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  1. Finished American Vandal season 1 and it was amazing. A proper mystery which keeps you guessing and quite funny at times too. Also, halfway through Russian doll. Pretty good so far.
  2. I play with headphones to drown it out.
  3. You're in for a treat. It's a proper masterpiece.
  4. The best way to go about studying is to make a proper schedule which includes "me time". During the me time do whatever the *beep* you want and since you are going as per your scheudle you won't feel guilty about it. Don't touch books or even think about studies during the me time. But when you are studying, keep everything to the side and study with 100% focus. Don't touch your phone or anything else at all during that time. If you have problems with it like I did, you can install an app if your phone is android which basically locks your phone during the duration you set.
  5. adity

    Borderlands 3

    Any news on patch for consoles. Really wanna play this game.
  6. Jio would literally have to break the laws of physics to give zero latency gaming.
  7. Yes. AAA means high production values and by that metric, they are definitely AAA.
  8. Eva should have married Senu than that piece of sh*t Bayek.
  9. Still though. Barring outliers like this, plans should still be unlimited upto a certain point. With things like game streaming, 4k videos and iot coming in, it really won't take long to go through 1 TB.
  10. I think they are doing this to divert attention from the slowing economy.
  11. Every plan has trash FUPs. What're you gonna do with 250 mbps when it's gonna run out withnonly 500 Gb usage. Even paying 2.5k a month gets you only 1250 Gb. My cable operator gives 50 mbps unlimited (actual speeds come to 100 mbps) for ₹1,200 and this is in Mumbai. The plans are way better in bangalore, Delhi, etc.
  12. adity


    No mod support as per AMA.
  13. adity

    Gears 5

    I've said it before but his posts always manage to read like those astroturfing twitter accounts.
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