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  1. Pat.

    Ashes Cricket

    If you are on PS4, add me - pathiik
  2. Pat.

    Ashes Cricket

    The new patch is out on both the consoles. I have created a thread to arrange online matches for Ashes Cricket PS4 players. If interested, please post here:
  3. Let us use this thread to organise Ashes Cricket matches with fellow IVGians in this thread! Please post your PSN Ids if you own the game and are interested in playing online! I will update the OP as and when people post. Sr. No. | IVG Name | PSN ID 1. | Pat. | pathiik
  4. Pat.

    Ashes Cricket

    All Indian domestic teams and IPL teams are up in the Academy for download! This along with all the updated international teams - means we are ready for a full-experience career mode now on Ashes Cricket!
  5. Pat.

    Ashes Cricket

    I am one of those guys who has the game already (PS4). Though the time-frame between DBC17 and Ashes looks small, believe me it is not a mere cosmetic upgrade. This looks and plays like a whole new game altogether. The new mo-capped animations makes a very big difference. AI is more competitive and everything feels very fluid/polished. Errors in commentary lines will be there at certain times but otherwise commentary is much better than DBC 17.
  6. Pat.

    Ashes Cricket

    It has all the modes present in DBC17. Although licensed BBL is not present (not 100% sure about this), you should be able to create a custom tournament named BBL and play it.
  7. I got it on PS4 too. Haven't you tried any new options file? There are a few around which will give you real team and player names, stadium names and kits.
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