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  1. What?!? I meant he should use it to keep his head cool!!!
  2. I didn’t say that if you think that’s the best possible use “that’s your personal problem”
  3. It can also be used for something better in your case.
  4. Ek macchar bhi aadmi ko hijda bana deta hai. Soch ke dekh yeh pigeon kya kya kar sakta hai tere sath
  5. So be a good boy & sort it here. (Like you just did) Don’t crap every place of the forum with unrelated nonsense.
  6. AnK

    Resident Evil 4

    No but my discount comments regarding PSplus hurt his feelings. (Many more like him) So much that he kept at it for multiple days straight. Just like you & others are at it since yesterday & crapping the f**k out of this thread needlessly.
  7. Yeah I will give it a try for sure as it’s part of PS+Collection already. If don’t like it will move on……beautiful aspect of subscription gaming.
  8. At times things just can’t be generalised as there are many aspects to what happens with each & every individual. Most of the time you would find morons who are trying to find a partner much ahead of their league,leading to disappointments. Not saying that there aren’t gold diggers out there but finding a match that ways also has many aspects. Obviously if someone is not willing to compromise even an inch & settle with someone appropriate for them & vice-versa they will always remain single. It actually happens with everyone & all depends on how quick ppl realise this fact. The longer one takes the more rigidity it reflects.
  9. Humble suggestion to all members of the forums. Discount par mat jao bhai!!!
  10. Why does it have bad combat in action category?!? I never said I was excited because of combat as I have yet to experience it. I said I’m excited to play a non turn based FF game for the first time….as that genre wasn’t my cup of tea whenever I tried. Did your post or tag had any other meaning other than that or was it another one of those @AnK blah & blah & blah?!?
  11. Yes but:- You counting games of neither same design nor same device. Aka totally different demographic.
  12. But they have 15 more of such franchises. Plus you are counting spinoff releases of mobile devices. That's for different demographics. Nintendo has released 100's of products from same IP's but neither are they for same devices nor same design. Totally futile comparison if you count Secret Agent clank among "15" R&C games.
  13. Number 32 & 33. (41 & 42 if one wants to count remasters)
  14. I played the demo on PS4pro. It was next level stuff obviously. Since my childhood I had this fixation with FF7,it's animation,art,lore & character design. But just couldn't get around playing the actual game coz turn based was never my cup of tea. When remake was announced I was really happy & almost subscribed to PS+ the month it was given but held back after knowing it wasn't upgradable(only to be a 180 months later). I am moving up a specific ladder of games in my backlog & it's obviously in there. I just hope it's given in PS+Extra catalog now.
  15. Even if they say it one more time,won't change the fact that bought out games brought critic scores in their bag but didn't help the brand in anyway coz of prior commitments & paperwork. 2021 the supposed best year in Xbox history was a pretty dry year if you put it up against average Playstation year.
  16. Lol you feel more humiliated by your own words than the total combined strength of words thrown at me by Scam Gang & their growing pool of numbers That's worth alone sticking around. 👌
  17. Probably he was dragged away with constant personnel attacks. Who knows.
  18. Oh I never knew Sony announced it with game still being in development at Activision. Did they later change it or what?! Coz I certainly saw you going gung-ho crazy when Xbox announced partnership with Insomniac. Obviously you wouldn't have known it was Insomniac in both different instances as that was the only difference maker to you!!
  19. How can you forget the "Japani games" Who the f**k cares about "Japani games"
  20. I think at some point GTA will be brought in too. Coz that's what gaming circles around. GTA,FIFA,Classic Remakes(with redesign) & Forum Enthusiasts. Oh yeah "Freebies" just has to be part of it now,like totally.
  21. But I thought "No one gives a f**k about Spiderman".
  22. Fifa games are more of a yearly service game with the developer having to pay exorbitant amounts of licensing fees to bring the product out on the market. So if the sport authorities,players & their fans are OK with this sort of setup I don't think "enthusiast forum" members who wouldn't have bothered to play it every year as much as the fans do, shouldn't bother about this setup either. As for ubilol games.....they are not doing good anymore as they once did. Once core gamers get bored it does reflect. Most likely a vaporware like many others they reveal at the start of every gen but end up "milking" RE,SF,MH & other old stuff
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