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  1. Sach4life


    Its funny how most of the people having problems with this game are those not actually playing it
  2. Prasad was average but Srinath was decent. Definitely better than average
  3. Jeez.. Its like talking to a wall Sent from my SM-G985F using Tapatalk
  4. That is your own problem. That doesn't automatically make the consoles less powerful.
  5. How is less choices better for you? What logic is that exactly? Would you be happy and these consoles would suddenly become more powerful if performance mode was taken away from every game?
  6. Agreed. Not really fair to call out developers as bad or inept. Its not their fault that the system is difficult to program for
  7. While I didn't have any issues using DS3 at that time, going back to it, it definitely feels weird in the hands. Only silver lining was its d-pad. That was great. 360 controller had extremely shitty d-pad. Impossible to play fighting games and 2d side scrollers properly with it. That said, the overall design of PS3 was much better than 360 imo, especially the slim version (super slim was obviously shitty but it is not really fair to take that as the standard since it came so late into PS3's life). I liked the UI of PS3 as well. It was functional and I found it pretty easy to use. PSN store was incredibly slow though
  8. Lol, all cool. I totally understood what you meant
  9. Not really a war or anything. Got to call out people for spewing dumb sh*t and then doubling down to justify it with dumber sh*t. Nothing personal lol
  10. That still doesn't make it weak. It wasn't weak no matter what mental gymnastics you need to justify that
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