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  1. I don’t really think M$ is really out there to capture hardware market share like it did before look at it this way they are selling software & subscription in both PC & console market right now if they just discontinue Xbox they will have to sell on Playstation to maintain this level of revenue (or even go higher) So why not just continue with it & enjoy both worlds if Cloud gaming is successful in near future (like really distant future) they will definitely pull the plug on Xbox
  2. If you talk about Super Hero movies then nothing ever will it wasn’t one it was a Nolan mind f**k
  3. AJ dropping title to Samoa Joe at SummerSlam but that won’t be any less frostier
  4. Did all of it they won’t accept my Debit Card what to do about that
  5. It being UK is not my problem I have a UK psn account to begin with it not letting me buy coz I’m outside of UK is the thing that wasted my energy
  6. Congratulations you have succeeded in wasting few hours of my life Silver Trophy earned
  7. Obviously they won’t make Reigns job to Lashly twice in the same week Either it’s Reigns all the way or triple threat at Summer Slam both could lead to a Stroman cashing in
  8. It was just missing any new megabomb exclusive announcement otherwise it was just like the ones before I don’t think Sony is going to announce any new game unless they are sure which platforms it will be available on if they announce now & later realise the base PS4 can’t handle it then ppl will crib why not clear being sure & then announcing is always better i think they have realised that with TLG i think next game is going to be by Killzone ShadowFall team most likely Killzone 4
  9. I think luck played a large part One self goal if had left untouched was going straight to goalie One spontaneous hand touch leading to penalty goal it was a fighting game rest of the entire match
  10. ^^^He’s better off in there as much as he can trust me
  11. They have invested just too much on PSnow they just can’t afford to let ppl migrate to any other ‘better’ service obviously they can’t be blatantly true about it also the future is for sure subscription based so they better pull there socks & start excepting it
  12. It’s not possible coz of PS3 & PS4 architecture differences Nothing to do with Sony being against it
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