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  1. Agent 47


    That area is a green zone hence its opening. there are only couple of containment zones in our city which have been shut since beginning. Also, majority of cases in karnataka are coming from other districts where migrant workers arrived from MH, GJ etc.. and not bangalore urban. Besides, its always been our own responsibility to save ourselves and not the government. So, those who are cautious will stay alive and those who aren't will suffer.
  2. Agent 47

    Pokémon Go

    Thanks..have added you...i go by name Snake3ater
  3. Agent 47

    Pokémon Go

    Anyone still playing this? I have got a task where i have to gift someone but i don't have any friends. So, would anyone like to pass their friend code?
  4. Agent 47


    That's cause construction projects and rest is going to start soon so why send them home if they are getting their jobs back.
  5. Agent 47


    Who is saying?
  6. Agent 47


    Out of fear i suppose..just taking precautions..Also, they don't want that nanded to punjab scenario i guess where a lot of them were positive.
  7. Agent 47


    Nothing wrong there to not wanting them..once they are healed or out of quarantine then they can return. Anyone in their right mind wouldn't want to infect a clean zone.
  8. Agent 47


    Lockdown won't open for a few more months. A few days before 17th they'll announce extension again. This a never ending thing now.
  9. Agent 47


    Well that's what many said last week and a week before that as well.
  10. Agent 47


    There are 24 containment zones in the entire city..We have at the moment only 70 active cases in bangalore. Problem was with hongasandra and padrayanapura areas where we thought could be new cluster but luckily tests came negative. Bangalore is doing much better than other metropolitan cities. Also, if you remember we shutdown our city a little early compared to other cities. Our lockdown was suppose to end on Mar 31st but then on 24th PM came and announced nationwide lockdown. Anyways, there are chances of having green, red n orange within the district. That's upto the state government though.
  11. Agent 47


    I'm pretty sure a few days before 17th of May lockdown will be extended again. I see this trend going few more months.
  12. I have only ordered digital cards from them which i received in couple of hours..Cannot comment on the hardware.
  13. Agent 47


    Aren't all cases coming from that hongasandra area?
  14. Agent 47


    What about couriers n post office from tomorrow?
  15. Agent 47

    Persona 5

    Sega did come out and say its an error so that is done.
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