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  1. I don't think that's the case, I've had so many orders delivered this prime sale all reached by Monday. Something seems fishy here :? My order shows it will be shipped between 30th-1st. But if I try to buy a new pair from same seller (Apporio) it says delivery by today 5-9pm. WT THE HELL, if they have stock why aren't they fulfilling my order. Are we getting a "special sale wala" stock unit? ? Had a chat with Amazon CC: they are useless as always, asked them to get me a callback from a specialist team who were also useless. Just told me to wait and if there is any issue in the product they will replace it.
  2. Oh yes I purchased the Sony WH-1000XM4. Sony has such weird naming
  3. Why do you think it will drop again? They're already back to 25k/29k ?
  4. When did it drop to 18k (-3.250 = 14.7?)? I placed the order for these on Monday as well, price was showing 19.9 - 3250 for citi card so total at 16.7k. Also weirdly it's still showing "Not dispatched", I wonder why it's taking so long. I hope they don't cancel the order.
  5. Yup got it instantly when I received the CODE email. Did you confirm if it shows "Rs 200 cashback eligible on this order" during checkout? Are you sure you "collected" the coupon first before making the purchase? It must be collected even after you have unlocked
  6. Folks check your Amazon pay rewards scratch cards. I got this and bought a 1000Rs PSN topup for 800
  7. If you have an ICICI card, you can try to get it from Amazon in the current prime day sale https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07K6PVXJZ/ref=VG_WIN_1?pf_rd_r=2GNJ26MZQWCPVT77NFXY&pf_rd_p=63e636c2-1915-45e3-b919-3294f466c3b6&pf_rd_m=A1VBAL9TL5WCBF&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-15&pf_rd_t=30901&pf_rd_i=976460031 and https://www.amazon.in/Rs-4500-Sony-PlayStation-Network-Delivery/dp/B07K6RK5KR/ref=pd_sbs_sccl_2_4/257-5456973-8543729?pd_rd_w=oTKgf&content-id=amzn1.sym.b0e1d3a3-a142-4433-98ed-109915a6cd23&pf_rd_p=b0e1d3a3-a142-4433-98ed-109915a6cd23&pf_rd_r=YT3AZ1ZFDNTMADW12TQ4&pd_rd_wg=suHQS&pd_rd_r=b64442eb-7ab9-4ac6-97b0-4407c776f41a&pd_rd_i=B07K6RK5KR&psc=1 10% instant discount if you buy over 5000. Not sure how legit the seller "Express Games (GameKart)" is though, they have a lifetime 15% negative ratings ? EDIT: Bought the 500 card, lets see what happens EDIT2: Redeemed the code, it worked
  8. I just finished TLOU Part 1 and even though I loved it (finished it in 3 sittings), I just found Days Gone top be more my style. Days Gone was definitely my GOTY. I LOVED IT. LOVEEEEDDDD IT! I'm already a sucker for zombie stuff and this was one of the first games I played after getting the PS5. I skipped the last 2 generations of console so hadn't played TLOU yet. It's not a fair comparison by any means, but I'm super super excited to play TLOU part 2 now. (Going to keep some buffer so I dont get burnt out by zombies haha) Wondering what I should pick next? - I started playing AC: Origins on the gamepass, but it's feeling a bit grindy already and I'm just not feeling the vibes like I did with AC Odyssey. Origins is feeling too bland. - Started Star Wars Battlefront 2 campaign on Gamepass but again I'm not really feeling it. The game is really pretty but I'm kind of confused by the story. Maybe I'll just skip to Jedi fallen order. - Downloading Naraka (anyone wants to multiplayer?) Gamepass is making me feel guilty, but I really want to upgrade to PS++ and play both the spidermans ?
  9. Just for a frame of reference: I bought the C1 for 1.2 just a few months back. So this is great pricing imo
  10. ox-mizu on PSN oxmizu on XBOX Mostly play single player games because of weird times I game on, but would love to play some multiplayer with anyone from IVG
  11. Thanks folks, super appreciate all the help?! I've spoken to ICICI, VS, and LG people. Registered product on my-lg website shows only 1 year as warranty. Spoke to LG person he said the extended 2 years warranty will be honored as TV is purchased in the offer date from VS which is a connected dealer. So LG will need the dealer's BILL and you should get 3 years warranty total. Asked VS and they sent me a PDF version of "Extended warranty card" which has the same thing written "OLEDs bought before 31st March 2022 will get 2 years additional warranty" Don't have any physical warranty card, asked them if they can send me this. Also asked ICICI rep to send me final foreclosure amount/last date. But going to close this emi only if I can get a physical extended warranty card from VS/LG, or just let this slide. Don't want to go and waste more time on this. Also scared that they might make a fuss later on if I try to claim warranty because of some lame excuse like "you closed EMI so offer not valid" crap. 2 years of warranty is more important to me than 5k. Waiting for a reply. Hope I can get this sorted easily, I might have a head office contact will keep that as my last option.
  12. I contacted ICICI they are saying there are no foreclosure fees if I cancel within 17 days from the transaction. So I still have 4-5 days left if I want to "close the EMI". But Vijay sales is telling if I foreclose I may not get the 3 year warranty wtf? How do I ensure my 3 years warranty is actually registered with LG before closing the EMI? The LG installation guy told me that your VS bill acts as a warranty card, so I'm super confused now
  13. ox-

    Far Cry 6

    Same here. Played it on sat and sunday and really liked it! Played it on the xsx and fell in love with the graphics, and the music and entire vibe feels awesome, feels like im in there fighting in the revolution! But with so many games in backlog, and so many in gamepass, and so little time. Should I really spend the 2k with a chance I don't play this for more than a few more hours? Can I continue this digital version using a physical disk if I find that cheaper somewhere?
  14. Yup I totally got scammed. Total is coming out to me for around Rs 1,20,700 + maybe 800 extra GST charges. Lost trust from Vijay sales This what the guy at the counter showed me on the machine and said the charges will be "1,17,159 + around 1000 in gst charges, so total around 118k" Now they are backing out, even the Vijay sales head office is backing out and saying its 120,778 only. Going to stick to croma from next time
  15. At that price I'd wait for the C2. Fudge it, I'm not stressing about this anymore. Whatever happens
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