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  1. Bought it mainly to play SP Few hours into the campaign its pretty good, the game starts to lose its pacing with the forced looter shooter tutorials like go to this vendor for upgrades and buy chaddi baniyan from that vendor🙄 I was like just let me play the story ffs, The performance on Xbox one x is great, didn't notice any drops, playing on Resolution mode 4k 30fps.
  2. Me trying to sell Last of us 2 collector's edition on TP and Olx, encountered so many lowballers including the usual riff raff on Olx who shamelessly quote 50% of the price and say callme to this number, this conversation happened on olx LB: Hi i am interested in buying Ellie statue, can you sell it separately? let me know the price Me: Yes Available, 5k for the statue LB: okay i'll think about it Me: okay after a day LB: Bro i changed my mind i want to buy the whole thing Me: okay great, are you okay with the price? LB : Yeah all okay for 5000 Me: 5k only for statue LB: I need everything bro Me: then it will be 9k, this is the lowest i can go LB: Not in my budget Me: in my mind never replied back
  3. Mine says preparing for dispatch since yesterday.
  4. Got this on friday, Its been quite a while since i picked a game from store. The RFID wallet was the preorder bonus exclusive to offline stores.
  5. Fenix21

    Death Stranding

    I didn't get any mail from them, I got it from the store. Contacted them yesterday. They sent me the code.
  6. Fenix21

    Death Stranding

    Anyone else who didn't get the pre-order bonus (Theme, Avatar and ingame items) from Gamestheshop?
  7. Fenix21

    Death Stranding

    Where ? Any reason why the Collector's edition is not releasing in India?
  8. Does the code have an expiry date? Can I activate it directly or do I need to change my region to US?
  9. CEX is legit, you can take your switch to the store and test it out before buying They don't sell online in India.
  10. Available on Amazon for Rs 2499.
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