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  1. Tried using US PSN ID, but it was showing $19.99
  2. Okay, Thanks for sharing the information. I have called them up and asked for a visit on Saturday. One thing, if you can tell, how much is the final bill every month comes for your plan. My flatmate's company is reimbursing the internet bill upto Rs 1000 per month, so I was planning to opt 1199 + Tax plan.
  3. I have recently moved to Bangalore for a new job, and I am renting a flat in Langford Town, Shanthi Nagar area. Can anyone help me in finding a good internet provider here. The landlady said go for 'Act Fibernet' but their reviews are bad and everyone is complaining about the service and downtime. Airtel V-Fiber is not providing the connection in that area yet. So, please suggest some other providers which are reliable.
  4. It’s okay, I’ll take my chances. 🙂 Thanks, I just wanted to know about the action scenes, because there were none in Homecoming, so I was getting skeptical about it. Since, the first time I went to 4DX, I have always thought that experiencing Spidey swinging around would be a treat in that format. Come Saturday, hopefully that imagination will turn into reality.
  5. I have seen other movies in the 4DX and I generally like the experience, agreed with the motion controlling thing and yeah, the smell and snow effects are mostly distracting and useless, but I was asking for this particular movie - does the camera moves frequently, are there many over the top, fast, moving action sequences, which would enhance the viewing experience, like when Spidey swings, seats move etc. I know that Homecoming was not good for 4DX because there was little action and camera was stable with Spidey moving across the screen. If this has the swinging like the old movies where the camera follows the action, then, I guess, it’ll be great for 4DX. I saw Fantastic Beasts and where to find them and loved the 4DX experience on that one, it had motion effects when the camera enters the newspaper clips etc..
  6. Yes, members can and should donate a little to keep the forum alive. I agree with @Mizanurification. If someone can help in other technical ways rather than by paying money, that should also be welcomed. It is a community and people should share the responsibilities, if they are capable.
  7. I am planning to watch Far From Home in 4DX, if anyone else went for 4DX for this movie, please share your experiences, is it worth it?
  8. Haha, it feels like we have time travelled on IVG. 😁
  9. Finished Sacred Games, great show by Indian standards, based on a novel, so has a good story, Bond type thriller, definitely NSFW. Ended on a cliffhanger, more to come soon. [emoji16]
  10. Ending is a bit stretched, otherwise it's a great film. I remember when I saw it in theatre, during the ending when MM steals a plane/ship to go and search for Anne...one of the fellow sitting nearby me, shouted "Ab to mar jaa bkl." [emoji23][emoji23]
  11. True, and on that day, I will finally declare -
  12. That is just my opinion dude, don't take it seriously, and for the record, I never liked biopics on Dawood etc or even Dhoni either. The filmmakers have a freedom to make anything they want but what I don't like, is that they exclusively go for sh*t. Even Catch Me if You Can glorified the scheming part, but they made it intentionally funnier, like how stupid or ignorant people can be in certain situations. Here, it was cringeworthy and no one in real life would act like Sonam or her mom's characters and all the talks of "ghapa ghap" and sleeping with friend's girlfriend and then questioning her character cheapens the overall effect. If the majority of the audience like that, that's a shame.
  13. True, they did try to whitewash his image, providing backstory which has no evidence, giving excuses for his mistakes was laughable, everyone else around him was suffering and he was acting like a schmuck for most of the film, even his father had more reasons to be a drug addict than him. They kinda glorified that part, take drugs and then get into body building, all those effects will be nullified. If Bollywood continues with this pace, next movie would be about Salman's driver and his alleged reasons - why he drove on footpath that night or why did Salman shot those black bucks, perhaps it was for self defence. [emoji23][emoji23]
  14. If you would dance, my pretty Count, I'll play the tune on my little guitar.. Most awesome game this E3 had was Ghost of Tsushima, I just fell in love with the Akira Kurosawa-esque scenery and the sword fight reminded me of Samurai Jack. Sucker Punch has a great track record in the past, so I have complete faith in it's success.
  15. Nice...glad it worked out fine. Awesome purchases!
  16. Then what do they charge for? They do mention custom duties separately before final billing.
  17. Solo: a Star Wars story, - 7/10 It's a good popcorn flick, some action sequences are pretty epic, story is generic-run to the mill..good guys win. One cameo stands out though, they made his return canon in movie universe. Watch it for early Star Wars types feel good movie. I pretty much saw this for Emilia Clarke and wasn't disappointed in her role.
  18. I saw the first season recently. It's a great show but you can't binge watch it. You have to give it time. The role of mother is played by a guy. He/she is pretty hilarious.
  19. Now everyone can agree that the show "The Leftovers" is a spiritual successor of Infinity Wars. [emoji16] It even has Betty Ross dealing with the aftermaths of the events of the film.
  20. Yes, they are all good, including season 4. But the inevitability of the episode, "The Entire History of You" was just haunting. I am, will be watching it tonight.
  21. 3rd episode is where it becomes legendary. Out of all the episodes in all the seasons. S01E03 is still the best.
  22. Audience in my theatre was also impressive, they were very quiet apart from one guy whose phone suddenly rang, and his friends made him put it on silent. The doors opening while the staff was delivering snacks gave us enough scare as we were able to hear that clicking sound of hinges of the door which is like the monsters in the movie.The movie was emotionally intense and was an experience of its own kind. Loved it absolutely. Kudos to fellow audience for maintaining the required decorum. Also, I was reminded of clickers from Last of Us everytime the monsters were on screen. That actually amplified the overall experience.
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