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  1. Man 1.5 years ago I started RDR2….& was enjoying it thoroughly aswell!! But then suddenly this rumour circulated that RDR1 is getting a Remake & RDR2 is getting a remaster for PS5. So I just stopped then & there got into the waiting game as I really wanted to experience RDR2 at 60fps. Turns out RDR1 got a remaster & nothing for RDR2….feel like stupid now!!
  2. As I said…..first of it’s kind in this genre. To be honest we hardly see Love stories in gaming generally…..let alone action gaming.
  3. How much is the Upgrade on Indian store?!
  4. GTAVI:- Love GTAV:- Friendship GTAIV:- Revenge GTASA:- Family GTAVC:- Power GTAIII:- Payback
  5. The amount of money they made from GTAV & its online component….$1B is nothing in front of that.
  6. Oh you have no idea what sort of filth & pests used to lurk around these alleys. Some were driven away by the might of my typing skills & the rest by the mighty ban hammer of the mods!!
  7. Tu pehele naha dho ke saaf insaan ban ke aa galeechh gutter ke keede
  8. If Piracy was still an impacting issue we wouldn’t have seen almost every game coming on day & date on PC now. Past decade or so piracy has been almost eliminated.
  9. Yeah my friend…..I’m sure Redit would allow sick freaks like you who make it a life’s mission to abuse anyone who has a difference of opinions. I’m sure you are still jerking off of that plastic of yours even after all these years!!
  10. So I guess this is a romantic crime saga. Something totally fresh & new in this genre.
  11. I mentioned it elsewhere. On the contrary releasing promos near such a moment gets more viewership as ppl are already glued onto YouTube. It’s like a mini gaming event where one after the other you keep getting promos coz ppl have nothing to do after watching that 1:31 minute teaser.
  12. So I have installed a new WiFi mesh at my home & turned the output resolution of the PS5 to 1080p & remoteplay app on my IPhone is working surprisingly well!! Soon will try connecting the PS5 with Ethernet cable to the mesh satellite & see if it further improves the connection. If it does will definitely contemplate buying the PSportal or at least a backbone device for IPhone.
  13. It will be downgraded by the launch for sure on PS5/SX. Someone buying this for SeriesS has my deepest sympathy PS5pro will look even better in fidelity mode & will look like it would on PS5 in Performance mode….just with a target 60fps. I will probably play this on PS5pro at some point in my life
  14. Shouldn’t be more than ₹500 upgrade IMO.
  15. That’s what I said….let’s just wait for the next big game announcement from Bethesda or Blizzard as those studios have no legal obligation to cater to Playstation or Switch. & When I say big….I mean ElderScrolls,Diablo,Doom level big. We’ll get to know right then & there what’s the future of Xbox the Console.
  16. Ya the hair rendering is especially amazing!! :🤩
  17. He just said GamePass on Playstation & Nintendo is not on the cards……as in no way it is happening without all parties coming to terms. Didn’t say anything about Playstation & Switch users not being their new target audiences as mentioned by the “New” Xbox Studios Head. But anyway you ppl won’t come to grips with reality until games apart from Activision also start showing up on Playstation & Switch. So no point. Let’s keep it tight & sealed until the next big release from Bethesda or Blizzard.
  18. All of a sudden no talk about Redfall & Starfield the supposed “Sony Killers” with the latter supposed “GOTG” not even surviving top 20 even in Players Choice poll after the “biased media” not rooting for it!! Meanwhile the 8billion worth of “first party” Bethesda:- & All eyes now on the “new stellar killer year for Xbox” 2024 BC pichle dus saalo se yahi next year next year drama kar kar ke sab thhak ke challe gaye….yeh dono tatpunjiye abhi bhi lagge pade hai patiently What a sad life
  19. Him & his kind waiting for Playstation’s decline for an eternity:- Some actor isn’t aware of a script yet Some f**ckin discovery channel show being removed on behest of original creator (WB) all around for some tax evasion. & that’s what they feel is worth discussing.
  20. Dogs were there in V aswell. As a personal pet with learning tricks too!!
  21. So we switch characters on the go like GTAV & Spider-Man 2?!? Or do we Play them separately in separate campaigns?!?
  22. $20 upgrade was on it’s release. Basically once MilesM released it was a $50 game & $70 with SM Remaster. The one recently offered for original copy of SM PS4 was just $10,€10,£5.
  23. So is it back in time…..or present day?! Couldn’t make out… Also my 2025 prediction was right….has full potential to be pushed into 2026. Also the other one I’m glad isn’t right….looks too good to be on PS4!!
  24. Ya I don’t really care man… Good for you…. Though what you do or say here is what your persona here about…
  25. Only in your head maybe. As the promise was for “more info soon” & nothing about release. How the f**k does it even matter what the product is!! I just said let’s see who comes up with a new product release first. Why the f**k are you sweating & yabbing like a cocoon on that thought!?! Let the competitions begin……
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