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  1. You haven't even finished college bro. What do you mean by old school? 2018? Jk.jk
  2. Watched it for the third time on Friday lol. This time in 4DX. Still fun.
  3. You can skip cutscenes in God of war on an ng+ playthrough. They don't allow cutscene skipping for story reasons.
  4. Beat me to it. Such a fun episode and such a fun movie. Rewatched it today.
  5. My favorite is the thermogenic launcher with the full auto trait. So much fun to use. Spitmaw I never really used. Felt too ineffective. Guess I gotta give it a go. Will dive into the wave mode when I get back home.
  6. The Boys S3 is too good, man. Best till now. Btw guys don't sleep on Umbrella Academy, man. It's just as good as Boys but with a lighter vibe. S3 is out. Fon a watch it today, tomorrow.
  7. Hollowseeker has sh*t dps dude.
  8. You'll soon get a new weapon which you'll find awesome but is the second worst in the game.
  9. Some people need to understand Sony is not gonna offer them jobs. I don't think they read this forum.
  10. What a sh*t bait with a shitty meme to go with. U2 is awesome. You should stick with your 60s ghazals and PS1 games. Very out of touch opinions.
  11. ~50% states are set make it illegal. 13 states have laws in place which automatically make it illegal if Roe v Wade is overturned. US sure is repressive for a country which claims to be the last bastion of "FREEDOM"
  12. That's why you don't see me intellectually masturbating on the inner workings of the industry.
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