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  1. No PS5 stock available so may as well get people to share. Also help liquidate stock of the drifting Dual Sense.
  2. Update: Using WPS didn't work, got a couple of disconnects yesterday too. Possibly less frequently when downloading one game at a time instead of multiple games simultaneously. But it seems to happen whenever playing one game while another game is being downloaded. Will try playing for a couple of days without downloading anything and seeing how it goes.
  3. I had a similar issue twice yesterday while downloading games. Connecting using WPS seems to have worked since the Wifi stayed connected so far. Not sure what variables are at play - downloading, installing, playing, 5Ghz, etc. But the Error code was NW 102216-2 and it seems like a pretty common issue which became more prominent after the last console update.
  4. Yes it was while installing from Disc. Though the whole Wi-Fi seemed to have disappeared from the system. Connected using WPS and I haven't encountered the issue yet so far in about 4 hours of playing since.
  5. Anyone encountered Error NW 102216-2 ? Randomly disconnects and can't detect Wi-Fi. Restarting the PS5 fixes it but it has happened twice in 4 hours.
  6. Delivered. Stuck in a meeting so can only admire the Amazon box at the moment.
  7. Out for Delivery expected by 2pm in North Bangalore
  8. We thought there was a work around or hack that didn't involve creating a US account
  9. Try Hollow Knight instead. Same platforming twitch mechanics. With more emphasis on combat and much better world and story.
  10. Also some orders shipped from Tohana and others from Bhiwandi. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6010 using Tapatalk
  11. Since @Shantz has already got his, I guess so. Couple of other's including mine have reached the hubs. Will most probably be delivered tomorrow.
  12. If it reaches final destination by 3 you would most probably still get it delivered this evening. Sadly mine hasn't yet moved.
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