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  1. Toned down version of "we gonna mine the killer comet"
  2. Yeah idk why it's so hard for some people to understand that easy availability of guns also mean criminals and idiots get access to them. And no, no amount of policing and background check is going to fix that when second sales exist. Any idiot with 2 brain cells can understand once something is actually in the market, it's pretty much impossible to control it's abuse. Majority of drug abuse in USA is from prescription drugs. Regardless, this is obviously not the place not the place for this. And we got enough problems of our own. Why be Begani Shaadi mein Abdullah deewana.
  3. Really fun (and funny) lesson on ancient history
  4. The Dartmoor level is so fun. Ended up discovering most of the stuff in the location in a single lengthy run. One of the best missions I've ever played in general.
  5. https://www.trueachievements.com/n45351/how-to-view-xbox-game-play-time-sort-by-time-played Got the time played per game from here. It can be easily coped into excel. I did that split the time played column with alt >A>E and summed the hours and minutes. Some older games don't track achievements so put approximate numbers there. I
  6. You don't need it tbh. LG Webos is a usp for most people. Unless you're actually missing an app you need, no need.
  7. Mr. Comingle


    On xbox anything goes as long as it doesn't use external files. I'm hoping they improve the mod support with Starfield too considering they own it now.
  8. The rtpcr swab up the nose is horrible though. I think it felt worse than the time I got my head split open in a freak accident. Maybe anal swabs aren't such a bad (if they don't hurt).
  9. I think he has a space constraint. Otherwise, always best to get the biggest possible tv. I'm defo getting a 65 inch in an year or two. And 77 inch when I'm super rich or the prices become reasonable.
  10. Pros - Smooth af, super intuitive and pretty solid app support Cons - android TV will support more apps and faster updates. Some apps like hotstar take their own sweet time bringing features to webos. And yes it is the best in that range at that size. Actually, you won't find a better <50 inch tv at any price point. The picture quality is absolute best, supports all hdmi 2.1 features so perfect for gaming and movies. The only con is that it needs a dark room to perform best.
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