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  1. He was too radically impractical on his reasonings 0verlord is a much better asset to command the argument
  2. WTF!!! how is it a negative in terms of spec or performance?!?
  3. Yep the chip shortage cancels it out with the pandemic Since that time as many ppl weren’t staying home & were spending elsewhere
  4. Selling at the pace of wii is insane considering it is much more expensive
  5. That’s like saying India TV is a reliable channel coz it’s more reliable than Zee News
  6. SeriesX GPU has more raw power which is evident in some games that push resolution tad bit higher in some games, But GPU is not everything about a console. PS5 has the over all lead when it comes to balance,performance,scaling ,tech,API & compression, Not to mention Controller. You don’t own SX/S yet you went rampant indulging in discussion about quick resume & many other features Irony hits the cow🐄 To be politically correct buffalo 🐃
  7. It’s just become a normality to not talk about what has been posted & go straight after the poster to make him uncomfortable Not talking about one individual specifically but all of the 10 or so xbox fans & maybe 5 others who aren’t vocal but show support with reactions It’s just weird to be honest to point out how someone’s posting things at desired times or how someone is spending too much energy & we are too busy & full of life & credentials to care. I mean WTF!!!
  8. If Satya has any foresight (which I’m sure he does) He will remove Phail as soon as the console is no longer at the centre of the subscription service He only needs him till they are riding onto the console market’s reach as he is the only top guy who has spent enough time in that business & demographic
  9. I did it just 3 days ago still hurts
  10. Defend for what?!? being up at his desired time?!? do you even understand the sh*t you & some of the other scam gang members spew to anyone who posts negative news about M$?!? At least if I have to counter any negative news on Sony I don’t do it by going after the individual posting it or what he hasn’t posted ironically in the past here itself before.
  11. How do you know which part of the world he is posting from or what kinda sleep cycles he is into?!? The passion for the corporate brand loyalty is soo strong that all the fans jump straight into someone’s personal life at the first sign of negative news about their love of life
  12. This was never said,you got it all wrong. Maybe was said about mortality rate but even that has no proper evidence & would have been just preliminary data.
  13. You’ll be surprised to know how short term memory the human race as a whole holds Once out of a bad situation the first thing our genes make us do is forget it
  14. Breakthrough infections are quite common world over after the rise of delta variant. It’s only a cause of concern if things are getting severe all around. So don’t panic & obviously wear masks when in a crowd.
  15. Can someone please enlighten me on why this is happening?!?
  16. Yep specially for something that we won’t be able to judge good or bad for another 3 years or so,by the looks of things
  17. Isn’t the DM feature disabled?!? or it has happened only for me?!?!
  18. AnK

    Death Stranding

    & the reason behind it is quite simple The “Corporate” knows that unlike other games namely GoT this upgrade is not going to generate interest,as the first outing was criticised for being shallow & didn’t generate as much interest or word of mouth which reflected on sales in comparison to other First Party Games. They need to repackage it to generate interest again & for that $10 is an appropriate price….due to the lack of confidence it’s furthermore £5 & ₹500 in some regions to make sure ppl get it. GoT on the other hand is ready with a full expansion that millions who bought first outing eagerly wanted. So they have confidence that ppl will pay that extra money just to get their hands on the lucrative content. But also realise that it would lead to negative PR that’s why they unlocked the FrameRate on BC version to evade that….for smart a*s ppl who know the upgrade is “no worth” & give them an option to experience new & old content on their terms. It’s just basic corporate strategy to be applied to each IP differently depending on how much it can make,as simple as that.
  19. Only banning if one spams it over & over again If you make 2-3 guest accounts & just add it to the library & remove/never use that account to loggin again it will go unnoticed Just find a friend who has a PS5 & has availed it only on his account Loggin to his PS5 as guest account(secondary) Add all the games to your library & log out & delete that user from his PS5 nothing will happen
  20. Why don’t you ask help from a PS5 owner & avail the PlusCollection library I did the same & have played a lot of FO4 & Detroit because of it Being on PSplus just for PS4 games now makes no sense otherwise
  21. AnK

    Death Stranding

    Criticising one game or one path over the other is absolutely ok But pointing out everything good as developer not greedy & everything bad as Corporation greedy is just not right That was my only point
  22. Comparison shots like these make me believe DF is more spot on then the others:- They used PC 1800p just to show how much more better it looks than PS5 performance mode I think this needs to be cleared soon & the error explained
  23. No one will ever know what actually happened You’ll only get to know the actual “supposed take” maybe 20-30 years from now on a web series depending on how many people from today’s world political spectrum are still alive.
  24. AnK

    Death Stranding

    Why didn’t he release the “new content” on PS4 or why no free 60fps patch for use in BC It’s just weird that anything that’s Positive is Developer & everything that’s negative is Sony we don’t even know what say Kojima has in all this as it’s Sony IP This growing notion is not right IMO
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