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  1. adity


    Homeopathy is mostly just sugar and pretending that it actually does something. f**k that sh*t and f**k the government for even allowing this sh*t. Its straight up harmful.
  2. adity


    I hate homeopathy so f**king much.
  3. I'm having a blast watching IASIP. Few shows make me laugh as much as iasip.
  4. They have crazy expectations because they spend way too much on their games on account of their mismanagement.
  5. adity

    Persona 5

    I absolutely loved it. Just stopped playing for some reason.
  6. adity

    Persona 5

    I still haven't finished p5. Bought it at launch. Finished only 2 palaces. Now I'm wondering if I should buy this and start afresh.
  7. adity


    But we already are in community transmission phase. Lockdown won't save us until we know whether to extend the lockdown, and we can get this information only by testing more. Since we are already in community transmission phase, i would think a minimum lockdown till June end but is that feasible? Also the more testing and more cases, the more people will take it seriously and stay at home. Source for this? I don't think we are in community transmission yet.
  8. adity


    We'll probably have to close the international borders for the rest of the year. f**king insanity.
  9. adity

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Should I just skip it and move on to y4? Because I've heard y4 and y5 are both excellent.
  10. adity


    There is one case in Malad as well. Just 300 metres from my home in my uncle's building.
  11. Just watched it. Definitely no snatch but it's quite enjoyable. Was missing a movie like this. Just sit back and watch the eccentric characters f**k sh*t up and unf**k it.
  12. Yeah one of the few movies to make me laugh and cry.
  13. Have you watched Jojo Rabbit? If not, watch that. Amazing movie.
  14. adity


    My uncle who lives in Madgaon has been facing the same issues you described. Really sad state of affairs.
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