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  1. Seinfeld has probably some of the best writing out there.. give it a season, it should grow on you.
  2. Flight attendant gets kinda lame man..the premise seemed cool but then ends up lame.
  3. Glad did not jump on the air fryer bandwagon..
  4. God knows when FK will deliver man and you know where I can make up the 200 bucks
  5. Thanks man..but amazon copy is.shipped And knowing fk delivery might be a bit late..
  6. Bhai , saw the movie.. the Rotten tomatoes score does not make sense at all
  7. Are we getting physical copies here?
  8. So are we getting the game here in India ? Is there a English version?
  9. Madmage

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Curiosity killed the cat
  10. It's from the website, but am pretty sure you would not be able to game the system so easily and am pretty sure you know this, but the guys who are on Manning the call centre would not be knowing all the fine print.
  11. So regarding the foreclosure of hdfc, pls check this term and condition The EMI scheme can be pre-closed by calling the 24 hour HDFC Bank Credit Cards customer service. 'Preclosure Interest charges' (as applicable) will apply. In case of preclosure, any payback offered by merchant at time of loan booking will be debited on pro rata basis. Any payment made into the credit card account over and above the EasyEMI shall not be deemed to be payment towards the amount availed under EMI scheme and shall not result in the closure of the said facility. HDFC Bank reserves the right to revise the pre-payment charges at its discretion, without prior notice and such revised charges shall be binding on the Card Holder.
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