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  1. And no, she's not representing us..she's repping Ubisoft. Ubi probably thought it was a good idea. The game looks bad no doubt and they should get flak for the right reasons.
  2. People fib on their resume a lot Joe. If someone can communicate in a language then they put that up. Don't delve too much into that. I wouldn't mind if she spoke in Hindi, but then again, when industries invest in India that is with an understanding that the employees can speak English. Is it good English? No Passable? Yes And we are assuming that she gets to make a decision on what language to use, which wouldn't be the case. I saw someone compare with Japan, that's just not the case here. I'd like to go into the differences but it's a lot to type it out.
  3. I think a lot of people put value in a person's accent over the content. I think it's good to have a neutral accent but it's not really necessary. Language proficiency does not equate to talent in any way. The typing part, that could have been avoided. The big takeaway for me on the footage is that the game looks bad, as of now. Alpha footage, maybe it will improve. It doesn't have anything to do with India. If they f**k up, it's on Ubisoft, just like any other game they develop in any of their studios.
  4. icestrok

    Crysis Remastered

    This looks good !
  5. Thank You! Cost around 2.5 without monitor and peripherals. Specs: * Ryzen 3900x * MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk * Gigabyte 2080Ti Gaming 11Gb - OC * Gskil Trident Neo 16GB * 500 GB Samsung Evo 970 nvme M.2 * 2TB WD Blue HDD * Aorus 850W PSU * Asus Gt 501 Tuf Cabinet * Aorus 360 Liquid AIO
  6. https://imgur.com/a/vcFl6Yu My first PC 😁
  7. Been here for god knows how long. Although I dont partake much in the conversation, it feels like I know most of the regular ones here . This place is my go to daily haunt for any distractions. Happy to give something back.
  8. You can get it free with ryzen CPU's too..so I'll give this a try for sure
  9. Hey guys, need some help on deciding a UPS for my PC build. I have an 850 W PSU on it, and a samsung QHD ultrawide.. Will need to run the pc for maybe 10 minutes so that I can save stuff and shut down. I have a APC 600 VA that I use for my router. Can I repurpose that? Or if it's something beefier, do I need something like https://dl.flipkart.com/dl/apc-br1000g-in-ups/p/itme9zndpap3gdw7?pid=UPSE9ZNDWYTWGANG&cmpid=product.share.pp Or more? No plans to keep it running for any extended period of time. Just to save and shut down.
  10. Why don't you just get a mask and call it a day? I know breathing is difficult in that but you seem to be a fit n fine adult, just wear it, if not for you then for the others you spend your time with.
  11. Hey guys, Im getting a pro now, exchanging with my normal ps4. Currently all my downloaded games are in my external HD. Would it be possible to just use the same external HD in ps4 pro, so that I won't have to download all the games again. Anyone else did this? I know there is a Lan transfer option but I won't have both consoles with me at the same time.
  12. do you guys buy the game cards or do you buy the games from the e-shop? I play mainly handheld, but ill go for the og switch instead of lite because of 1. JoyCon Drift 2. Local Multiplayer.
  13. Can anyone link me the new Nintendo switch model (not lite) from amazon? I'm having trouble identifying which model is new and which is old.
  14. It’s been good for iOS games recently . Battle Chasers, Journey, Rogue Legacy and Hyperlight Drifter are all out .. and Company Of Heroes is being ported over before end of year
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