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  1. Hardly means anything tbh. There are what 4 voice lines in the first game?
  2. Soectranet's availability is super limited. They have service in my friend's society but only in 1 wing out of 4. Its a weird ISP.
  3. Cloth masks were never. It's bullshit like this which made the situation go so bad. It's always been recommended to use n95 masks and if you find that too expensive at least go with a three ply. Neither N95 nor three ply provide complete protection and depend a lot on the fit and how it's worn which is not right majority of the times which is why it's recommended to not go out of the home unless absolutely needed. Now people are saying it's airborne but it may or may not be true. Maybe it can stay airborne for a very short period because the situation would've been a lot worse if not. The airborne claims don't seem to be linked to any solid evidence either.
  4. This is some hilarious bullshit. You are making wearing a mask into a f**king philosophical discussion. People should be moving out a minimum to keep exposure to a minimum. No one asked you to lock yourself in a bunker. Just wear a mask and sanitise sh*t which is the bare minimum. Seriously, it's still not late to cut your losses and behave like a sane person. You think you're coming off as really smart with these long a*s replies but you're only digging a bigger hole and trying to cover up your stupidity with more stupidity. Also cloth masks are masks the same way a spiderman mask is a mask. It's f**king fancy dress. It's not gonna protect you against sh*t.
  5. It does if the region is same. My second son disc save worked just fine with the digital version.
  6. You agree that cloth masks are useless and then go on to justify your handkerchief use by saying policemen use them? f**king hell dude. Half of the country is stupid as sh*t and you have decided to set up camp on the stupid side.
  7. And like surgical masks don't even cost that much. The only reason to be wearing a f**king hanky is to show everyone how much of an idiot you are.
  8. adity

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Nintendo sold millions of switches only because of botw. Their insane exclusive lineup is probably the number one reason for their insane success. Why would they f**k up a good thing.
  9. adity

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    You don't need a pc to watch porn on your TV lol. Just screen mirror your phone to your tv.
  10. The experience is the exact same on iPhone. However there is one caveat. Samsung phones have scalable codec which is supposedly better than AAC codec on Iphones but that's about it.
  11. adity

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    A 32 inch monitor right in your face has gotten be similar to 55 inch TV few feet away from you.
  12. Altered carbon is pretty meh. Starts strong but falls off a cliff midway.
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