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  1. AnK

    Helldivers 2

    I don’t really understand this game’s progression. Do I have to finish my own campaign missions to unlock new locations with the robo bot enemies?!? They showed up in tutorial missions but now no where to be found once I join someone. How does the area progression works?!?
  2. Dude just admit it….it was no embargo as every other media channel had it & it was no Xbox logo as now they have it openly displayed!! They just don’t care or feel like this deserves more attention than what they already had in pipeline for proportion first. To Sony none of this hue & cry even matters as it’s business as usual for them. Probably why Xbox is the news maker’s darling & it’s their wallets that’s going to get the most hit once Xbox bends the knee & quits being first party altogether.
  3. So four days after it was officially announced!! Now this is the level of Microsoft Corporation games coming on Playstation.
  4. Just “slightly” like “very slightly” but Interpretation of jhola chhap kauwa brand ppl = 90% Yeh sharam nahi karenge kabhi
  5. AnK

    Helldivers 2

    Yep the best time to play this is:-
  6. One can’t test waters of AAA mega budget (& from the makers of Skyrim & Wolfenstein) games like Skyrim & Indiana Jones by putting AA small indie titles on Playstation. They have to release them in time on Playstation to see real response. As I said they are clueless & running amok back & forth as that Pappu has been making a fool of them in numerous ways.
  7. AnK

    Helldivers 2

    I’ve been joining in & out no issues during the day time.
  8. I really don’t think there is any hype for Starfield either. The supposed Game Of The Generation was just another blip in the stars. It comes or it doesn’t…..no body gives two shits. See that’s the very reason M$ is having a change of heart. With COD,Minecraft & possibly even ES6(Coz of it’s possible tie in with ESO 2,also still a generation away) can’t/not making sense to go exclusive….they know they just don’t have any system sellers in hand for foreseeable future. These games that they have in pipeline are not system sellers from any angle. They will just die a terrible death just like Halo,Gears,Forza,Fable. Better to go full third party & start raking in ROI which will take a decade to recover. The thing is they just can’t say FU to loyal(& toxic) fans over night coz then it will lead to massive hatred & possibly even boycott of their games(already happening to an extent). So they are filling in the slow poison. GamePass will exist for this remaining generation & might even get a COD or two day1. But it is definitely a liability for them rather than future front runner.
  9. Like what?!? They could just have a problem with Xbox logo which is missing anyway. They regularly promote stuff like ESO & FO76. Even promoted Psychonauts 2 & Outer Worlds Remaster. It’s been two days now so there can’t be embargo restrictions either.
  10. Sony hasn’t even uploaded promotions of any of those 4 games on their YouTube channel or not even a blog post!! They just rightly don’t give a f**k!!
  11. Kauwe jab tak jhoot nahi bolenge tab tak unki pechhwade mai kaat kaise lage gi?!?!
  12. As I said this system just can’t catch a break!! Or rather it won’t let it’s owners catch a break!! With the first half like this I think this system is the only one that can come close to the PS2 in terms of quality….sales would be very difficult because of era difference.
  13. AnK

    Dragon's Dogma II

    One time as in?! Once per session or once per play-through?!
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