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  1. The range of shots that Sachin showed in yesterday's match was unbelievable. He is and would always be a step above everyone
  2. Expected. Difference in tech between the two is way too big
  3. You can tell the difference between good and bad ANC headsets/earphones. But how much would you be able to tell the difference when the competition is already as good as Sony's
  4. I would rather have Pant/Kohli open with Sharma and have Samson in the middle
  5. Seriously. Killed the match completely
  6. Shadab Khan drops dollies and then dives to try and catch someone else's catch 🤣
  7. Yeah, they should pick US/Europe for something more unique/novel
  8. 400 cr net is impossible for this. 200-220 is max
  9. Shazam was awesome fun. Much much better than this sh*t
  10. https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/kl-rahul-irked-by-question-on-virat-kohli-says-main-khud-baith-jau-kamaal-hai-after-india-beat-afghanistan-watch-video-101662694903117.html Haan lodu
  11. Zelda is a kiddy game? Kuch toh akal lagayo bhai post karne dr pehle
  12. I am not the one who brought it in the first place, just replied to a post..
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