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  1. Wow its out already? Gotta get to it.
  2. It's the best open world game by a mile.
  3. I would think your opinion is to not marry any woman.
  4. No souls games, man. Want some thing more chill.
  5. I'm somehow not digging the feel of the game. Death's door was tight af.
  6. 120 hz got nothing to do with VRR but yes, those features acoompany each other normally.
  7. I've bought the game twice and haven't been able to make headway. Maybe now is the time. I'm not able to start any new game since Elden Ring.
  8. Good blu ray remux is normally around 50-60 Gb. The HBO max rip I downloaded is 30 ish gigs.
  9. I generally download blu ray remuxes. Although for this one only HBO max rip was available. HBO max rips are pretty good in general. Although the one I downloaded didn't have DV which was disappointing. Quality is pretty solid tbh. Key difference vs blu ray would be in audio which I won't notice anyways because I don't have home theater system.
  10. LG discontinues supply of old model once new model comes out. LG C2 panel is considerably brighter so definitely worth it. Not that you have a choice tbh. When C2 comes at reasonable price, the only C1 units available will be demo units.
  11. I was speaking of 120 Hz mode for unlocked frames at fidelity like MM. Besides the speed of a game got nothing to do with fps. More fps is always good.
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