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  1. Disney better not f**k this up. Please, please, be a great story worth telling, not like Boba Fett. 🤞🏽
  2. Seeing all the mixed reviews for The Batman has killed the hype for me, I was expecting it to be something revolutionary. It'll be out on digital in 45 days, will wait and watch it at home.
  3. All three are watchable - I would start with KingsMan, has action and pacing is good. Then, French Dispatch - a dark comedy and then House of Gucci - full drama with good performances from all the actors.
  4. Peacemaker season finale...loved it. Glad it is renewed for another season and James Gunn will be writing and directing all the episodes. That cameo towards the end though.
  5. Yes, currently it’s all PG rated. Hawkeye was so funny, swords and arrows flying all around and not a single drop of blood. This season of Righteous is better than the first IMO.
  6. Max PG-13, everything else is just for marketing. It would be a welcoming surprise if they decided to go for R-rated violence, would open doors for many dark characters.
  7. Thrawn will be the central plot of Ahsoka series. Crimson Dawn and Solo will most probably be appearing in Lando. The Mandalorian S3 will still focus on Din Djarin going back to Mandalore. Rest of the stuff can happen but in other spin-offs. Until or unless they make the deepfake technology 100% working, Luke or Han will show up for small number of scenes only. Full series focused on them is too far-fetched.
  8. Maybe Grogu choosing armor over sword will change Luke's mind, but as of now, he has given the absolute choice. I don't think we'll be seeing much of Kyle Katarn, Mara Jade or Snoke here, as the show is focused on Mando and Grogu and if he left training, I don't think Luke will have a bigger role going forward. Maybe a Luke centric spin-off can introduce all of them but that is too far fetched for now due to the limited technology.
  9. This episode was pure nostalgia, was emotional enough to make an old man cry.
  10. Vader - "Be careful not to choke on your aspirations."
  11. Boba Fett Episode 4 - That Ending
  12. Multiple identities, multiple accents. Great opportunity for him after that Apocalypse thing. I think they are trying to tone down on the frequency in order to maintain hype. Back to back shows and movies created fatigue for audience.
  13. Okay, I didn't want to overwork the earbuds since they are expensive and was hoping for a wired/cheaper solution. White noise + music does solve my problem most of the time but wasting Airpods batteries on this seem too much to me. Thanks for the help though.
  14. Both normal and IMAX HDR prints are available online
  15. Peacemaker is off to a good start. Three episodes are out and all are directed by James Gunn, each of them have post credit scenes too.
  16. Great, now I can binge watch it.
  17. Your spoiler tags are not working.
  18. In the initial days, you'll have to be like this - But after sometime, you'll be like this -
  19. There must be hundreds of Hugo Weaving masks stored somewhere to this day. It would be amazing and a bit creepy if multiple Agent Smiths start showing up around the world.
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