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  1. I thought Knives Out was great. Watched Ad Astra. Good Stuff!!
  2. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/yooka-laylee-and-the-impossible-lair/home The new Yooka laylee game free on egs. HNY guys
  3. Thanks for the star wars impression guys. Not going to waste my money on it now. Honestly I pity those folks who gre up loving star wars and have those love goggles still on and are being bombarded by one shitshow after another since so long lmao.
  4. Muh a*s is soo eddgyyy it scaaaaaaressss meeeee
  5. Goddamn I always thought this place was bit of a cult but now I can see everything clearly
  6. Where we're going we don't need OG
  7. So edggyyy u r bruhhhh lmaoo If Gabe was a straight man, I'd become crooked just for him <3
  8. PARASITE - omfgggg. It had everything I love in movies and then some. Brilliant.
  9. tlou 2 on pc let's go babyyyy. Don't think there's any other sony exclusive I'm interested in which is releasing soon.
  10. Nice, keep beta testing it for a while then. Let us know when it works, will jump in then
  11. https://www.engadget.com/2019/12/04/plex-free-streaming-service-movies-tv-shows/
  12. https://www.engadget.com/2019/12/04/plex-free-streaming-service-movies-tv-shows/
  13. FORD v FERRARI And I am not even a racing or a car enthusiast. Its that good!!
  14. How old are you dude ? Feels like someone just hit puberty, learnt english and got into gaming recently. Nice arm-chair analysis though. You got a big bright future here on IVG by the looks of it
  15. That remark referred to something new or that hasn't been shown much. I am guessing one of the titles is Psychonauts 2 for sure (think its slated for a 2020 release). Other one can be halo infinite or something new (hope its the latter)
  16. Well, I went in expecting a turd and came back pleasantly surprised. I think thats a massive achievement for a terminator movie. Means the world to me really. Who cares about the fking oscars lmao
  17. Yes, enjoyed it a lot. Went with insanely low expectations but the movie surprised the f**k out of me. At times I was pinching myself to check whether I really was watching a good terminator movie. Also its a direct sequel to T2, hope thats not a spoiler
  18. https://www.justwatch.com/in/new?providers=hst,nfx,prv
  19. FARTALITY!!! The most astonishing thing is just how bad the gameplay looks. I can't fathom how someone goes from making mgs 5 gameplay to whatever this is trying to do. Even the most positive reviews mention this if people bother reading the actual content but ofcourse who needs to do that. The cult of Kojima is enough to throw every piece of logic out of the window and let the "fresh air" in
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