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  1. Hey man, thanks for sharing this, I have redeemed this one and is working fine.
  2. You haven't seen Green Notice and Black Notice? Apparently, there's going to be another sequel - White Notice
  3. Gajjab, but look closely at the Lizard, he got hit by someone in that shot, clever editing but they left some extra frames in.
  4. You're a cream-shamer? Love these adjectives that the writers come up with.
  5. Oh I didn’t mention but not getting 4K as well on Lg TV.
  6. I tried on LG and VU TVs using Fire Stick and iPad and laptops - both Mac and Windows. I’m not getting IMAX ratio anywhere.
  7. Not related to gaming but I am listening to The Sandman Act II these days and The Death is my favourite of all the Endless siblings. So, drew her in the hybrid comic-animated look based on one of the original panels.
  8. I felt the same way but that was a creative decision as they wanted to go for the humanised version of the character. Wenwu is not evil at all in this movie. I still don't see the IMAX version from my account. Trying on a SDR TV.
  9. It's not coming in IMAX ratio on Hotstar...tried Endgame and Infinity War, they still have the same old aspect ratio.
  10. After reading the discussions here, I gave Succession a try and have just finished the latest episode. What a show! From the opening theme and the credits to all the characters whom you shouldn’t like at all but you still back up their actions. Loved it, all of it.
  11. Arey bhai…90s born walo ke to apne time ki heroine hai wo…hum mard hi usko dekh ke bane hai…Tomb Raider…Original Sin…Mr and Mrs Smith. Apne ko allowed hai.
  12. I was thinking of skipping Eternals, but then I saw Angelina Jolie’s leaked footage on YT and I kinda want to watch the movie now.
  13. I get that, but Narcos has been covering things in proper chronological order - Escobar, Cali Cartel, Felix and connecting them in between. I would go for an overview here first, since I am invested from day 1 and then go for the detailed story in the standalone show.
  14. Nice, will check that out too. I was waiting for Narcos to cover his timeline first.
  15. Bought MX Master 3 as well, now my wireless set is complete. I had gotten used to the smaller portable mice, but this is what actually fits properly in my hand, already customised it for my office use and it saved a lot of time and steps that I had to do with keyboard combinations or multiple clicks earlier. Thanks @l33tmaniacfor suggesting mechanical keyboard and this mouse. Now, I hate my job a little less because of you.
  16. Some of the older games i.e 3-4 years old, don’t lose their value much, I have had bought some games for 700 rupees and sold them back for 550-600, costing about 100-150 rupees per game in transactions. There is a huge library of PS4 or Xbox games…Xbox even has backwards compatibility so, you can play all the older games on it. Should keep you busy for at least 2 years. If your financial situation changes by then, you can opt for the latest games. I did the same thing with PS3 back when I was a fresher. Also, you can be a part of IVG library if you meet the criteria and lend or borrow games. One of the best way to save money and play latest games.
  17. With 10% discount, I paid 83.6k on Apple website using student offer, also got Airpods 2nd gen free which I sold for 10k as I already have Airpods pro. So, in total with Student offer and Airpods, it costed me 73.6k. You won’t find it cheaper than this on any other website.
  18. I will soon be contacting you guys via PM. I am planning to switch in first quarter of 2022.
  19. This looks much better than the teaser.
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