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  1. Anybody has any luck on acquiring Google play gift cards at a discount/for free?
  2. Won't make sense. They should be able to get it going in the latter part of the year. Unless the economic hit that has incurred worldwide due to this chinese virus becomes a factor, then maybe yes. I doubt anything related to china. The way they suppressed initial reports abt this virus, punished the doctor who got the information going, the way they childishly accused USA for the spread, and the way they have started to claim that only the imported cases now are the reason for the ongoing count increment... there is ZERO credibility with them. They have started to re-open their wet markets even when the spikes for this deadly virus are going on!
  3. Well, this game has the vibes of being the sorts that ll wipe off the rust and bring the glitz back. I have never liked zombie culture anything but the first edition, along with the terrific story telling, was a very satisfying experience. I would never revisit GoW4 again, but TLOU will get a second looksie (push coming to shove ie). I was hoping a bit more buzz in here. Damn this chinese virus... the whole momentum towards anything has come to a crashing halt. But the whole sentiment of people trying their best to ward off a threat like that has the makings of a TLOU type setup.
  4. This place has gone deadly silent...
  5. Is this user specific? Not seeing any offer after visiting the link or after landing at the relevant section via app.
  6. The updates for the shipment are messed up on Fk as well. Kept showing the article as "not reached the nearest hub" since Monday. Same was the case today, and even after I got the notification that the article is out for delivery. Checked the page after receiving the article and it straight up mentions that it has reached the nearest hub + out for delivery + delivered. What is the use of having a page when such stupid standards are being observed? The delivery for the article was handled by Myntra team. Packaging box came good bit damaged, disc inside its case was floating about (thankfully not damaged). The bird brained delivery man was super sure that the box condition would not have any impact on the disc. Then proceeded to confirm that a disc is that "round round thing with a shiny side... Hai na sir?"
  7. They sure take their time to ship anything shoes. That's for sure.
  8. This ought to do it. - Asus ZenFone 6z, 28k. Further 2k discount via card usage.
  9. https://amzn.to/2mb4CbI This one? Wanna know who gets to activate this offer. None of my two accounts were deemed lucky enough.
  10. Would suggest against nokia. They (HMD) have made a mincemeat of the Nokia brand. There have been numerous cases of poor after sales after few of their handsets developed charging port issues. They have been better past few days, but I would wait n watch/be cautious. Their updates are the fastest though and have earned good accolades there. My vote goes for the M30s, or the A50. Ofc the King remains Asus ZenFone 6z these days. Getting 3GB RAM these days is a must. 720p has never been an issue for me, esp on a mobile phone.
  11. Seeking a little help guys. Need to place a small order ($27) via amazon USA and via a prime account. Can anybody lend a helping hand pls? Ofc would make the payment immediately from my end.
  12. Limbo! The Room series Framed (1st edition) Jelly Defense Sparkle 2 Slayaway Camp Threes Exit (PSP game via emulator) Agent A (yet to receive the final chapter) Leo's fortune
  13. Haha.. Precisely! One little carrot dangled after a series of botched stuff, and there ll be cries of hailing them n their act publicly.
  14. Hona kya hai.. The rascals will delay it again.
  15. Blame the impatient lot + the hype - Story of India's every realm. Nothing new or unexpected tbh.
  16. Arey I meant the way the whole ledges been laid out. I am quite happy to have my doubts removed about the axe thingie. There is a lingering doubt that they are targetting it to be an experience with more weightage on story telling and how the story progresses than combat.
  17. ^^ Now that is Natthu Drake's territory.
  18. Delay or no delay, the hit.. has been ordered.
  19. Well, I do want good games to come out for the ps4, but with series which have already peaked (UC/GoW): 1) One can milk the series only till a point. (Fatality Banality). 2) Not sure how the axe + nifty shield will fare in GoW scheme of things. 3) The emotional/relational aspect is tricky on many counts to pull off in a game. 4) Somehow the marquee ps4 games are looking more like a panorama set than a game. 5) God forbids if they go into an overdrive just cuz they wanna give the main character a closure. 6) The franchise has been such a blockbuster, it is a given that the game will garner 9+ ratings. How dearly one feels after finishing the game and putting the controller down, that is where true verdict gets revealed. Point 6 above.
  20. Anybody having ominous thoughts like - If this thing bombs/goes lackluster like uc4...
  21. If only they had taken a look around at some of the user inspired mock ups.. sigh
  22. Make it 4. And that GoW bundle ps4's design+colour scheme is nothing to speak of.
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