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  1. Once it reaches those numbers it’s impossible for any Government to track, test ,quarantine & trace then repeat Be it even China’s mighty CCP They used their full might the moment they realised this is a contagion they didn’t wait Rest of the world was practically under slumber Specially Europeans who didn’t enforce any travel advisories or sanctions till the very last minute & Rest of the world had no clue that Europe had actually become the real epicentre in no time No one enforced travel ban on Europe hence this whole mess WHO & China should pay for this in some way or form for hiding it
  2. China sealed containment zones & the entire city of Wuhan for domestic travel but didn’t inform the world neither stopped international travel for any country They landed up in a better position strategically not to mention the draconian shutdowns & detentions that only they can implement I won’t be surprised if those numbers are actually closer to the truth
  3. Russia death numbers are not Reliable not that India’s are but still the reported cases to reported deaths ratio is more accurate in India than Russia’s Russia & Germany never reported deaths due to other factors other than covid even if deceased tested positive Quite weird policy but can’t say if it’s better or worse If someone had high level kidney,liver or lung dysfunction before catching Covid they were critical anyway even a normal flue or viral infection,dengue could have killed them (though chances were low)
  4. Appey pad toh leh ttheek se mai keh kya raha hu mai toh Gamespass ki tareef kar raha hu
  5. Yes It’s quite evident if Sony don’t push their PSnow game to Gamepass level they will!! loose market share & by pushing I don’t mean make it for $1 a year that was desperate survival tactic But when PSplus picked up its game on PS3 it got huge benefit on market share leading upto PS4 obviously we are not witnessing that level of jump on Xbox cos of lack of exclusives but xbox was literally forced to launch Games for Gold to keep up with PSplus popularity I think sooner or later Sony will have to offer similar content like Gamepass the sooner the better
  6. AnK

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    So finally a Sony exclusive on PC Good
  7. 10 biblical plagues 1.)Flue 2.)Famine due to Flue 3.)Locust Swarm 4.)Earthquakes 5.)Flood 6.)Typhoon 7.)Lakes turning Red 8.)Civil Riots 9.)War Situation on borders 10.)what the *bleep* is next
  8. AnK

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Every open world game gets repetitive when it comes to gameplay Even the mighty Witcher 3
  9. I hope Bloodborne is BC & enhanced bought Old Hunters but just can’t tolerate that frame rate after playing so many games on PRO wonder why the f**k Batman AK & Bloodborne never got a pro patch
  10. AnK

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I already said in next gen thread no way in hell I’m buying this game on current gen This is exactly like buying the first wave of new AAA titles like Watchdogs,Mordor,MGS5 & Destiny on PS360 They are just not marketing it that way yet cos those games released 6months to a year into next gen Launch
  11. It’s cross gen but also multiplatform It will be on both PS5 & SeriesX if it is say 15 fps higher or say true 4k on X & Even 1 million pixel lesser on PS5 then I’ll not buy PS5
  12. Again as I said a claim is a claim But standing in front of the world with a test report which says positive & has date which is separated by month apart that would be evidence & Vaccine Developments would stop then & there if any such development comes into light it would change the whole dynamics of heard immunity as we know it today Even the oldest influenza Virus which we know as the common flu doesn’t repeat itself on the same human before say 6 months to a year this claim if proven right will roll back a lot of things
  13. Not talking about xbone vs Series X But actual multiplatform games that release on both next gen console Like RE8,Pragmata,AC Valhalla,Cyberpunk etc..
  14. this is not an evidence it’s a claim she should show positive report of both months to make it valid If there would have been evidence of such infection relapse it would have shook the world by now Not rare they are unheard/unproven as of date Only reported proven cases were testing negative one day to be counted in “cured” & then testing positive again in the next few days to suspected relapse which was then termed as not infected but floating of dead rna material in your system
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