.4 ghz signal ever again.


    It's mindless getting an extra expensive router, when this setup works equally good or even better.

    Interesting. This means its a tradeoff between speed and range. I already have two TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps router. Thinking if I can use one as a repeater. But the original problem of speed limitation will again come up because of my shitty repeater/router. Thanks for the input, will see the ones you suggested.


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  2. Finally, decided to give up on my single band TP link modem since it is seriously limiting my 100 Mbps ACT bandwidth. Need some help on selecting a good dual band N300 router under 4K so that it has good coverage for a 1750 sq ft area. I have as of now found two good ones - one for Linksys and the other D-link. Would appreciate if the experts can help me narrow down the choices

  3. Since Jeffrey Dean Morgan played role of Thomas Wayne, rumor going on is that he won't have been hired for such a small role.

    Flash movie seems like a take on Flashpoint, and Thomas Wayne will be the Batman as per the original comics storyline.


    It makes sense actually. I hope they do Flashpoint story on big screen.


    Mad props if they can pull off Flashpoint..It would be next to amazing..

  4. Cauvery theatre is a dud, since you were coming so far why dint you wait for imax to open, would be great to see in IMAX.


    As for the tickets you can just show the booking number on ticket window he should generally give you the ticket. Also for urvashi I think they have m ticket also.

    Not sure if you are talking about a different IMAX...but Bangalore already has 2 IMAX!! VR Mall,KR Puram and Forum Mall Koramangla...None of them are true IMAX though..

    Both are pretty good..Screen size is about 1 and half of a normal PVR screen...

    Also you do not need M-ticket. There are KIOSKs to auto-print tickets with booking ID in these theaters..

  5. You're talking about a hero what regurlarly beats up a rich bald guy with power armor equipped with Kryptonite weaponry,yet another grumpy rich guy in power armor bitch-slaps him? wtf.

    This is blind bat-bhakti.

    Nope..I am talking about a hero who doesn't have just one weakness (i.e. Kryptonite). Not a comic book follower, but from what I know watching DCAU Superman's strength comes from the white/yellow sun..That's his only strength..

    And no matter who says what, Batman isn't just a normal human..He has so many characteristics on par with superpower (e.g. Strength,Brains)..And while we are at it, even if you hate Batman, you have acknowledge that he is a way better tactician than Lex...Thatis one of Wayne's pseudo superpower..

  6. If you can believe those superpowers in a single entity, you sure as hell can stretch a bit more and believe that they can be beaten by some or the other logic..May be by a mere mortal..


    Some writer only gave him:


    Heat vision,Super strength,invulnerability,flight,freeze breath,x-ray vision,superhuman speed

  7. Not sure if this is the right topic, but requesting some pretty basic knowledge on Wireless Routers from Experts here. Here's is the story:

    I have recently upgraded to the 125 GB 100 Mbps/2Mbps post FUP plan for ACT in Bangalore. Been using a TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps Wireless N Router for the last 2 yrs with ACT.

    However, noticed an odd downgrade in speed after some days. After checking speedtest, found that the speed is around 17-18 Mbps when only one device is connected and with multiple devices the speed goes below 5 Mbps consistently. Never bothered to check this when I had a 50 Mbps connection. So, I called up ACT guy and they flat out told me that it is a router issue since a direct LAN connection to my laptop consistently showed about 90 Mbps on average (tested through 2-3 days). Considering that the router is 2 Years old, I checked my connection with a same model, relatively new, router my friend has and found the issue to be persistent. The laptops with which I have checked are fairly new (e.g Lenovo Y510P 2014), so I highly doubt that there is a limitation in my Laptop's WIFI device. To see if this is a wireless issue with the laptop, as suggested by some forums, I installed speedtest app on my Oneplus and found similar speeds (a bit higher roundabout 20 Mbps).

    After a quick research, I see that some folks are suggesting to buy those super expensive Dual Band routers (e.g. Linksys EA3500 N750 Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Router). This does not seem to be a sure shot solution though, since it did not resolve everyone's issue. Please advice if this is a Wireless Router limitation that I am facing? If so, please suggest routers that can at least match the 100 Mbps direct LAN connection.

  8. Matchmaking meaning finding players in game? You can just try the websites to get members. Destiny lfg.


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    The concern here is not about finding members. But the amount of time wasted for matchmaking and then getting trolled by some random a-hole. That is not what I am looking for. I have heard that the game is enjoyed with friends the most.

    Also, I would like to play with someone who is new to the game, like me, otherwise its not fun playing with high ranked players esp. in destiny where ranking has huge impact.


    You CAN ALWAYS get/find a friend this game? I also started as a two player team and there are loads of websites for people playing destiny together. btw what console?

    PS4..Not a fan of Matchmaking..Difficult to find players who are there to play and not Troll...

    Had the same issues with GTA Heists.

  10. Started Daredevil.. Unlike what I've heard its just like any superhero series...and the much talked fight scenes were meh! (Think I am spoiled after raid 2 for this)

    Other things aside, the story feels to have lot of pacing issues till the 3rd episode..

    Only D'Onfrio's much hyped performance remains to be seen.. Hope the show gets better after Fisk is introduced..

  11. I think we shouldnt doubt i mean they know they made a huge mistake with green lantern and slowed their dc universe plans.. now they are going against and even well established and and superiorly well poised marvel cinematic universe.. am sure there must have been serious audtions and camera tests taken for the respective characters.. just look at how many ate crows for the batfleck... i was so hyped to know leto was playing joker have liked his previous work in films like requiem for a dream and dalllas buyers club knew he could make it special and from the tease we got its certain he is not copying any previous version and doing his own thing.. cant wait to see these 2 films bvs and ss..

    Well Leto is "The" man to watch in SS....can't believe how bad Will Smith looked in comparison ....


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  12. Bhai kitne filmein banaayi hai aapne.?

    Take it easy let the film come and thn say if she pulled it off or not... and about her sexualizing the character.. thats how harley quinn is...

    Thats why I precisely said "I hope she pulls it off".... I have been pretty clear that my thoughts are entirely based on the trailer which honestly and I repeat IMO was not impressive...Having said that ain't given up yet


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    She was born to play Harley Q

    Not really...at least I hope she pulls it off but for me she is not..And please all she is doing is sexualizing the character (Which I have not prob with :P )..But Harley Quinn is more than that, esp when she is Dr. Harleen Quinzel..I recall that amazing back story in Batman TAS after she turned which was shocking for me as as kid..Think they will exclude it here because Margot can not pull it off...#IMHO.

  14. Run.Before the Snyder-hating mob arrives armed with memes and strawmen :P

    Probably gonna get more stick for the WW comment...And here's the first o'many;



    I was one of those who didnt agree with Gadot casting cause she always looked anorexic in Fast franchise, but now she looks fit as Wonder Woman in those few Shots!! Ben Affleck will do a good job!! Just hope Superman is just as prominent as Batman in the story!!

    All hail Zack Snyder!! This trailer was awesome!!


    Gal Gadot is definitely Hawt..and that costume is amazing...But she as of now does not look at all like a WW...In front of the super Burly Batfleck ( :majesty: ) and Beefy Henry Cavill, Gadot looks like your generic "run of the mill" filler superhero..

    The writers have to pull off something amazing for her to have an impact to the audience...


    Man that suicide squad trailer worried me...IMHO Margot Robbie cannot act (Maybe coz I loved Harley Quinn in Batman TAS)...Will smith feels like a retired death stroke...Everything depends on Leto to carry this movie through..

  15. Airtel has actually gone to dogs be it eg or broadband, there was a time they were awesome now they are just money whoring leaving user experience behind.


    Yup app only could def backfire but I am sure they would have done their research, and for some reason I have a feeling they will succeed

    Actually this observation has been with all the major service providers...lot of my friends who rave about apps were embarrassed by thier SPs in more than one occasion..


    TBH, i want them to fail..atleast my access to FK will reduce a lot until and unless they provide mad sales..I never thought of dwlding Myntra app since they went app only....Sadly I also think they will succeed..The app craziness in India is way too much..

  16. I read an article on flipkart going app only.. it said having an app allows them to skip cookies. This way when a user surfs on browsers and gives away the type of product he is interested in flipkart by way of making their services app only gets to keep browsing behavior a secret.


    Ps:- e com firm going app only have another advantage. A lot of people like my mom who are mobile savvy and not comp savy are using mobile apps like anything. And kids these days are on phone 24/7.

    Again my first issue always with any app in India, the infidelity of mob internet (3g/4g)...It is so off putting...I mean if I have to connect to wifi to use the app, I would rather use the web browser...e.g. I never have been able to book UBER cab at one go..Always need 4-5 freaking attempts..And this is Airtel 3G i'm talking of @Bangalore...Not to mention the agonizing user experience in most apps..


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  17. I bought it last week..Here is my experience:


    1. How has your experience with Ebay been for purchasing high value items?- Pretty wierd. Paisa pay is bullsh!t. They held my payment for 2 days in Credit card (CC) for some reason. Repeatedly called them to complete the transaction. Later they requested to provide scan copy of ID with CC for "additional security". However, for some reason the payment was accepted after two days. Dint even send them the ID. Weird. (This did not happen to my friends who bought higher value items from Ebay)

    2. Can I trust the price and the seller for the warranty?- You can trust the seller. Other than me, my friend also bought PS4 around 7 months back from the same guy. They are pretty good. Warranty is a whole different story though. More on this next.

    3. Can Sony India reject warranty on any basis?- Honestly SONY can reject any warranty at anytime if they want. Period. Especially since last year Sony is really crapping on warranty of items bought online. Their general statement is that there should be a stamp on the warranty paper that come with the sealed box. Obviously, goods bought online will never have that. Some argue that its a lobbying trick to shoot sales of their brick and mortar "Sony Centers". Since this has happened to my friend who bought a sony ph from FK, it is safe to say that even buying from premier sites like FK does not secure ur warranty. However, some times they do accept. So it is entirely luck.

    4. The seller has 99% ratings, I trust the console to work but what worries me is the warranty. See above.There is no difference if u buy from FK or from Ebay.

    5. The seller replied that the product will be delivered with VAT bill. Seller is KwalitymobileS They do. My experience was great with the seller.

    These are just my experience. It is upto you to buy the console. However, I felt that this was a pretty rad deal :-)

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    Don't think will be able to play any of them anytime soon though, am hooked onto gta online on top of csgo, n batman is next, i hate multiplayer games, f**king time suckers :samui:



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