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  1. Man, ready player one was awesome. Loved it.
  2. Jungle book looked better. This doesn't. Here, i can see no emotions in the animals whatsoever. Just see the mufasa murder scene comparison and you will get what i am saying. Just because both are remakes doesn't mean both are same.
  3. Where did you guys order K20 Pro? I want to order one for my father. Fk or MI's own website? Also, when is the next sale?
  4. There is a rule that says that you should have been retired for at least 5 years before you can be inducted. Point is that both deserve it. Both are legends. No point comparing and arguing over this as well.
  5. Made sense for Jungle book, since i grew up watching Jungle book tv series in Hindi. It would have been weird, at least for me, to watch it in English. I suppose it is the same for The Lion king. Having said that, i would rather watch the animated movie again instead of this cash grab.
  6. That is because of a rule. Dravid doesn't deserve to be there first. Stop with this comparison BS all the time.
  7. Trophy should be shared. That number of 4s rule is f**king moronic.
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