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  1. Nr.Draca47

    Heart broken ppl's club

    In my comment i tried to be as natural as possible. I meant to convey 'not yanking an old chain' and jua appreciating an old friendship. Nothing more than that... Except a thank you. Nothing else. There was nothing in the msg indicating tht i want to get back together. Also didnt mention to meet again... Bcuz thr is no need to unless she askes herself (if she feels comfortable in... Whatever) Rest idk
  2. Nr.Draca47

    Heart broken ppl's club

    What if u say.... Hi! Im glad to meet u Today after so many years. You were the only friend who tied me a friendship band even tho we barely talked. I cudnt express it tht time back, but now i know tht some ppl... Even tho silent, make a lasting expression/memories. Didnt knew its value tht time, but i thank you now for the great memory of my school days. (or something like tht?.?)
  3. Nr.Draca47

    Path of Exile

    For the 1st time in my life, m hving second thoughts over helping some1 in PoE I love my life (: Anyways, pm/ivg on discord. I will share starting info/dls. And will hook u up with my grp
  4. Nr.Draca47

    Path of Exile

    Man...these days.... Its like nothing. Playing nothing. Get so tired, tht i jus watch shows n go to sleep. Barely get 4hrs at home
  5. Nr.Draca47

    Path of Exile

    U can compare items against the one ur are wearing. On pc , if u hover ur mouse over an item in ur inventory and then press alt, it shows detailed stats against the same item u r wearing. Must be some way on console too
  6. Nr.Draca47

    Path of Exile

    4 das to go https://youtu.be/mWgpHnZ3mtA
  7. Nr.Draca47

    The Division 2

    I think the issue is more with game and not with servers. Like. When a team member resets(due to any reason), the game refreshes itself. Also, The game tries to keep itself in a constant open world with public instances. This is what makes the cpu and gpu under full load (and no loading screens). No wonder why the game crashes.
  8. Nr.Draca47

    The Division 2

    Not for me
  9. Nr.Draca47

    The Division 2

    Not for me
  10. Nr.Draca47

    The Division 2

    Snake add me... Nr.Draca47 Icho... U too
  11. Nr.Draca47

    The Division 2

  12. Nr.Draca47

    The Division 2

    Dont forget to type in ur uplay ids so that we add each other. Invites cannot be given out without friendship (aka friend list)
  13. Nr.Draca47

    The Division 2

    Guys Jus come to discord for gaming sessions discord.gg/RfsmHuB
  14. Nr.Draca47

    The Division 2

    I just invited joe and my game is 40% dl'd
  15. Nr.Draca47

    The Division 2

    I just invited joe and my game is 40% dl'd