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  1. There has been no official data released to prove this yet Just because the government says so is not really a valid proof anymore They are already considering removing second dose of Covishield when the makers themselves have stressed that second dose is very important So government at this point is doing anything to save face
  2. Lol Ubisoft gave us an awesome MP title which was Siege So yeah har ek developer Zaroori hota hai
  3. Even I have seen ppl around me who took CoVaxin reporting no side effects whatsoever
  4. Yes it’s nothing to worry about as much as ppl here are Driving,pizza ,monitoring body metrics by the hour lol Kuchh nahi hota same day raat ko bukhaar hoga do din baad uttar jayega at worse I didn’t even take paracetamol was fine on day 3
  5. You can drive just fine on the same day you took vaccination it’s the next day that things get really sore Just wait 30 min observation if you pass that you’ll be just fine but if still getting doubts or second thoughts i’d recommend taking turns of driving-getting jabb with someone you’ll spend extra time on road & waste some fuel but getting Vaccinated is very important News coming in that Government has started research about making Covishield a single dose Vaccine on the bases of J&J & Sputnik Lite being similar vaccines having single dose https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/coronavirus-mixing-doses-covishield-single-shot-to-be-studied-in-new-vaccine-plan-2452814 I really don’t know what to even say anymore
  6. Don’t drive tmrw as it’ll probably be hurting if you took Covishield
  7. Lol Yes Though it’s recommended to eat easily digestible food in first two days Me & my dad have a weak digestive system so we both faced gastric problems after 1st dose If your digestive system is strong I think you can go ahead
  8. All this doesn’t matter The numbers are going down because of strict lockdowns Less movement = Less spread Real test will be once things start to unlock I think when Governments are stressing on the impending 3rd wave they are having this unlock 2.0 in mind rather than another mutation/season of the virus I think it’s practical to get as many ppl vaccinated as possible while very slowly unlocking but I think economic loss is too huge already Yesterday Kotak bank owner said that now is the time to print money & bail out the country
  9. AnK

    Far Cry 6

    They should have revealed it at 60fps like Dying Light 2 maybe it’s not smooth enough yet but the game is out in next 4 months
  10. You didn’t play Assassins Creed or Far Cry series?!?
  11. AnK

    Nier Automata

    Do the side quests resume or do you have to start them from scratch?! yeah I started this long ago but then got PSnow 1 month promo So played 4 games on priority there also I play 2-3 games at once playing Metro & RE6 alongside this
  12. AnK

    Days Gone

    Sony has worked on titles like Resistance,Infamous SS & Killzone SF too It’s only the PS4 gen that has created a 9+ reputation for Sony Every once in a while an 8 title from Sony could be good too Plus this game had lot of potential as everyone notices There are many instances in the past when Sequels manage to do what was expected from original
  13. AnK

    Days Gone

    Sony had listed this as “Power Franchise” in investor call obviously it’s no where near dead yet It sold a lot of copies Always on the internet discussions I think Sony will make Bend Juggle between this & Uncharted Next Uncharted is rumoured to be a collaboration between ND Lost Legacy team & Bend Studios Following that ND will join main team for the Space adventure game & Bend will probably start work on Days Gone 2 No other apt project for Bend
  14. That pure depends on area to area just like companies doing a survey before initiating the RWA do the same It’s only if you prove enough numbers in the hospital/DM office they will tie up with you RWA’s are also not very well organised as comparison to private corporates so that’s always gona be there
  15. Yeah going the Company/RWA route is more safer
  16. Have you gotten vaccinated?!? if not I suggest doing so before lockdowns get lifted It will be more risky to head out then
  17. Oh bhais ki aankh yeh toh M$ aur CD PR ke bhi baap hai!! I was inactive when all this happened so didn’t know No wonder they tried to shut shop ASAP & sold to M$
  18. I never played FO 76 neither did I ever follow it Played FO3 for few hours but lost interest due to my lack of history with RPG’s Played Skyrim for quite a bit longer & it was obviously worth every award it got But after spending 400 hrs on Witcher 3 & completing every possible quest I can safely say that a little bit of progression linearity is what I liked better Bethesda games are too open ended which is the main USP but a little bit of incentive to follow a specific path is better IMO I’m sure they will come up with something better as this is not GaaS atleast not yet
  19. At this time we can just keep our fingers crossed & pray that cases start to go down from here Be it precautionary measures or miracle medicine or miraculous genome halt of the changing virus Vaccine is obviously important but I personally feel it’s more to do with luck of humanity now
  20. Hopefully things will get better as promised Till this date I’m getting news of ppl dying needlessly Young ppl who had young children even Scary stuff
  21. Just a cue don’t get emotional or personal over petty things that too something entertainment related or else feel free to enjoy things the way you like to enjoy peace out
  22. Specifically this guy he will make you feel like puke each time he uses his keypad
  23. There is just no way to get vaccinated right now if you don’t have a valid Indian ID Two of my domestic help only have a Nepali ID & just no way I can get them vaccinated officially There is DM level planning commission underway for such ppl ,which includes immigrants,Sadhu Sanyasi’s & street dwellers but no progress yet for obvious reasons as there is no Vaccine even for ppl with ID cards Vaccine tourism is a long shot to think of in India
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