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  1. I really liked the vibe of the show. Everything was so creepy and enigmatic. It set up so much but everything for tied up in one or two episodes with convenient answers.
  2. It's not very accurate. Doesn't show the plat I achieved and doesn't have RDR 2 in my top games even though I put sh*t ton of hours.
  3. Watchmen really dropped the ball on the ending. Everything wrapped up too nicely. Regardless its a great show. Solid 8/10. If the ending was better, it'd be 9.5/10.
  4. Spiderman ps4 had to have the swinging speed limited because of the low streaming speed of its HDD. That's a common complaint among a lot of people which can be attributed to hardware limitations. It's just one example.
  5. You can get FaceTime unblocked devices in dubai. Besides, not everyone uses it.
  6. It's terrible news. Ps4 and xbox one are already not able to keep up with new games. Who the f**k wants that sh*t to creep into the new gen. Next gen games won't be very next gen they have to support old as sh*t hardware.
  7. I remember once my order became expensive by 50 bucks or so after applying gold. Ridiculous.
  8. adity


    Yeah I had almost bought the game but didn't because of how much these guys hated it.
  9. John wick is bland only if you hate action and style. Every shot in the movie oozes style and the action is expertly choreographed and captured with minimal cuts. The lore is absurd which if you ask me only adds to the charm of the series.
  10. Nintendo isn't competing with ps4 or xbox anyways. Switch enjoys a reputation where people owning other gaming systems are also compelled to buy it on account of its unique exclusives and form factor.
  11. adity

    Borderlands 3

    Ordered it for ps4. Anyone up for a co op campaign?
  12. Purchased. Thanks. Also discovered that amazon pay can be used to pay for it which is great.
  13. I'll keep that in mind. There is some pain but not in the heels or lower back. People always say that it hurts a couple of days and then subsists. I'm kinda going off of that.
  14. Yeah. John Wick is so good, a movie better than it has to be damn near perfect.
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