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  1. Got the echo dots. Very much worth it for what they cost. Even the Syska light is pretty decent. Bright enough although lack of music flow is disappointing.
  2. Nope. It sucks. Buy a Firestick if you want decent hotstar on LG TV. I've tried it too. Sucks big time. Literally downloaded a copy off the Internet of John wick after hotstar crashed on me
  3. Yeah. Pass hoke bhool gaya sab 😅
  4. Could just be a coincidence.
  5. I hope it flops so that Disney can go back to making actual movies rather than this live remake bullshit.
  6. I mean you don't have to call them donations. Like I said, membership fee or whatever. Show it as income which'll be setoff by expenses. Donations won't come on the balance sheet. Since there is no obligation attached to them. What you're talking about is that private limited companies aren't allowed to accept deposits from the public. Then again I'm no expert so who knows? I may be wrong.
  7. Not really. It won't be tax deductible but there's nothing stopping a company from taking donations. You can just show it as membership fees or whatever. There won't be any profits since all theoretical donations would be used for hosting expenses and such.
  8. Finished Good Omens. Really good show. Amazing acting and cinematography. Must watch.
  9. Cable Internet is the best. Everything works full speed, very few blocked sites, torrents somehow work faster than full speed and basically zero downtime.
  10. Spiderman far from home was really good. Go watch it, folks.
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