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  1. VRR has nothing to do with performance. VRR is purely a display tech.
  2. Ghost of Tsushima for epic 50 hour fun adventure. TLOU 2 is good but is non stop depressing shite for 25-30 hours.
  3. Meh! Friends has really lame jokes. It's the Tarak Mehta of USA.
  4. X90H's brightness is barely higher than CX. So if you're going with it over OLED just for higher peak brightness, it makes zero sense. Also, terrible time to go and look for a TV right after the best offers of the year probably ended. Edit: Actually no, X90H peak brightness is actually considerably lower than CX.
  5. adity

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Previous reports said its shorter more like 50-60 hours.
  6. This is awesome. Xbox once again shining with old games and running new games like old games. As IGN would say, it really makes you feel like a retro gamer.
  7. A 10x bigger castle isn't gonna show everything at the same time. LOD scaling is still a thing. Besides, if you make a castle, you also have to fill it with stuff which won't be possible for a soulsborne title considering how carefully crafted every encounter is.
  8. ML upscaled res with higher quality shadows, textures, etc >>> native 4k low quality settings.
  9. The only responsibility is to grow glorious beards and oppress minorities and our government's really killing it.
  10. OT but this reminds me of this really padhaku dude in school who wanted to be a homeopathy doctor. What a waste .
  11. adity

    Cyberpunk 2077

    There are some games which don't work without day 1 patch. I am pretty certain on that. Iirc Driveclub wouldn't work without a day 1 patch.
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