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  1. I currently use a Sony WH-1000XM4. IT is fantastic, both during flights and specially during office. MY last pair of gaming headphones was Astro A 20, that I got back in 2011 and now have gone Kaput. MY desktop was hooked to a Bose Wave player that my cat pushed off the shelf in a fit of anger / curiosity / something else and it shattered. So currently making do with my wife's JBL portable speaker hooked up but the sound is meh, so will probably start searching for a set of good speakers pretty soon. TV is hooked to Denon 250 BT + DALI Oberon 7s. Planning to get a center channel in November
  3. IF this is true, then situation for me is hopeless. 76k units only since Nov 2020?
  4. At this point, I'll be able to buy a PS5 once PS6 launches and people start selling PS5 en masse
  5. Streaming infrastructure needs brains and money. IF you have only money, then there will be issues
  6. My main issue with streaming services is that a lot of Tom DIck and Harrys have started their own "streaming" services. Since they don't have the infrastructure yet, their main market remains confined to one / very few geographies Now quite a few shows that I used to watch are no longer available on Prime / Netflix and I cant even subscribe to these new services since they are not available here. Case in Point - Star Trek is now available only on the new streaming, which is not world wide., Given how incredibly popular Star Trek is, this move baffles me
  7. How is the availability of PS5 in India currently? I still dont have one and the current GPU prices make it unviable for me to upgrade my PC
  8. Finished the 1st two levels. Its a pretty fun game and at 512 INR, its a great game
  9. INR 3407 on Steam. Much more palatable
  10. ON Epic Games Store, this game is 4799
  11. Two hours till the game releases on Steam. Hopefully, pricing is not atrocious.
  12. Thanks. I'll pass the information to my folks. They already have a denon + Q Acoustics speaker setup for their current TV so they don't care about TV sounds
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