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  1. Sega wasn't really dying at that time. I was talking about Saturn, PS1 and N64. All 3 were present in the market at the same time. Saturn didn't succeed and was one of the reasons for Sega for exiting the hardware business, but that is not the point.
  2. Sach4life

    AO Tennis 2

    Hopefully, if rumors of PS5 having hardware enabled BC for PS 1-4 is true, we would be able to play the series in its original form with some enhancements.
  3. Sach4life

    AO Tennis 2

    Top Spin 4 is the best tennis games have ever been. Forget a new entry, just a remaster of Top Spin 3/4 would be enough for me.
  4. There must be reasons for them to go with this. I am not disputing that. Doesn't mean that the console looks any less stupid.
  5. Pretty much. Things like name, looks of the console etc do play a role no matter how much people like to downplay them.
  6. That is one ugly looking console with name being even a bigger blunder.
  7. I do watch every single Pool match, only thing is i don't come online to crib like a baby when the team i don't like wins.
  8. Sach4life

    Death Stranding

    Considering how DMC5 is better than GOW3, yeah, it should have been nominated at the very least.
  9. Sach4life

    Yakuza 7

    Them you must have not played them enough because your assessment is factually wrong. Play a game like FF6 and the combat there is extremely fun and requires thinking and strategy, definitely more than slashing sword or guns mindlessly as seen in most AAA games and rpgs today. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  10. Sach4life

    Yakuza 7

    Give me MOAR mindless stupid shootersss!!!
  11. Sach4life

    Yakuza 7

    You should first actually play old school jrpgs or even newer stuff like Persona 5 or DQ11 before judging turn based combat in those games.
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