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  1. Agreed. I haven't used the UI on any Series S and X system but the one on One S is really confusing and weird. Could never get used to it. PS5 is a step down from PS4 in terms of usability but definitely better than Xbox UI
  2. Sach4life

    Cricket 22

    Really tempted to pre-order this. Cricket 19 was really good and one of my most played games on PS4
  3. Such a huge spoiler. I had no idea about this
  4. Use rtings,com as base for ideal settings
  5. Because it is not "Kachara" and one has to be an idiot to call it so
  6. Sigh.. Hoping for a KKR cup win jow
  7. sh*t man, lost the toss again today
  8. I am sure I was playing at the hardest difficulty but now that you guys are mentioning how difficult it is, I would go back and confirm once again
  9. I am decent but not great. I played the game for 4-5 hours and found it pretty easy to win even after ramping the difficulty. Could be possible that the later races were difficult
  10. I hope the progression is much more difficult and meaningful in this game. I played 4 for a while but got bored as it was way too easy to win even at the highest difficulty
  11. I didn't reply to anything what you said. I didn't quote you. My reply was directly to what Vaibhav said. Only thing I didn't quote his post. Again, I wasn't replying to what you said
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