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  1. Thats what the comments are saying
  2. Local reseller meaning scalpers? If you are talking about local shops, I have gone around asking at 10 places in Pune and they say the same thing --> "No PS5 saar"
  3. True. There are plenty of sites offering PS5 for 60~65k.
  4. I was in a pretty long workshop in office. By the time I was free, everything was sold out. Flash sales on Tuesday afternoons is really not working out for me. Tuesdays are super busy, specially when I am in office I'll just wait till a PS5 actually shows up in stores and try to pick one up.
  5. Is the next PS5 drop going to be held off till the "PS5 Pro" is released? For all the articles on how the supply issue is solved, I am yet to see any announcements of fresh stock here
  6. lithuvien

    Persona 5

    i5-6500, 1060 6GB, I know the minimum requirement stated is i7-4790, but I didn't expect the CPU to be such a big bottleneck here Its a good thing the game is awesome ,else I would have been might upset
  7. lithuvien

    Persona 5

    So turns out this game is pretty CPU heavy, which is causing the game to stutter heavily in areas like the Backstreets / Underground Mall. My CPU usage shoots up to 100%. I have to kill the game and then restart it every time this happens. Fortunately, doing this causes the stutter to go away, at least for the next 30 minutes or so. Not sure why this game would be so CPU heavy. I ran God Of War without any issues. Not even dropping the settings seem to have any effect.
  8. lithuvien

    Persona 5

    The game seems to freeze for a couple of seconds if I hit an enemy's weak spot. This happens roughly 10% of the time. Anyone else facing random freezing issues on PC?
  9. lithuvien

    Persona 5

    Super stoked to get this finally on PC. I have played P3: FES, P4.and have been waiting for this for a very long time
  10. Till 2pm I kept checking and everywhere it was out of stock Not sure if stock keeps trickling in at odd times or if what people claim to see is a cached version or some glitch
  11. I did club the PS5 and XSX in the same vein. I guess I forgot to mention it explicitly I keep reading about how stocks are lasting for hours. I'll be honest. No one I know of personally has been able to see anything other than a "out of stock" message. It may show up as available but goes to Out of Stock while attempting payment. Hopefully things will improve next drop Personally, I don't care too much about getting high FPS + 4K, but that's because I have been playing video games since 2007. New people look at anything < 4K as outdated technology and not worth spending too much money on I did not consider the Switch because I thought Nintendo has no official presence in India and it was not possible to find anything other than a grey market variant. If things have changes, its actually something I would consider. Probably the reason why monstrosities like Diablo Immortal are now the norm rather than the exception.
  12. Over the last year or so, there have been numerous articles of how the pandemic has fueled demand for gaming. I have seen a lot of colleagues talk a lot (up from nearly zero) about video gaming, namely where to begin. Do they start with a console? Do they start with a PC? Can their existing laptops play games? Between the slew of media frenzy on the boom of gaming and seeing forty-something year old's starting to consider it as a casual hobby, one would think that this is the best time to be a gamer. But what has the situation actually been, especially here? Now, I am no youtuber / twitch streamer or a journalist with a lot of data on my hands, so what I am writing here is the experience of my friends and I, which is a very small sample size. Let us start with console gaming. The PlayStation 5 was released in November 2020 with some very serious hype. It looked crazy, the demos were mind blowing and while priced a bit on the higher side, was not something that you needed to sell your kidneys for. I even bought a new TV, with all the bells and whistles that would enable me to get the “best” experience out of the new console. Fast forward to October 2022 and the PlayStation 5 has still not entered my house. Chip shortages, labor shortages, scalpers and what not. Stock comes in once every few weeks and then disappears in milliseconds. The pre orders usually occur on Tuesday afternoons, which means that I am neck deep in meetings and have no time to even think of a PlayStation, let alone play fastest fingers first. Various articles indicate that this shortage will continue well into 2023, by which the PS5 will be nearly four years old, a little over half the lifecycle of a console, which is typically 7~8 years. What about PC gaming then? Here is where things get even crazier. The crypto mining frenzy took out all the GPUs from the market like a swarm of locusts taking out crops. Things were so bad that you couldn’t even find older generation cards at MSRP. My friend spent months searching for a GPU at “somewhat reasonable rates” and ended up having to buy an ASUS pre-built rig with a 2060, when his laptop finally gave out last year. I am still using my PC that I built in 2016. My 1060 is just about sufficient to play modern games on medium settings these days. I dare not push it because I am afraid that something will happen to it and I will be unable to find a new GPU that I can afford. The new 40 series has left me stunned. Prices are up by half compared to the 30 series. The 4070 and the 4060 cards have not been announced yet, but one can safely assume that they too, will be at least 30~40% more expensive than 3070 and the 3060, which would mean that a 4060 would be priced > 40k, given that the 3060 is being listed at 32~35k. The 1060 cost me 21k and I bought that within 3 months of its launch. This would mean that that if I buy a new PC next year, the GPU would end up being 35~40% of the cost, as opposed to just 20% for my current machine. So where does it leave people who want to start gaming? Unless you are willing to spend big money, you will have to contend with a 3060 / 3060ti, if you can find them at a “reasonable” price. But that also means that you are locked out of 4K gaming, since neither of these two cards handles 4K well. If you want 4K gaming on a “budget”, your options are the latest gen consoles, which are still very elusive. With everyone now buying 4K TVs and OTT platforms advertising their “4K content”, people really don’t want to spend money on 1080p gaming towards the end of 2022. The casual gamer has also been hit hard. Two of my friends have said that if GPU prices continue to rise like this, their next PC would be a laptop for personal work and not a gaming machine. Few others who are not PC gamers but have the PS4 are frustrated by the difficulty in getting a PS5. They are spending less time gaming and more time taking up new interests, like playing the guitar or doing origami or even gardening. As for me, well I am praying for RPtech to get me a 3070 while enquiring at Furtados about piano lessons.
  13. I currently use a Sony WH-1000XM4. IT is fantastic, both during flights and specially during office. MY last pair of gaming headphones was Astro A 20, that I got back in 2011 and now have gone Kaput. MY desktop was hooked to a Bose Wave player that my cat pushed off the shelf in a fit of anger / curiosity / something else and it shattered. So currently making do with my wife's JBL portable speaker hooked up but the sound is meh, so will probably start searching for a set of good speakers pretty soon. TV is hooked to Denon 250 BT + DALI Oberon 7s. Planning to get a center channel in November
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