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  1. Hmm yeah. We can achieve 100% vaccination at this rate. Plz Mudi. Keep this up.
  2. You can't just opt out of deals. Just not how the real world works.
  3. Who do I ship this to? Haven't touched the game at all 😅.
  4. Their mini led is more expensive than OLED. Considerably so. Sony or Samsung will never be able to match pricing of LG because obviously they make the panels. Also, just a clarification, C1's panel is mostly the same as CX which is the same as C9. The new panel with higher brightness is coming to the more expensive one (Z1, I think). But yes there is a 150-200 nits difference in C and B which is substantial if you ask me.
  5. B series can be had for 1.05 to 1.1L with heavy bargaining and waiting till diwali. Even A series coming now which is even cheaper.
  6. Iss raaste pe akele hi chalna padta hai . You should go ahead an ban all those members you speak of. Then have fun with a community of armchair analysts who don't actually talk about games on a gaming forum.
  7. He got banned for being a bad boy. Which he is. That's only for a week, too. He can decide to be a normal non toxic person after that.
  8. Focus on suits if you want to plat. Otherwise you'll have to get gold in challenges which is not easy at all.
  9. This thread = my baseless rumor is better than your baseless rumor
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