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  1. Enjoy your ration card of turd dude. You don’t even know what AAA console gaming really was back in it’s prime. Just like your best friend/boss in IVG who was yabbing about how his PS5 collects dust was embarrassed to know when he finally got to know time spent on both systems. Even Gazzilion bits of turd on GP ration card wasn’t enough to beat his time on PS5
  2. I don’t think M$ is at fault here,they found an opportunity & they took it. If these Publishing houses were doing good they wouldn’t have sold it to begin with. And by not doing good I don’t mean selling like hot cakes or making money,that they obviously were but in the larger picture it was a downwards trend for them…their market value would have gone just downwards from here so it was right time for stake holders to cash it in. As for changing the landscape of gaming,that obviously will happen & it would have happened & was happening anyway. We as gamers were getting nothing really good out of it…..same stale & deteriorating state of games no matter where you look for it(Except Sony & Nintendo obviously). EA,UBI,2K be it anybody left are/were just churning out bullshit after another. Acti-Bliz & Bathesda were on the same lines. DeadSpace dead Mass Effect dead Dragon Age Dead COD as good as dead (except MW reboot) Fallout dead(after 76) Assassin’s Creed dead (Atleast creatively) & same with Watchdogs. & the most disturbing fact of all is what became of our beloved GTA. These companies have struck a creative dead end & obviously can’t think beyond their safe & stale bets because of the risk & cost of those risks in AAA gaming involved today. It’s a twilight indeed & it had to go one way or another.
  3. AnK


    Mods on PS4 are pretty basic & doesn’t allow custom content. Also FO4 couldn’t be modded to unlock FPS to be used on PS5. XBox has better mod tools & freedom it seems.
  4. How the f**k are ppl even allowed to own those kinda guns in the US. This is just the same “Look up” movie kinda parody happening in real life. It’s like the easiest place to tick a civil war in the entire world.
  5. That’s like one messed up company being handed over to another who already has a mastery in delays/cancellations/misjudged bets. I just hope Satya has a real plan on who & how all this will be managed when there is no one who has personal stake on the line like the previous owners.
  6. They should have released the UC collection for PC too. It’s something that has aged really well & worth playing the entire Series for ppl who never owned PS.
  7. I like the #poweryourdreams at the bottom.
  8. I think there is just no point following press & influencers at this point. Just play the games you think you’ll like & is generally getting favourable response. If Activision can try & buy Kotaku then it’s pretty much open season going on in this industry right now.
  9. Open it through PS app or PC. The mobile web browser link didn’t work for me either.
  10. Console war is over plain & simple. Expecting Sony to release their games on PC,Cloud day 1 too now. This gen most of the core gamers will end up being part of both ecosystems. Next gen it most likely will be in a totally different shape.
  11. 5 years Atleast by my calculations. In US it might just start to pick up in next year or two. But worldwide impact to replace hardware. No way hozey M$ is making these investments with next generation in mind. They are actually keeping even releasing popular Bathesda games on PS open in the back of their mind…let alone COD. One doesn’t really let it’s competitor pick up the kinda trajectory PS5 has picked up & then start to make these big moves. They would have started making these moves at the end of PS4 gen (just like they tried to do at the end of PS2 gen) if they really wanted to capture the market in next few years. They are aiming for the long shot before Google,Amazon,Facebook make any significant move. They know Sony isn’t their competitor beyond that point & they kinda want Nintendo & PS fans on their side. & even Sony knows that & hence the Azure MOU with M$. Instead of heading towards Google or Amazon.
  12. I seriously have a strong feeling that the guy who pretended to be Comingle (on the more abusive posts & spoilers) & Waveking (on multiple PM abuses). Is none other than 0verlord. I could be wrong but I just have a feeling somehow.
  13. I wasn’t active during that period. Left 2016 & came back during the pandemic.
  14. I’ll do the honours myself. Look brothers & sisters what biased moderation looks like:-
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