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  1. Hey guys, Im getting a pro now, exchanging with my normal ps4. Currently all my downloaded games are in my external HD. Would it be possible to just use the same external HD in ps4 pro, so that I won't have to download all the games again. Anyone else did this? I know there is a Lan transfer option but I won't have both consoles with me at the same time.
  2. do you guys buy the game cards or do you buy the games from the e-shop? I play mainly handheld, but ill go for the og switch instead of lite because of 1. JoyCon Drift 2. Local Multiplayer.
  3. Can anyone link me the new Nintendo switch model (not lite) from amazon? I'm having trouble identifying which model is new and which is old.
  4. It’s been good for iOS games recently . Battle Chasers, Journey, Rogue Legacy and Hyperlight Drifter are all out .. and Company Of Heroes is being ported over before end of year
  5. icestrok

    FIFA 20

    Yes, finally some changes to the career mode. Now I can actually develop youths that I want to, rather than banking on some FM type progression. Having said that, I hope FM 2020 takes the cue and does the same.
  6. icestrok

    FIFA 20

    I skipped since Fifa 16. I tried 18 on PC (baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD!). The FUT scene on PC was not to my liking. Skipped 19 as well. Im hoping to bag some of those icons (hopefully its not all luck based).
  7. icestrok

    FIFA 20

    Looks like it will be worth buying this year.
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