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  1. AnK

    Death Stranding

    I think Kojima is way beyond his prime now MGS5 was also good but yes it was frustratingly empty & poorly designed MGS4 was a magnum opus but if you look at it in parts now you will notice it was!! put together in a weird way
  2. So Xbox More Powerful next gen Or PS5?!?
  3. Clapping for phoenix as a performer & how well he played the role is one thing but routing for the character written in the script is altogether a different thing & don’t get me wrong ,I’m not criticising im just pin pointing the reason behind criticism it’s getting I’m just saying that yes script is not well thought into it shouldn’t make you want to sympathise with a character who is about to become a city’s worst nightmare
  4. Lol that’s actually the whole point of criticism the intellect lacking mind would not fully understand the true nature of this piece of art they would route for the character & take it as an uprising underdog The script is very poorly thought into
  5. Lol the Director himself is not sure whether it’s the same Joker that would become the counter part to Batman when Bruce grows up He says everything is left on viewer interpretation like everything!!
  6. That’s exactly my point it would have been better off just a standalone Joker movie without Gotham,Wayne or Bruce It’s confusing ppl more than it’s unfolding any revelation about who Joker really was & how he came to be the no name,no label,no alias Maniac that has ruled the D.C. universe Coz ppl are definitely going in with an expectation to know more about the D.C. Joker
  7. I don’t really know what to say about the Joker The acting is obviously Oscar worthy but I don’t think it was a strong script it totally depended on the struggling madness of the character & the actor playing it It just didn’t have any valid “bad day” to turn him into the Joker as we know from DCU Bad parenting Struggling Poverty Low Self Confidence Aimless desires isn’t all this what 95% of the world population is suffering from anyway how does it make him stand out as the one guy who had that ‘bad day’ to turn him into the character we saw in Dark Knight At one point it did make sense but even that was dropped in favour of other mishaps Plus so many things untying with the DCU like the death of Wayne Family & Joker’s true Identity out in the open & on national news i mean no one was supposed to know who Arthur was & what his back story really was & Lastly but most importantly the Joker character in DC was never delusional or senile he was mentally sick in his own way but very very sharp & a mastermind It shouldn’t have been part of the Batman Universe at all Maybe then it would have been judged on its own merits & demerits
  8. Damn conslol wars cant imagine I spent good decade of my life doing this
  9. It was inevitable Spiderman & BlackPanther were built from the get go to be the next big two of the MCU once Iron Man & Captain America would retire they can’t afford to let go all that momentum
  10. AnK

    The Space Thread

    I think this is also a lesson for Indian netizens & news makers not to be on their high horses before the actual accomplishment It was a proud moment when Chandrayaan left atmosphere without a doubt But the way it was covered I actually had to cross check two or three times whether it had actually touched down on the moon already Its typical mentality Just winning one big cricket match (Mangalyaan) & then start the celebration on toss victory for the next match
  11. What about psn online play are the servers shutting down too?!?
  12. What if the future is not consoles but streaming in that case Sony has no choice but to become a Service provider instead of a machine provider I think they are setting the table for that by bringing PSN to PC
  13. But since Marvel no longer has access to Spider-Man in MCU Will Sony have exclusive access to it’s Video Game?!? wasn't it a give & take arrangement If true then obviously there wont be any sequel to Insomniac’s version
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