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  1. Rules for thee not for me. I joined before everyone else which gives me the privilege of hurling slurs to feel better about myself.
  2. Is valheim coming to console? also ++Activision Blizzard to this
  3. I personally loved Abby’s arc. I have a belief that everyone is the hero of their own story and the story kind of plays around with that concept. The game would not happen if the characters were more empathetic. They didn’t try to understand each other and everyone had to go through so much strife on account of that. The only issue is that I don’t understand the situation with her boobs.
  4. That’s not really addressing the issue at hand which is calling some a fkin re*** or ahole. Any other member would be banned for that. I don’t have an issue with the ban.
  5. @Right No he got the four f**king hour erection
  6. Viagra is bullshit. I read that it can give erections that last up to 4 hours. Us normal people are sitting here with our regular erections and who has the four hour long erection? @quixote_1989 Bullshit, man.
  7. Would’ve been good news if I hate boner for Pfizer which I don’t. But I am happy for you.
  8. I think scamgang’s cumulative entertainment spends would easily breach the 1 crore mark, lol. Great stuff, man
  9. Hi Guys! Peter Griffin here. The joke here is that his wife got fat over the course of several years. The photo in front of whale museum implies she is fat, like a whale. Another photos show a massive stove in rich people home which is a reference to the fact that his wife is a whale who eats a lot. This is called a callback btw. Although whales can digest uncooked meat so some suspension of disbelief is required here Next we have a photo of his wife with an ice cream truck in the background. She loves ice cream on account of the fact that she is a fat f**king whale as referenced in the previous image. Like, share and subscribe.
  10. Now that I’ve gone through the metamorphosis to being a try hard, I’m really looking forward to that game. Looks so f**king cool.
  11. Going all out with the personal abuse I see
  12. Pretty funny this comes right after CC’s rant about people abusing admins for no reason. Guess that’s not a one way street after all.
  13. This is what no pussy (leader) does to a mf (a country)
  14. You should give House MD and Elementary a go if you like Sherlock. Much better shows albeit not as stylish. Sherlock become pretty silly in the last season.
  15. Thanks. Never would’ve figured out the demand supply equilibrium myself.
  16. You need to self ban for using a slur against a fellow member. Ivg is against piracy, I get that. But this is not done. @HundredProofSam I know you don’t like drama but this is too much in my opinion.
  17. Money is money and value is subjective. And that’s not accounting for the fact that XSS actual selling price is lower than that. iPhone 13 MRP is like 80k but it sells for around 66k all year round.
  18. Yeah TLOU 2 is oppressive. It completely beats you down emotionally. Which is a testament to how well it’s made.
  19. These games are too depressing. I thought of playing TLOU 2 again after the 60 fps update. Couldn’t even get myself to start it. The stories are too real.
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