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  1. Guys need help.(SPECTRA users) I just got the Spectra at my home and am facing a weird error of some IP Fragmentation on my Ps4. If anyone has a solution please guide me.
  2. Well instead of Dubai Duty free, you should have bought it in the local shops where it is everything is more cheaper and this applies to almost all electronics and not only ps4. I just bought my PS4 Pro for 1450 AED locally
  3. http://imgur.com/NHc4hBG http://imgur.com/9HUUjMr http://imgur.com/FKPnvi5 Back to gaming after a break of almost 2 years
  4. Narukami_Yu


    Nothing on google bout this
  5. Narukami_Yu


    Guys I am getting Nioh for 35$ on PS Store Should I buy it rght now or is a further discount possibly down the line in 15-20 days?? P.S-It is available on PSN UAE,so I tjink maybe the gore is censored.
  6. screenshot program For me it shows, Money can be transferred to a bank account
  7. Narukami_Yu

    Watch Dogs 2

    Ubisoft will release pc games only digitall
  8. More like 28-29 k I dont think he would find one less than 1550AED Jumbo would sell at retail price,the only cheap price deal would be in some small shop in Bur Dubai.
  9. One can find PS4 Slim(500 GB) for 1199 AED.Most probably will include a AAA Game in bundle like Uncharted. Roughly 22k,it does make a lot of difference. EDIT- Then again one can buy a PS4 for almost 24 k on FK during sales and using Bank Offers.
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