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  1. AnK

    The Space Thread

    I think this is also a lesson for Indian netizens & news makers not to be on their high horses before the actual accomplishment It was a proud moment when Chandrayaan left atmosphere without a doubt But the way it was covered I actually had to cross check two or three times whether it had actually touched down on the moon already Its typical mentality Just winning one big cricket match (Mangalyaan) & then start the celebration on toss victory for the next match
  2. What about psn online play are the servers shutting down too?!?
  3. What if the future is not consoles but streaming in that case Sony has no choice but to become a Service provider instead of a machine provider I think they are setting the table for that by bringing PSN to PC
  4. But since Marvel no longer has access to Spider-Man in MCU Will Sony have exclusive access to it’s Video Game?!? wasn't it a give & take arrangement If true then obviously there wont be any sequel to Insomniac’s version
  5. Haven’t seen Spider-Man Far from home but Homecoming was absolutely garbage only reason it may have done good was the MCU connection i think both are making a mistake in letting something this big go away Iron man litrally passed the torch to Spider-Man if you go by the script & Spider-Man is the only viable big name to take the spot light of Tony Stark in future so yeah they better look around one more time to find a middle ground
  6. More or less the implication around the web is that he did!! manage to get the correct passcode in the end As the name of the episode is Radcliffe & Radcliffe line was the name given to the lines drawn to separate West & East Pakistan from India If you look closely it does look like rajisthan’s border leading to Punjab (where the two siblings got seperated) & Dilbag Singh was guruji’s real Ashwatthama.....not Gaitonde as mentioned in one of the episodes in a very forgetful way I think the real aim of guruji was to create the Kalgranth & leave it upto the fate of the world whether to burn or to keep going on thats why he chose Gaitonde to rig the world with fire works but chose Dilbag Singh(& his equally honest son) to be a catalyst to neutrelise it
  7. Pretty much all games I listed are all super priority but post 2014 i just kept playing Destiny before giving up gaming altogether Kept buying these games & leaving them all either midway or not even 20% I think its all over for me now
  8. PS4:- The Witcher 3 Batman AK (priority) MGS5 (priority) UnCharted Lost Legacy Horizon Zero Dawn The Last Guardian God Of War (priority)
  9. I don’t really think M$ is really out there to capture hardware market share like it did before look at it this way they are selling software & subscription in both PC & console market right now if they just discontinue Xbox they will have to sell on Playstation to maintain this level of revenue (or even go higher) So why not just continue with it & enjoy both worlds if Cloud gaming is successful in near future (like really distant future) they will definitely pull the plug on Xbox
  10. If you talk about Super Hero movies then nothing ever will it wasn’t one it was a Nolan mind f**k
  11. AJ dropping title to Samoa Joe at SummerSlam but that won’t be any less frostier
  12. Obviously they won’t make Reigns job to Lashly twice in the same week Either it’s Reigns all the way or triple threat at Summer Slam both could lead to a Stroman cashing in
  13. It was just missing any new megabomb exclusive announcement otherwise it was just like the ones before I don’t think Sony is going to announce any new game unless they are sure which platforms it will be available on if they announce now & later realise the base PS4 can’t handle it then ppl will crib why not clear being sure & then announcing is always better i think they have realised that with TLG i think next game is going to be by Killzone ShadowFall team most likely Killzone 4
  14. I think luck played a large part One self goal if had left untouched was going straight to goalie One spontaneous hand touch leading to penalty goal it was a fighting game rest of the entire match
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