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  1. I seriously can't believe so many people are ready to put up with the a**hole for what is essentially a mass market product. He hasn't really cleaned up his act and should've been out of business by now. Like, what's the allure here?
  2. He's also bundling MSFS lmao. Removed only this morning it seems. Some useless sh*t will probably be added back once again. He's done this before where he removed it to win an argument and added it back. Your account is just spam. If it's your official account then just use the actual name instead of hiding behind a normal looking account. And no bundles are not common. GPU, Nike LE shoes, iphones and a whole lot of other things don't come in bundles.
  3. The bitchass is still forcing people to buy 65k bundles for something that costs 50k ish
  4. Yeah and Gotham Knights looks amazing. Day 1 babbyy
  5. You called it online only when it's not. That was the mistake I was pointing out. I don't care about what other nonsense you have to fight out.
  6. Lol the game is fully playable solo and the game is tuned to the solo experience. Reading is hard.
  7. Phil Spencer has a gamerscore of 85k lol. He's put 50+ hours into Elden Ring.
  8. Maybe but it's not like he's doing everything himself. All the Big Bois I've seen till date manage their wlb very well.
  9. CXO type people get plenty of free time afaik. I don't think Cory balrog sits 16 hours in office everyday
  10. Regular people also don't finish most games lol. What's the point you're trying to prove anyways.
  11. What are you saying lol. Idk about game devs but Tarantino for example is a huge film buff. So is Kojima. You cannot be a good game, music, whatever creator without an inherent love for the art. 90% of stuff you say tends to be complete bullshit.
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