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  1. Shantaram is alright man..was blown away when I read it during my younger days. Tried rereading it a few months back. It's terribly written. Avoid
  2. I have to start reading it man.. been doing other stuff and reading comics the whole past two months
  3. Was a decent show man..my daughter loved it.
  4. Yeah thinking of re reading this series again. Almost forgot what happens..lol
  5. Actually I was..thanks..and I just bought unlimited.. will give it a look
  6. Ha ha..man my problem is I don't remember thr name of the books..I have read 2 books of the SA Series and I did not know book 3 was out. Got confused with the names, will wait for the fourth to come out and read em together
  7. When did words of radiance come out
  8. Yeah man..used to use it for my grandma for 10 plus years
  9. And @Keyofx gave 7 out of then to a cod game, that did not go well
  10. I think the scorpio guy did the god of war pre order fiasco and it was his mother for whose cancer the money was raised by the group.. Also some of the most epic game.threads was the activity in the mass effect 2 and gta4 thread before launch and a few days after launch. Good times. @Bird Bird Bird used to hog the wybtw thread with blus and graphic novels.
  11. Wow. That's quite a purchase..where did you buy them from man.
  12. Went out of space for books when the Kindle came out. Need space for comics and blu rays. Lol. On.my third kindle now.. older ones have been passed down.
  13. Read everything in the list except broken earth trilogy and foundry side.. broken earth looks good.. Will give it a shot...thanks Yeah read the first two books of stormlight, when Is the new one out.
  14. Finished the fallen kingdom saga. Thanks for the recco man..was really good but a bit of young adult types... Really itching for a good fantasy series. Any suggestions..leave the obvious aside..
  15. Have downloaded it on the Kindle..will read it after finishing the current book..
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