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  1. Oh, I was waiting for an update on Jotnar Edition. Good thing that i bought the physical copy. Also don't understand the BS from Sony for not including the disc in collectors editon.
  2. FYI, The 36 months Gold to Ultimate conversion still works. My 3 year GPU sub had expired 2 days ago, renewed it today when i saw the join for Rs50 offer. Subscribed till Aug 2025.
  3. My gifts had arrived few days ago, only opened them now. Thank you so much Santa @dylanjosh I guess it's you, your name showed up in billing address on one of the gifts Happy Holidays and happy new new year to you and your family.
  4. Also I have received 3 gifts from my Santa Currently I am out of town, will go back on Sunday and open the gifts myself.
  5. You're Welcome! Glad you liked the gifts.
  6. PM sent, thank you for organizing this.
  7. Fenix21


    My bad, I thought this was the orb room where the datacube is located which is quite common after several runs finally found the white orb room which had the final cipher and Platinum trophy popped spent most of the weekend grinding for the ciphers and it was totally worth it.
  8. Fenix21


    Yes, i did. That room shows up almost in every run.
  9. Fenix21


    Got lucky and found 4 Ciphers yesterday in biome 2. Only one cipher remaining now and the grind continues. i haven't seen this room yet, either there is a challenge room at the same place or a broken door.
  10. Fenix21


    Same with me, I have all the trophies unlocked except for Biome 2, some of the rooms don't spawn at all even with multiple retries, fractured wastes ka poora chappa chappa chaan maara phir bhi 5 ciphers baaki hai
  11. Recently bought Switch, I have got Super Mario Odyssey for now, (amazing gameplay, those 2D sections instantly made me feel like a kid) As brand new games are too expensive, can someone help me with the ongoing 2nd hand prices for these games. Breath of the wild Mario Aces Tennis Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Pokemon let's go Astral chain
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