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  1. The propaganda is real:- So all of a sudden “consoles & exclusives are both useless & unwanted” It all started with:- -Paying for Multiplayer doesn’t matter -Not upgrading from DVD doesn’t matter -The build quality doesn’t matter(RRod) -Lying about timed exclusivity doesn’t matter -Digital rights management doesn’t matter -Kinnect being forced doesn’t matter -Inferior Resolution & performance doesn’t matter -No Exclusives (& out right fake presentations) don’t matter -Buying & Blocking access to games doesn’t matter & all this has culminated to the point where the home console hardware itself doesn’t matter today!! This brand & morons who worship it!!
  2. AnK

    Helldivers 2

    Don’t really have much of an option. I log in at odd ours at random whenever I get a chance. Co-ordination is next to impossible.
  3. I think if Sony had released KillZone on PC it wouldn’t have died the terrible death that it did. It just doesn’t make sense in releasing these games on Playstation only as just like Xbots are accustomed to not pay for their games over the last gen. Ponies have been accustomed to not bother about trying new multiplayer games unless it’s not COD,Fortnite or Destiny(even this one dying now).
  4. Basically what he is implying is that just because PSVR2 is now compatible with PC(no word on the games yet) sort of just like Duel-Sense Controller is…..it makes no sense to buy a PS5 now!! The whole moto on Xbot circuits right now is to make believe that consoles are rendered useless now!! They just don’t care about Sony & Rockstar/Take-Two games anymore which are PS5 only for good 2-3 years!!
  5. AnK

    Rise of Ronin

    Called it long time ago!! I hope they don’t deviate from core SP campaign to fit in Multiplayer.
  6. It was a snoozfest to be honest. I just watched in the background while doing something else & then read the synopsis online. Let’s see how Dune 2 is.
  7. AnK

    Helldivers 2

    Some f**kers got into a fight at the last minute of extraction…..like one guy pushed the other & then the one who got pushed literally killed him inside the shuttle while already seated & dropped a f**kton of common & rare samples Playing this game with randoms is really a PITA!! Also ppl really insist on raising difficulty while totally wasting precious play time by dying over & over & exhausting everything & gaining nothing at the end
  8. It was just the quick sound settings in the ps button menu. I had muted the in game mic while playing COD online & forgotten any such quick menu exists
  9. I have heard that C3 is a lot more brighter & colourful while in Game Optimiser Mode & ALLM. Can’t say for sure but if true then it is definitely worth those extra 15-20k for us gamers. C4 is rumoured to be aiming 144hz over 120hz which is basically useless for us Console gamers.
  10. I don’t think they will come to PSplus of any tier. They are running away from subscription to make some money & I doubt they will settle for whatever PS has to offer to get it on subscription. Maybe after 1 more year or for GaaS games only.
  11. AnK

    Helldivers 2

    Yes it’s open. But some of my settings in Helldivers is glitched. Like the remember aim view setting which remains to global even if I switch it to off.
  12. Mic works fine when in party….testing also works fine. Is there some setting in Helldivers ?!? that I need to change?!
  13. But what if I am not in a party?!? My voice is not audible from the get go irrespective if I’m in a party or not. & when I switch to game audio from party settings it remains the same.
  14. I’m facing a really weird problem. I have Playstation Platinum 3D headset & when I’m in game my mic is not audible. But when I’m in Party it works perfectly fine. Does anybody know what could be the issue?!?
  15. AnK

    Helldivers 2

    I’m facing a really weird problem. I have Playstation Platinum 3D headset & when I’m in game my mic is not audible. But when I’m in Party it works perfectly fine. Does anybody know what could be the issue?!?
  16. AnK

    Helldivers 2

    I think it’s time for Sony to officially acquire them after enough nurtured success!!
  17. It needs an iOS & Android port desperately. Ppl don’t buy high end rigs to play these. Even the ones who have it would rather want to play something glorious with their times at home in front of the screens. Even if the are interested in something like this!! This needs a mobile port just like switch!!
  18. Each one of us have been stooged by their lies at some point in life. It’s time we stop pretending as it’s more clearer than ever!!
  19. AnK

    Helldivers 2

    There was a time when I used to hold your hands in online multiplayer & push through!! Now you are doing the same for me!! Life has come full circle ⭕️ & I am proud of you my boy!!
  20. AnK

    Helldivers 2

    I don’t really understand this game’s progression. Do I have to finish my own campaign missions to unlock new locations with the robo bot enemies?!? They showed up in tutorial missions but now no where to be found once I join someone. How does the area progression works?!?
  21. Dude just admit it….it was no embargo as every other media channel had it & it was no Xbox logo as now they have it openly displayed!! They just don’t care or feel like this deserves more attention than what they already had in pipeline for proportion first. To Sony none of this hue & cry even matters as it’s business as usual for them. Probably why Xbox is the news maker’s darling & it’s their wallets that’s going to get the most hit once Xbox bends the knee & quits being first party altogether.
  22. So four days after it was officially announced!! Now this is the level of Microsoft Corporation games coming on Playstation.
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