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  1. One thing i noticed, unless u cant get a side by side comparison... Its hard to judge.
  2. Afaik1. LG is most economical (and good too). Some ppl have complained abt LG's UI in general2. It seems, everyone supports Sony (on any tv) 3. I saw Samsung's 4k leds... Didnt like them et all. Do check I/O ports, UI Edit1: And yea... No one is spending money so good time to ask foe heavy discounts. It seems like inventory is gonna stay for atlst a month. Edit2: I got 1.5k discount below offer price for Sony X7002g. Tht was on 7th Mar Try for more
  3. Extended warranty... Hmmm... I'll ask. And yea... Any input helps
  4. Yea... Thts my worry... Commission... Both the salesmen were pushing so i became skeptical. Joe and infamous also rooting for Sony. So... Sony it is
  5. Afaik, with lg its either 45k model or straight up 49" nanocell at 79k which has PQ equivalent to sony (as mentioned above)
  6. So, my father wants to buy a tv. I have shortlisted on the basic requirements 4k and 43". Budget is 50-60k. I have chromecast at home so android is not necessary. Models shortlisted: 1. Sony 43 X7002G - mrp 66900 - offline its 54k 2. LG 43UM7780PTA - mrp 58990 - shud cost 45k I got to Compare (2 shops) 1. Sony X7002g vs samsung (dunno model): samsung tv was priced 2k cheaper than Sony and the picture quality was bad. Blur was noticeable. 2. Sony X7002g vs LG 49 UK7500PTA (79k): Lg has nanocell display, doesn't come in 43 and costs 10k more than 49" sony (same model, jus bigger screen). This time, the picture quality was same in both. Gotta say, didnt like that both the salesmen (2 shops) were pushing for sony. At home, i have sony and samsung TV and an lg monitor. Once Sony tv had an issue (around 5yrs later?), didn't like their service/repair. Don't want to try out Mi, V etc tv's. I think, build quality of sony, samsung or lg is better. But then... Its doubtful so idk. Help me out guys.
  7. Nr.Draca47

    Path of Exile 2

    Its still 'One Game with Two Campaigns'. No need for a new thread for PoE 2
  8. Nr.Draca47

    Diablo IV

    If they release this rotten game mechanic/gameplay in 3yrs. It will DoA for skilled players. It looks like the usual/generic gameplay of ARPG
  9. Tr00 Tr00 All the morale boosting speech is really not working here
  10. Nr.Draca47

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Meh then. Waste of imagination and potential
  11. Nr.Draca47

    Cyberpunk 2077

    If we run wild with our imagination then think it this way. What if the classes are projected as guilds of elder scrolls. For the specific type of jobs, you get to do quests. Now completing quests in-game is boring. So, what if (like in dark souls), you are given the option of invading some1 elses world where you can assassinate some working in for another guild. Instead of killing npc, we get to kill real players. A network mix of gta and DS..something like that.
  12. Nr.Draca47


    I was jus stating a quote for future reference (or in life) . I know you can't befriend an npc once you have aggro'd.
  13. Nr.Draca47


    Don't you know the saying, 'If you can't eliminate them, befriend them' Likeness is irrelevant when you can't progress further and have to ask for help
  14. Nr.Draca47

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Btw, i said looks salty. :| And Someone as in a being/creature
  15. Nr.Draca47

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Man, What would shooting stars feel like
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