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  1. Mine says preparing for dispatch since yesterday.
  2. Got this on friday, Its been quite a while since i picked a game from store. The RFID wallet was the preorder bonus exclusive to offline stores.
  3. Fenix21

    Death Stranding

    I didn't get any mail from them, I got it from the store. Contacted them yesterday. They sent me the code.
  4. Fenix21

    Death Stranding

    Anyone else who didn't get the pre-order bonus (Theme, Avatar and ingame items) from Gamestheshop?
  5. Fenix21

    Death Stranding

    Where ? Any reason why the Collector's edition is not releasing in India?
  6. Does the code have an expiry date? Can I activate it directly or do I need to change my region to US?
  7. CEX is legit, you can take your switch to the store and test it out before buying They don't sell online in India.
  8. Available on Amazon for Rs 2499.
  9. Visited GTS store yesterday, They have no actual update about the shipment from distributor (Sony India). The release date on the site is just a placeholder.
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