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    Books - my biggest passion: Tell me to choose between a collection of Andre Norton's witch world series and the whole Final Fantasy series, and I would choose Norton in a hearbeat.<br /><br />Muisc - Nothing beats classical, be it Indian or Western. With legends like Zakir Hussain, amjad Ali Khan, Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, ...... the music will take you of to a whole new world.

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  1. I have toons on all regions . Challenge rifts make it very easy to get mats and there is always someone out there to boost you But its a shame that cross platform grouping is not there.
  2. Which region? I am looking to run some GRs in groups. Got to 95 last season on solo. Hoping to hit the 100 mark this time
  3. I have played DQ 6,7,8 and 9. I loved them and its a bloody shame that DQ 10 never got a western release on the PC.
  4. lithuvien

    Ni no Kuni 2

    It is so expensive ......I had hoped it would be <2k on steam
  5. Any first hand experience with this one: http://www.mi.com/in/mi-led-smart-tv-4-55/ Seems too good to be true, honestly, unless we are paying Sony, Samsung and LG a "brand" premium
  6. Has anyone tried their hands on blockchain programming?
  7. Saw two movies last week: 1. Newton - Surprisingly enjoyable. A lot of us were once like him, I think. 2. Kingsmen 2 - This was a laugh riot. Star of the movie was Elton. In fact, we watched the 1st installment once again the next day at home.
  8. Please post your first impressions of the game. Will make my decision based on that
  9. AOE 1 HD is something I would definitely buy, but not from windows store. I still have nightmares of the Windows Live thing
  10. My 42" Plasma has started giving me trouble in the form of bars on the screen. I doubt there are people that will repair it in this day and age (plasma is supposed to be dead) So, I have started to be on the lookout for a replacement TV This is my requirement: 1. Preferably 50" or 55" 2. HD. Dont want to invest in 4K now becuase: i) I do not have 4K content in the form of next gen console games ii) DTH providers have little to no 4K content now and given the rate at which HD channels came out, I dont see 4K coming out for another 3-4 years at least 3. TV currently being used for: i) Boo hoo soap operas ii) Major sporting events (Tennis, Badminton) iii ) Some movies 4. Wary of Samsung. My first series 5 died in 2 years and about 10 people I know met with similar fates. 5. Budget, max 70~75k. I did do some online searching and VU is one brand that seems to meet my requirements. Has anyone here used VU TVs? If so, how has been the experience? All suggestions heartily welcomed.
  11. The Nadal curse is still strong. No one who has beaten Nadal here has won his next round
  12. Murray out in five sets. Djoko and Federer remain the top contenders, with Raonic coming in at third.
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