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  1. thatbrowndude

    ps4 from dubai. Few questions.

    Hm, yeah it's 30.5k at samurai corner.. doesn't sound too bad if I manage to sell off my ps3 with a faulty hdmi port. should i check with them for the eu or jp version, or is the uae version fine? tbh I dont know if it matters much now. I just hope it doesn't turn dud on me after a few months. the thought of having a 30k paperweight makes me cringe.
  2. thatbrowndude

    ps4 from dubai. Few questions.

    Hey guys, can anyone help me import a PS4 pro from Dubai? Someone coming back with some spare room in their luggage. Someone from Delhi would be great, as I can pick it up easy. It's a long shot, but it goes anyway.