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  1. Yeah I agree. In the beginning we used to talk everyday but now we have run out of things so just talk once every few days.
  2. I hope your parents never find out about video calling.
  3. Tbh linear games drop in price really quick. People are only really willing to pay $30-40 for SP games.
  4. adity

    Ghost of Tsushima

    GoT combat is sexy as hell. Its stylish while also being really intuitive, giving a ton of options and just the right amount of challenge. That's why I was so happy with news of the legends update. Want more of that combat.
  5. Ngl bro this is the first time I'm paying for a console. Before this I used to pass some exam and get a console, mobile, etc as a gift. Growing up sucks.
  6. 1 more thing to add. Before the Bethesda announcement, I had to chose between cheaper games and solid exclusives and the choice was easy - PS5 but now it really isn't a choice. I really don't wanna miss on whatever id or Arkane or Machine games does next. Missing Sony games is out of the questions so the choice has now shifted towards which console I should buy first. Its very clear that game pass saves me a lot of money and also I'll get access to MS exclusives like Forza Horizon which I haven't played before. PS5 as a primary platform just isn't making a ton of sense anymore. That's all I'm gonna say.
  7. This is where I'm coming from. Honestly, life has changed and I find it difficult to justify 4k game purchases these days. I was checking out the Gamepass library and it's f**king stacked. Lots of games I wanna play on there. I'm thinking if I find someone to account share I can have a pretty solid collection of games to play for 4k year. PS5 anyways will get in 2 years for the exclusives. Multiplatform games will run better on XSX anyways.
  8. Actually I'm thinking of getting it here only. With amazon pay card I'll get it for 47.5 so only 6.5k difference. Plus I'll get no cost Emi also. Only benefit I'm losing is that uncle might be feeling good that day and say I'll pay for it.
  9. Suburban diagnostics, Mumbai. Metropolis labs also offering it. RT PCR test (hopefully spelled it right). No prescription required. They wear full PPE kit.
  10. 2 problems with Spiderman remastered. 1. Not offering it separately. I know it's only $20 on top of MM but I'm personally happy to wait for MM to drop in price to $20 or whatever. Until then I can't play Spiderman remastered either. 2. No save carryover. I would like to do an NG+ playthrough just to take in the improved visuals and improvements. Zero interest in doing the research stations and catching pigeons to get upgrade tokens. 3. Remastered version after 2 years of release just feels wrong for some reason.
  11. There is a pretty high correlation between seriousness of covid symptoms and BMI.
  12. So my grandparents had to get tested because they travelling to Dubai. Very smooth experience tbh. The testing guy came to their home, took the swab and test results next day on email. Charged 2k per person. Both of them came negative.
  13. OLED burn in is not a concern unless you watch content with static elements for literally thousands of hours. If you're spending anything more than a lakh, get an OLED. It outclasses any other qled, LCD whatever in every department except brightness but that is more than compensated with the infinite contrast.
  14. Nintendo has managed to become a thing of its own by carving a very unique identity with its form factor and games. Sony does have its top notch exclusives but MS might just catch up with them now. It has Sony beat in every other department.
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