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  1. That Ranjit rant reminds me of this video. Maybe buying a phone at launch in India is the equivalent of pre-ordering games and you end up with what Eric Cartman says.
  2. ALPHA17, Thanks for the reply man.
  3. Guys, point me in the right direction if this is not the right thread for this question. I need to buy a new phone for my dad. 1. Prefer Android 2. Would like to have no (or as few) pre-installed apps as possible 3. As large a battery as possible. 4. Smaller size < 4" Is there a phone that meets these requirements ? While budget is not an issue if it is < 15k, it will be great. He will be reluctant to use phones any more expensive than that. EDIT: No gaming / fancy apps usage. Mostly phone calls and messaging.
  4. Russia is a much larger economy for gaming than India. Do not look at the population - you need to look at the market size for the product. Playstation market size is still very small in India.
  5. Actually it is a bad thing that all the money was returned. You see, one of the aims of this exercise was that only part of the money would be returned. The rest of the money would be assumed to be black money. Now if the entire money comes back, then the assumption is that there was no or very little black money. Now they need to look at the deposits and see if there are any discrepancies. It is possible to figure out which are the fake accounts but it will take time. And this is another reason why they need to limit the withdrawals - because if they remove the limit, then all the money that was in the fake accounts can be withdrawn immediately and the whole exercise is futile. That said one benefit is that the banks have a lot of cash and this is ideal for them because they were sitting on a lot of NPAs. This also makes the government job of having recapitalize the banks easier. So in all there are benefits but it remains to be seen how the government are going to spin this.
  6. Guys, Leaf blower to clean PC - safe ? Of course there are quite a few youtube videos. But want to know if someone here has had a bad experience. The compressed air cans are getting very expensive and my pc gets very dusty.
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