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  1. I just don't seem to get a hang of battle royale in general. Game starts keep looting for 10-15mins with no action, suddenly someone spots me from somewhere and kills me. No respawn, straight to lobby find new game. So irritating!! Is it just me ?
  2. The most detailed script in a video game of its time (till date?). The opening chase sequence The Tommy transition Car race sequence Drive through country side My god the list goes on!!
  3. Interested in regular MP ?
  4. Any call of duty players interested in cross play (PC) teamup ?
  5. Looking to teamup for multiplayer matchmaking.
  6. Point me to the Fragfest thread for this game or add me for some MP action - PC Activision ID : wantmilk
  7. No same model of what I posted, it's a borderless/bezel free design, just in 17K - I checked it on price tracker and it indeed did drop 10K from its normal price.
  8. LG 24MP88HV 24-inch Full HD Ips Monitor - Rs. 14,499 Is it worthwhile ? I saw Spearhead (user) got the 27" size at 17k ...don't see that happening until sometime. LMK guys.
  9. What I liked about Sacred Games is no one was over consuming screen space more than they should have, given their role in the story... just to wave their star power wand around. I can imagine if this were a commercial Saif ki movie then the screenplay and character dynamics would have been totally different. Varun Grover is the man!! love his comic stuff and Masaan and now this. Brilliant multi talented man (also lyricist) and yet we'll clap for the crow voiced Farhan Akhtar
  10. Guys I was reading getting a VPN can solve this, is this true ? Can anyone with a legit paid VPN confirm this ?
  11. Here's the result, how would you rate this considering my ISP is claiming 150mbps Also enabled the max quality at account level, still starts with 480p and then gradually goes to 2160p. Other video streaming players are worse Openload for example. What exactly am I looking for here ? It timed out in the last few attempts 25-30 and pings were above 200ms, once my ISP crosses SG (Google dns)
  12. Guys, I'm experiencing this strange behaviour on my internet connection. I'm on the 150Mbps Act connection. And speedtests are all showing right numbers. But when I'm streaming netflix I rarely get 2160p (UHD) and this for streaming services in general, anything but Youtube. I was reading that ISPs, cache Youtube so you don't see much drops there but other services are throttled ? Anyone with similar experience ? Did you try to get a VPN and see if it fixes the throttling ?
  13. Bit confused by the last statement. So are you suggesting I get a 144hz instead ? I saw there are certain non Freesync 144hz monitors as well. What do you think of these models and which one do you recommend - 1. https://www.amazon.in/LG-27MP59G-IPS-LED/dp/B075V5F3N4 2. https://www.amazon.in/LG-24GM79G-B-Reduction-FreeSyncTM-Stabilizer/dp/B06XFGTGC4/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1530517129&sr=1-1&keywords=lg+24gm79g-b
  14. Guys I'm on the lookout for a monitor upgrade over my current AOC 22" FHD 60HZ nothing fancy here. Challenge is given the current options its getting a bit confusing and I could potentially end up with an overkill given my PC hardware. Essentially need it for gaming. Now my rig is bit dated and can push 45+ FPS mostly high settings in modern games at 1080p and around 30FPS at 1440p Which one should I consider as the category of the monitor, and individual suggestions in the recommended category would help - 1. 1080p freesync monitor (bigger in size ~27") 60hz 2. 1080p 144hz 24" 3. 1440p 60hz 24" 4. 4K 60hz 24" All kind of line up in the same budget line 20-25K is where I'm drawing the line for this. PS: Running a RX 470 4gig
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