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  1. I think it's hilarious that these guys are pissed off at actual game discussion and want to take it back to the usual console war sh*t.
  2. Really hyped to play the Director's Cut when it launches. I've never been able to enjoy MGS mainly because I suck at those games. The game got blasted at launch but it seems like people were just hating for no reason. Pricing is also on point 3k for director's cut is a great deal. I feared they would jack the price up to 5k but I guess Kojima is untouched by corporate greed. Really liked this video on the game.
  3. You guys are giving far too much importance to your fictional console war. I literally just didn't like the game on a subsequent playthrough. That is followed by people justifying it in all sorts of ways like I Should play it on PC or All old games don't hold up on subsequent playthroughs. Now some buffoons are saying I'm only saying so because xbox doesn't have games. f**king hell, man. Also this comparison is only happening because this guy said HZD is ze most amazing game ever and has a better story than RDR 2 and Witcher 3. And the biggest hole is you or PhantomShade taking a high ground pretending you're actually better than everyone else. You want to pretend there is some conspiracy to get you banned when the truth is far simpler.
  4. Character driven v. Plot driven narrative. The plot forms a backdrop for RDR 2's well realised characters. We get to understand them better. They grow over the course of the game while some descend into madness. There is no complicated plot in Uncharted or God of War or Last of us either. Every Uncharted game is looking for treasure while fighting bad guys. If plot twists and complexity were the only things that dictated how good a story is, Fast Furious movies would be considered storytelling masterpieces.
  5. Flip 2 had serious issues with a crease forming in the middle after several months of use. Don't know if they've fixed it with this one.
  6. Yakuza 5 Finished the Kiryu portion of the game. The final mission is insane sh*t. Kiryu was so f**king badass there. I hope the rest of the game keeps this momentum. I f**king live for this sh*t. Kiryu literally beat the sh*t out of like 100+ men alone and f**king dodged RPGs like Rajnikant. Holy f**k.
  7. You're nitpicking and biased. I win bye bye.
  8. Entire yakuza series is on gamepass. You lose I win bye bye.
  9. Making the MP f2p is a bit of a scam tbh. It allows them to easily justify the shitty monetisation. Like there are some 25 million GP subscribers with 6 million series consoles sold. I'm assuming most XS owners already have GP and would've got the game day 1 anyways.
  10. Niche likha hai uske jya dlc. Chashma laga lo uncle.
  11. Similar to sales figures of Netflix original movies and shows.
  12. I'm keeping your expectations in check.
  13. If they did they would be idiots because the game is launching on GP.
  14. This is what you get for jerking off that pos government. Handing away your IP to China is right about the worst thing a software company can do. Even big movie studios are ready to destroy the artistic integrity to appease China and in return the Chinese distributors take like 75% of the box office earnings there.
  15. To be fair. I replayed RDR again and it ages very well. Although, yes RDR 2 is much better. I really like RDR 1 dialogue too. It's very snappy - one banger one liner after another. Kinda like Singham. RDR is more like Banshee while RDR 2 is like a slow burn Emmy award winning drama.
  16. RnC is not a "big change" in level design. It's almost trivial and feels shoehorned.
  17. Mr. Comingle


    Do you realise how much time and effort would go into categorizing literally thousands of mods on each platform. PS has almost 6,100 mods on the creation club. What makes you think it's easy to flag progression affecting mods? So much effort for something so insignificant as trophies. Literally has zero bearing on the gameplay experience.
  18. Does Returnal count as a non Sony game because Sony didn't own the studio? For the matter, Death Stranding, Bloodborne and Spiderman studios weren't owned by Sony either. Sony doesn't even own the Death Stranding IP.
  19. Mr. Comingle


    Did you realise how absurd that sounds while typing it. Just see the number of mods there are even on xbox.
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