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  1. adity

    Yakuza 7

    Yakuza is a very profitable franchise. No point comparing it with persona. Persona launches 1 game in a decade and yakuza series literally has at least 2 games releasing every year. They developed at a rather low cost because of reused assets and consistently outperform expectations.
  2. I doubt it's true but it'd be a genius move. Literally just make a terrible trailer and then release the actual footage months late.
  3. adity

    Yakuza 7

    Yakuza was the only game of its kind aka one with brawler combat and was fun af. Its a dick punch for yakuza fans. I'm still gonna play it but it's justified to be pissed at their decision.
  4. adity

    Death Stranding

    Hi guys, Kojima is not a gay.
  5. f**k me. I remember that movie. Arsad warsi was a horrible casting choice. Tbh I don't think anyone was particularly good in that one.
  6. Fiio beats the ES100 in terms of output from the 3.5mm jack. ES100 supposedly has better output from the 2.5mm slot but not everyone has that. Personally, quite happy with the btr3 i bought recently.
  7. Honestly some of the best combat of all time. It just feels so f**king good to play.
  8. adity

    Diablo 3

    Runs smooth af on ps4. Get the eternal collection.
  9. adity

    Disco Elysium

    Is this game going to launch on consoles?
  10. adity


    This is your life and its ending one minute at a time.
  11. Yup same. f**king terrifying. Couple of times, sleep paralysis f**ked my dream to be super horror and sh*t.
  12. adity

    Death Stranding

    Some quotes from the initial 15 minutes or so. Paraphrasing. "Gran Tourismo of walking simulators" "Remember when MGS came out, it spawned a lot of copycat stealth games. If Death Stranding becomes the bsst selling game of 2019, I can imagine EA coming out with FedEx 2020 or Ubisoft coming with UPS 2021" "playing this game will make you think, What if breath of the wild was boring...... on purpose Or What is Assassin's creed hated you." There is a lot of rambling but the guy delivers some proper sick burns. Apparently you have to keep the f**king triggers pressed to pick up an object. Like if you leave the trigger, Sam will just drop the object
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