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  1. My favorite level In videogames have to be the max payne dream sequence, where he follows a trail of blood
  2. There is only so much of "oh frodo" a guy can take man.. I do have both the trilogys on blu Ray though
  3. The movie have aged terribly.. Cant watch them except for the battle scenes ..
  4. Wow..received another GN from my SS..in the woods..pics of all the three gifts when I reach home.. Thanks SS..you are awesome
  5. Awesome gifts by my SS. FF 15 game which I was going to buy next month and the Bahubali 2 Blu ray..y daughter loves the movie..bhalaldev ftw. Thanks a lot. Please reveal yourself..travelling so don't have pics
  6. Btw for the peeps who asked, the book is from Amazon and the figurine is from superherotoystore
  7. Glad you liked the gifts man.. merry Christmas to you and your family dude.
  8. Euron Greyjoy will have a major role next season
  9. Inside Edge is pretty good stuff. Very well made and very high production values. Please watch it. If you dont please stop complaining about simar ka sasural level of indian television..
  10. Madmage

    Persona 5

    Had to take a one month sabbatical due to work schedule. Got back to the game a week ago and I have to say it was a god damn fantastic ride. You get attached to all the characters in the game. That is quite an achievement in this day when you hardly even feel for the main character. I clocked around total 85 hours and I honestly wish the game was longer. Having pretty bad withdrawal symptoms and a craving for Ramen.. lol. Those still playing, try to max relationship with as many confidants as possible so as to get the "best possible" ending.
  11. Madmage

    Persona 5

    I aint too bothered by the subtitles and voice over. Though I would have loved it if there was Japanese audio and english subtitles. Would have been a fantastic experience. SO I did the entire 4th castle in a single day, the SP adhesive is a very helpful addition to the repertoire. Thanks for the advice tyler. However the final battle was kinda mediocre compared to the other 3 battles. I have one query will the game allow me to max all confidants etc before reaching the end or is there a time limit. It is highly unlikely that I will replay the game again, I just want to see allt he confidant storylines.
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