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  1. AnK

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    The more I play this game the more I realise what a big mistake Sony has made making the sequel cross-gen the sequel needed all the AI(CPU),Graphics(GPU),Speed(SSD) & Content(RAAM) benefits it could get now it’s just going to be more of the same
  2. AnK

    Cyberpunk 2077

    If there any developer out there that can reach Rockstar level,they are CD project Red with Witcher 3 they have proven that
  3. The first reveal on PS5 reveal event event was in bad Framerate state
  4. Lol why didn’t they drop that news at the event itself
  5. AnK

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Witcher 3 combat was miles better than Skyrim or FallOut 3 atleast it was also the first open world RPG I actually finished The above mentioned two being the only two other ones I spent significant time on & just couldn’t even think of going near the end game
  6. They need to give external HDD support (for storage only) otherwise it’s pointless getting digital edition
  7. Well f**k what do I know PS2 games like GTA SA & GoW are selling for 5k to upwards of 9k PS2 itself is going for 9k 14 years after getting outdated
  8. No it’s the first time Sony has already shown:- R&C SM MM Demon’s Souls CoD BO CW Horizon ZD(Engine Teaser) Resident Evil 8 & many more up & running on their system
  9. Obviously getting it on MRP with warranty it makes sense I’m talking about the fight to get it no matter what Graphics have reached a point where the core experiences remain same in crossgen games Launch atleast unless it’s something like shown in R&C where SSD is the experience
  10. I don’t get the fascination of owning a gadget day 1 here in grey market ppl will spend 1 lkh on day 1 I’m sure that’s why black marketers horde Every single game is available on PS4 till late 2021 except a remake of an old game
  11. How can someone money hat Ray Tracing wtf it was true all along developers are having trouble with XBseriesX But it will get ironed out I’m sure if they can iron out PS3 they can pretty much do anything
  12. That’s why I said external HDD only for storage you obviously need to swap the content into the SSD to run the game you want to play & the ones you want to play later into the HDD
  13. Yeah PS4PRO is a jet engine also hate is not towards SeriesX or SeriesS individually it’s towards the fact that they are bound to each other & inevitably PS5 is bound to them both
  14. AnK

    Cyberpunk 2077

    It’ll be best for next gen will wait till I have PS5
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