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  1. Agent 47

    Helldivers 2

    Which edition is worth buying. Standard or Deluxe?
  2. Agent 47

    Helldivers 2

    What is it you exactly do in the game? Is it like a Horde Mode: Rinse & Repeat which is fun if u play co-op and terrible on Solo?
  3. @fatpigeon May i know how much u paid for this and where u got it from?
  4. Is the site mentioned below a legit site to order lego? Bricks Direct
  5. I would prefer the Biology version.
  6. What is the best place to purchase a UCS set at an affordable price?
  7. Are there gonna be physical copies of this game or digital only?
  8. Even if people are playing this game for Story and quitting after that, its a fail on their part. Doesn't help the devs. They expecting you to play this for years.
  9. If people just gonna play the story and leave, that doesn't help the devs and sooner or later it has to be shut down like the Avengers. As for the story, from what i have seen, it does a great disservice to DC heroes.
  10. They should be ashamed of themselves for doing that. It could have been handled differently.
  11. They couldn't get Harrison Ford to voice Indy? I know he is 81 now but would have been nice.
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