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  1. My PS5 arrived today. It came inside an Amazon box, and even the box wasn't dented. My XSX had also come in a box. Thanks to @rushab oswalfor the stock tip and for the Ragnarok disc
  2. Congratulations! Mine got dispatched today and will arrive tomorrow. Can't wait - even got Ragnarok used copy in advance
  3. Thanks. I will do it for sure - can't take risk with that kind of money.
  4. Thanks, got it. But two worrying things: 1.No amazon prime was displaying I believe. 2.Seller was showing as the new Amazon seller Electronics Bazaar Store and in web app it still is, but now in the app orders page it is showing as kay kay overseas corporation. Should I be worried? @Assassins Creed
  5. As you predicted, they couldn't. And sadly, the bundle had a controller which I really didn't like. I will contact Sony centre outlet to see if they have decent bundle available.
  6. I have forwarded it to my family. Hoping for the best now
  7. Thanks. What is the scalped price currently? I doubt it though, since I already have an XSX, and I have waited this long. Also, is it easier to get on mrp as compared to, say, January of this year?
  8. How hard is it to get the PS5 now, once it is restocked? My family wants to gift me one, but I will ask them not to bother if it is too tough.
  9. I forgot about it and bought AOE4 on Steam
  10. I bought it around Black Friday sale and I don't regret the money spent. You guys are in for a treat, especially with the story, animations and dialog.
  11. Didn't @Assassins Creedjust finish it? Can't wait to try out Hitman 3.
  12. Easier than last January? Sure. Is the drought over? Is it easy to get? Not at all.
  13. The argument that can be made is that some people play few games eg 6-12, but play them a lot. And if they happen to be epic games like God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, RDR2 etc, then Game Pass is probably not the best for such a person, at least at its usual price point. EDIT: To clarify, not the best as in games on GP might not be the best ones for them to play. I am probably that kind of gamer. I just spent 80 hours playing Yakuza Like a Dragon. But even for me, it is a great value as I only need 3-4 such games per year to be on GP. And when you consider the cheap 3 year GP Ultimate trick + 8 months free that we all got, the value is just insane.
  14. It was my first game on the PS4 and my first console game since PS2. So I am probably biased but I absolutely loved it and even got the expansion. Try upping the difficulty. I am currently playing the following 3 and liking all of them: Sekiro Halo Infinite campaign Dragon Quest XI It is just so hard to decide on one and finish. And man, Sekiro is tough!
  15. Yes, I also got the Add Cart button 2 or 3 times, but never succeeded. But anytime that is was not in stock, if I clicked the page link for PS5 I always got the not found error.
  16. Yakuza like a dragon. 70 hours already put in and probably 10 more to go. Bought Yakuza 0 too as it is leaving game pass soon and is available for around INR 165 only!
  17. Yes. For the first couple of days since I got the cough, fever and headache, even I had pulse rate of 120 or even 130 while just resting. It wasn't anxiety. But my Oxygen level never dropped below 97%, so I guess there was no reason for anxiety. Maybe a bit of anxiety when I got the positive report, but by then fever had settled at 100 instead of 102.
  18. 3 of my uncles and their families got Covid. And they are all recovering fine as of now or have already recovered. Just follow doctor's advice and hope for the best. I myself got the symptoms last weekend, having traveled a lot the week before that. Test confirmed that it was Covid. For me, it was like a strong viral fever. I am finally free of the fever and headache after a week. Just some cough remaining. And the boredom that comes with Isolation. And hoping that others in the house don't get it. Those who haven't got it yet, please be careful.
  19. Maybe something like Uplay Light where you don't get the latest games and you get only the base game, not the DLCs. Otherwise, it probably doesn't make sense.
  20. It is even more for someone like me who used to spend 40k-60k on games a year - I know for sure because I keep an excel for all games and keep track of which ones I played and which were wasted. About 30% of the games I played for only a couple of hours and then gave up and 10k per year would be for pc games. Even with that, in 3 years, I save close to 1 lakh! For Indian gamers who are not rich, the choice should be obvious.
  21. Hamare zamane me to simple tha: Bahut TV dekh rahe ho. Homework ho gaya? Jao padhai karo!
  22. Still enjoying Forza Horizon 4 this weekend. It is so much fun to just drive around and knock down a board here, a board there, try to 3 star a speed zone or knock out a few races here and there. Or try to 3 star story missions - one took me almost 45 minutes, and twice I missed by less than 0.1 second before finally beating it by 1s. No matter what you do, you will make progress in some aspect of the game or other, so it is relaxing. It has been a long time since I had this much fun with a racing game. The last 2 were probably NFSMW (PS2) and and an NFS whose full name I don't remember on PS1 which had a great Dark Souls like career mode Have fun. I really liked it. The only negative point was that the last 30% of the story was stretched needlessly. Beware of the hordes
  23. MS cannot abandon hardware until cloud gaming is as good as console gaming. Otherwise, they would be at the mercy of Sony. Why will Sony sit quietly and let MS keep the GamePass money when they can launch their own Sony Pass once MS doesn't have its own console to fall back on.
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